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How to remove traces of gum from clothes and hair?

Stepping into the gum is unpleasant, sitting on it is simply disgusting. And not only from the thought of someone's swine, but because it is quite difficult to remove the gum from the tissue, especially in the absence of relevant experience and knowledge. Is it possible to save a thing on your own, give it away to an expensive dry-cleaner, or throw it away without wasting either energy or time?

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What you can do?

In fact, there are nine very effective ways to remove gum from clothes.


How to remove traces of gum from clothes and hair?
  • If a small item is dirty, you can put it in a plastic bag and put it in the freezer. There the gum will completely freeze, after which it will quickly be cleaned off. Residues trapped between the fibers of the material can be easily eliminated with liquefied gas, which is used to refuel lighters. Remember that this advice should not be applied to very delicate fabrics;
  • Chewing gum lends itself well to various solvents. Their action must be checked on an inconspicuous area of ​​clothing, and only in the absence of a negative effect, proceed to the destruction of the stain. Rub it from the center to the edges. For example, acetone is a great way to painlessly remove gum from fur clothing. Wipe the area of ​​the defect with a cotton pad soaked in this liquid, and then comb it with a comb with very rare teeth;
  • Himitec-Vandal gives you a real chance to remove dirt from white wardrobe items. By the way, this same product will help remove ink, glue and old paint stains. Again, it should not be used on latex, rubberized fabric, or fake leather;
  • Sounds incredible, but liquid soap, face make-up remover and dishwashing detergent also remove gum that has stuck to it. To make this happen, it is thoroughly rubbed with the selected product, left to soak, then rubbed a little, and the thing is sent to the wash;
  • Another way to remove chewing gum from spoiled clothes - is heated table vinegar. A cotton pad is moistened with it and rubbed thoroughly in the right place, after which the wardrobe item is thoroughly washed;
  • The sticky mass can be removed with a hairdryer, iron or the pressure of very hot water, under the influence of which it begins to melt. Due to this reaction to heat, using an iron, put paper on top of the fabric, on which the chewing gum will stick. In the case of a hairdryer or hot water, the dirt will have to be brushed off in parallel with a brush, you can use a toothbrush.

But the most amazing way to get the hated gum stain out of your clothes is to use ... new gum! It must be chewed well, and then methodically and tightly glued to the old one, until it completely peels off the fabric. In the event that there is no desire to experiment with the appearance of your wardrobe item, feel free to go to dry cleaning. For a relatively low cost, you will return your trousers or skirt to their original cleanliness and neatness.

What to do with damaged jeans?

As practice shows, it is much more difficult to solve the problem of how to remove gum from denim clothes. And all because such a thing is unlikely to fit in the freezer, and it cannot be wiped with acetone, vinegar or the same gasoline. All of these tools will immediately make jeans boiled , and are unlikely to be sported in such a piece of clothing.

Again, don't be upset, try removing the gum stain in the following ways:

  • Get a specific spray from a pharmacy or sports store that is used to freeze wounds and bruises. Sprinkle a little on the desired area, you can immediately scrape off the viscous, but already frozen dirt;
  • Try the above option with a hair dryer, boiling water, or iron. In the case of the latter, still use a paper or fabric layer, in the rest, scrape out the gum with a needle, awl or brush to brush your teeth.

Saving hair

If it still seems real to remove the sticky mass, then if it gets on the hair, you will have to work hard. To save hair, try alternately acting on a dirty place with cold and heat. The most convenient way is to use the mixer, which gives very hot and almost ice cold water.

If not, arm yourself with a piece of ice and heat the kettle. As soon as the gum hardens, crumble and comb it out to the maximum, then heat the remains and mold a new cake out of them. Repeat these manipulations until you completely get rid of the problem.

It is likely that you will have to alternately comb out with combs with frequent and rare teeth, wash your hair several times and repeat everything again. But this is muchbetter than drastically changing your hairstyle.

Please note that this option is only acceptable in cases where the sticky mass is stuck not at the roots of the curls, but in the middle or tips.

With short strands, everything is somewhat more optimistic. They just have to be generously smeared with any vegetable oil, then methodically combed out and selected from them chewing gum.

In principle, all of this is quite enough to return yourself and your clothes to their original cleanliness and tidiness.

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