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How to remove facial scars with an ointment?

Surely many have heard the phrase: scars adorn a man. However, this is not always the case. Moreover, this dictum is hardly applicable to women. Today, not only women, but also men carefully monitor their appearance. Therefore, scars and scars are no longer needed by anyone.

How to get rid of acne marks, operations, injuries and other influences on the human skin? Every effort must be made to bring back smooth skin. Various gels and ointments will help you with this.

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Removing defects on face

How to remove facial scars with an ointment?

Today, pharmacology, as well as medicine, strives to do everything in their power to help people get rid of unattractive scars on the face and body, as well as acne marks.

But you must be prepared for the fact that no competent doctor can give you a 100% guarantee that this or that method will completely eliminate scars.

But it can make the defect much less noticeable.

This is especially true for the so-called normotrophic formations. Due to the fact that they are located on the same level with smooth and healthy skin, they are the easiest to get rid of. In addition, over time, such scars themselves become thinner, becoming less noticeable and painful. In order for the scar to dissolve, it must be treated with a special cream designed to remove scars. Moreover, the earlier you start treatment, the more effective it will be.

If we talk about such a variety of scars as keloids or tumor-like scars, then they do not disappear over time, but on the contrary - their size only becomes larger. Therefore, in this case, no one can guarantee you will get rid of them either surgically or cosmetically.

The whole problem lies in the fact that the growth of these scars is associated with improper work in the self-regulation of connective tissues in the presence of an excess amount of collagen. Removal of keloid scars is not always possible either by surgery or even by such an expensive and popular procedure as laser resurfacing.

Are ointments an effective way to fight scars?

Most modern ointments for defects are based on such a substance,like allantoin. It retains moisture in the place where there is a damaged area, due to which tissue regeneration occurs faster, and therefore the process of leveling the skin surface. In order to be sure that the remedy you have chosen will help in your case, consultation with specialists is necessary. Only an experienced doctor will be able to prescribe an effective treatment for you and choose the best ointment for your specific situation.

Ointments for resorption and healing of scars, scars and acne marks

Today, there are a huge number of ways to remove defects that help a person to return to their former smooth skin both on the face and on any part of the body. For example, such procedures performed in a cosmetology office as laser resurfacing and deep peeling are very popular today.

The disadvantage of these methods of dealing with scars and acne marks is that they are expensive, so not all people can use them. Fortunately, there are more readily available remedies for smoothing the skin - these are creams, ointments and gels. When you enter a pharmacy, you will see a wide range of such products, but we would like to tell you about the most effective and popular ones.


Active ingredients of this ointment:

How to remove facial scars with an ointment?
  • Gray Onion Extract - relieves inflammation and slows down the growth of connective tissue cells;
  • Allantoin - accelerates healing and dissolves damaged tissue;
  • Heparin sodium - softens the scar.

The ointment is applied to the healed wound two or three times a day. Treatment can last anywhere from three to six months. Keep in mind that old scars and acne marks will take a long time to be removed.

Contractubex will relieve you of hypertrophic, atrophic and keloid scars, as well as postpartum stretch marks.


The gel effectively retains moisture in the skin, due to this, the damaged area is smoothed out and the defect becomes less noticeable. It not only smoothes scars, but also softens the skin, relieves itching, reduces pigmentation and discomfort.

The gel is allowed to be used on all areas of the skin, including joints and face. Before applying, wash the damaged area thoroughly and wait until it dries. Use the product no more than twice a day. After the gel is completely dry, you can apply cosmetics to your skin. Positive results can be achieved if you are patient and tune in to long-term use of the gel.


The cream will help get rid of not only scars, but also stretch marks left after childbirth. The product also removes age spots and acne marks on the face.

The cream has an advantage over the above products in that it is based on natural ingredients:

  • Herbs growing in India: Vacha, Aloe Vera, Turmeric, Neem, Lodhra and others;
  • Active ingredients: tulsi, beeswax and tankan bhasma.

The action of Clearvin is based on improving blood circulation, lightening and smoothing the skin. It is also sometimes prescribed as a preventative cream for stretch marks.


How to remove facial scars with an ointment?

The ointment perfectly copes with the removal of scars after surgery, as well as various skin diseases. One of the main components of the preparation is urea, which moisturizes and softens the scar, as well as heparin, which evens out the surface of the damaged area.

The advantage of the ointment is that it is hypoallergenic and has practically no contraindications. The product is quickly absorbed, provides a comfortable feeling and helps to effectively remove scars.

Use Kelofibraza several times a day. And at night, you can even put a compress of ointment, this will speed up the healing process.

Zeraderm Ultra

Probably, this remedy can rightfully be attributed to one of those that will successfully cope not only with recently received scars, but also with keloid and hypertrophic scars, which are difficult to treat. Thanks to such components as polysiloxane and oligomeric isomers, after applying the ointment, a thin film remains on the skin, which repels moisture.

Additional components of the gel protect the skin from UV rays and promote the rapid growth of healthy cells. The tool is very economical, it can be applied only once a day, because it does not wash off the skin for a long time. At the same time, the gel allows the skin to breathe, passing air through the film.


Opinions about the skin reaction to the use of the above products are very controversial.

Some argue that scars dissolve almost instantly, while others say that the money on the ointment was wasted.

It all depends on the individual characteristics of your dermis and its susceptibility to the active ingredients of the product.

Simply put, it all depends on how your scar reacts to the components of the drug. And what kind of means to use is entirely up to you.

We wish you smooth and beautiful skin without blemishes, scars, scars and acne marks!

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