Depressed or Atrophic Scars

How to remove atrophic scars from the skin?

Scars and scars sometimes cause discomfort in a person. In some cases, they represent a clear cosmetic defect, so people want to get rid of them. Atrophic scars are no exception. Most often, they occur in women after childbirth, but they can also form for completely different reasons. Modern medicine has in its arsenal several methods that will help, if not eliminate, then at least smooth out such obvious skin defects.

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Classification of cicatricial defects of the skin

Depending on their appearance and structure, they are divided into 4 types:

How to remove atrophic scars from the skin?
  1. Normotrophic - are formed flush with healthy skin. After healing, they become thin, light, almost invisible;
  2. Hypertrophic and keloid - occur due to violations at the stage of skin regeneration. They rise above healthy tissues, do not go beyond the damaged area, and exceed the size of the initial injury. As a rule, they form after infection and inflammation of postoperative wounds, due to low immunity and endocrine disorders;
  3. Atrophic scars - located below the level of healthy skin, occur due to trauma and inflammation. They either look much lighter or much darker than healthy skin.

An experienced specialist at the stage of wound healing will be able to determine what the scar will be. The doctor will be able to assess the formation process, taking into account the localization of the injury and the nature of the damage, as well as correct it.

Features of atrophic scars

Some doctors consider this type of defect to be a type of normotrophic scars. They are formed, as a rule, in places where there is practically no subcutaneous fat layer. Most often, they form on the upper chest, shoulder girdle and lower leg, the back of the hands and feet.

The layer of skin at the site of injury is very thin, vessels can shine through it. They look like soft, mobile formations without water.moose follicles and sweat glands can be depigmented (discolored) or, conversely, with a very bright color.

How to remove atrophic scars from the skin?

Atrophic scars can occur after burns, trauma, chickenpox, acne, a number of medical procedures, drastic weight loss and pregnancy.

The reason for their appearance lies in the lack of collagen production during wound healing, ruptures of collagen fibers that precede stretch marks.

Regardless of their shape, the skin around is always thin, flabby, it lacks collagen, basic proteins and elastin, which should participate in the formation of the skin frame.

Treatment of atrophic scars on the face

The most effective method is laser resurfacing - a procedure that involves microperforation of the connective tissue (the base of the scar). The laser activates regeneration processes in the damaged areas, due to which the connective tissue is replaced with healthy and elastic tissue. As a result, the skin's relief is leveled, it acquires a natural color.

Laser therapy has a number of contraindications:

How to remove atrophic scars from the skin?
  • breastfeeding;
  • diseases of the skin and blood;
  • oncological pathologies;
  • endocrine disorders.

Removing scars using this method is not suitable for people with dark skin. The rehabilitation period lasts about two weeks. During this time, you cannot treat the skin with alcohol-containing cosmetics, visit the sauna / bath, beach, pool and gym.

Treatment of atrophic scars by injection

This method will not remove defects permanently.

This is only a short-term aesthetic correction method:

How to remove atrophic scars from the skin?
  1. Mesotherapy. The procedure consists in using thin short needles through which vitamin cocktails, homeopathic remedies and medicines are injected. As a result, the production of fibroblasts is activated, which positively affects the production of collagen;
  2. Biorevitalization. The technique consists in the introduction of special means - biorevitalizants containing hyaluronic acid. They speed up the regeneration process after laser resurfacing. This procedure is only effective when using an ablative laser;
  3. Contour correction - involves filling scars with gel fillers based on hyaluronic acid. The result is visible immediately after the procedure. But a significant disadvantage is the short-term effect. After six months or a year, the volumizers dissolve and it is necessary to re-correct.

Surgical removal of atrophic scars

One of these methods is cryodestruction. The process uses liquid nitrogen. However, a significant disadvantage of this procedure is the fragility of the result.

How to remove atrophic scars from the skin?

Surgical methods include chemical peeling - medium and deep. These procedures will not remove the scar, but will make it less visible by removing the layer of the epidermis and dermis.

Surgical excision of the defect is also possible. It consists in removing the scar and applying a cosmetic suture. As a result, the old scar is replaced with a new one, but less visible and more neat. The procedure is painful and traumatic, and the final result can be assessed only six months after the operation.

Ointment to treat when atrophic scars have formed

In this case, antibacterial and wound-healing medications can be used. These normalize blood circulation in the damaged skin layers, stimulate collagen production. For example, the most common ointments are Dermatiks , Mederma , Contractubex .

Plasmolifting of young and old atrophic scars

This procedure is better known as anti-aging. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that the patient is injected with his own blood plasma with platelets. The latter contain proteins that promote the growth of new cells, therefore, they enhance regeneration after damage.

The procedure enhances local immunity, saturates tissues with oxygen, enhances bactericidal activity. Plasma is often used to treat acne.

How to remove atrophic scars from the skin?

The effect is noticeable after the second run. In addition, plasma lifting prevents acne scarring. With timely treatment, scars will not appear at the site of acne, and the old ones will disappear a week after the second procedure.

Advantages of plasma lifting when removing scars and scars: there is no risk of skin atrophy; low injury and soreness; the wounds do not fester, therefore, rough hypertrophic scars do not form.

To remove charms, plasma is injected, applied as a mask or applied. Plasmogel is similar in principle to contour fillers. If the tissues are damaged, then preference is given to applications and masks. In the absence of damage, injection treatment is indicated.

Treatments are performed once a week. The full complex usually consists of 4 procedures. Also, this method can be used as a preventive measure, starting treatment a week after the injury. In case of burns, it is recommended to start therapy after three days.

Not all scars can be completely eliminated even with this effective method, but they will become much lighter and less noticeable. Pzamolifting is a biological safe procedure that removes scars and scars.

How to remove atrophic scars with folk remedies

Such plants help speed up the healing process of burn woundsI am like nettle, chamomile, calendula, St. John's wort, yarrow, highlander, dried cress. Decoctions of them are applied to damaged areas with compresses.

Compressor paper is placed on top of the gauze, and then fixed with a thick warm cloth. Keep the compress for about 3 hours. One should not expect an instant effect from such procedures. The results will be visible after 3 months. The procedure is performed twice a day.

It is also recommended to use corn, rosehip and sea buckthorn oil. They have a beneficial effect on the skin, especially when combined with beeswax. An ointment based on these products is applied daily for 3 weeks.

Masks have proven themselves, which are optimal for eliminating atrophic scars on the face. It is best to use white and green clay. Other ingredients such as lemon juice, honey, rosemary or tea tree oil can be added to these products.

As you can see, there are many methods for dealing with scars, from which you can choose the most appropriate for yourself. Good luck and beautiful skin!

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