Antibiotics vs. Bacteria: Fighting the Resistance

How to remove antibiotics from the human body

One of the revolutionary discoveries of the last century - antibiotics are still controversial. One thing is clear that at that time the drug helped to effectively fight infectious diseases. Now it is accepted for the same purpose. However, taking antibiotics is far from harmless. It can cause a lot of side effects and harm the human body.

Therefore, taking the drug is allowed only as directed by a doctor. To minimize the negative effects of antibiotics, you need to remove them from the body in time.

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The negative effects of antibiotics on the body

How to remove antibiotics from the human body

How do antibiotics help treat disease? They inhibit the growth of microorganisms. On the one hand, this is great.

But on the other hand, the drug has a lot of side effects, namely:

  • disrupts cellular respiration, which contributes to oxygen starvation of tissues;
  • suppresses useful microflora, instead of which settle drug-resistant bacteria;
  • weakens the immune system until it is destroyed ;
  • clogs the bile ducts of the liver and depletes it, as a result of which the organ is not able to protect the body from toxic effects;
  • toxins accumulate in the liver, which begin to pollute the body.

To a greater or lesser extent, these negative consequences accompany the intake of most antibiotics. The pharmaceutical industry is trying to create a drug that does not harm humans. Therefore, new antibiotics are constantly being released.

Perhaps it will soon be possible to create a medicine that is not accompanied by negative consequences. In the meantime, you need to learn how to remove antibiotics from the body.

Removing the drug - cleansing the body

How to remove antibiotics from the human body

In some cases, antibiotics are indispensable. They are prescribed by a doctor during an exacerbation of diseases, and when other methods do not help. To reduce the negative effect of the drug, you need to remove it from the body in time.

How to remove antibiotics correctly - we will consider below:

  • Intestine sucks redesignedgood food. Therefore, you first need to clear it of the drug. To do this, you need to drink a glass of clean water every day on an empty stomach and take 2 tablets of activated carbon or other adsorbent;
  • To restore the intestinal microflora after prolonged use of antibiotics, you should consume fermented milk products and special preparations daily;
  • Long-term use of the drug promotes the accumulation of salts in tissues. To remove them, just a glass of water in the morning is not enough. It is necessary to add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar and honey to it. In the evening, you need to drink a glass of fermented milk product;
  • In the process of restoring the body's vital functions, it is useful to take probiotics and biological products. Hepaprotectors will help cleanse the body;
  • It is useful to use antioxidants and products containing them to cleanse the body.

The duration of such a purification is at least a month. However, these methods do not always help restore all body functions. In the complex of cleansing the body, they resort to folk remedies.

Herbal Cleansers

Tinctures and decoctions were used by our ancestors in the fight against diseases. They will also help remove the drug from the body.

You can use the following herbal formulations:

How to remove antibiotics from the human body
  • blueberry leaf, bird cherry, calamus root and oak bark;
  • calamus root, chokeberry fruits, bird cherry inflorescences, aspen and oak bark, ground part of the agaric and knotweed;
  • alder cones, the ground part of the yarrow, the root of the mountaineer snake, the fruits of the sophora of the bird cherry inflorescence and its fruits.

To prepare the compositions, take the same proportions of plants, grind and mix. A mixture of herbs is poured into a thermos, poured with boiling water and left overnight. Take 2 tbsp per liter of water. composition lies. The resulting infusion must be drunk during the day. For a positive effect, the course of treatment lasts three months.

Post-drug recovery diet

Antibiotics often result in fewer beneficial bacteria in the gut. This is accompanied by dysbiosis. In a sick person, stool is disturbed, gas formation increases, and all this is accompanied by pain and discomfort in the abdomen. In this case, proper nutrition will help.

How to behave to remove antibiotics from the body? In the daily diet, without fail, there should be fermented milk products saturated with bacteria.

Products that help remove antibiotics from the body: flour products from coarse wheat, rolled oats, leeks and onions, artichoke. The presence of dietary fiber in vegetables makes them an indispensable product in the fight against dysbiosis.

How to remove antibiotics if they are found in meat

Unfortunately, if you do not take an antibiotic, this does not mean that it cannot be in the human body. Modern animalsodes have long been feeding the drug to livestock and birds. This is done all the time. During the rapid growth of animals, they add antibiotics to their food. The same is done when the livestock is sick or as a preventive measure.

Naturally, a lot of the drug accumulates in the meat of such animals. How to get rid of it? If the owner is conscientious, then 10 days before slaughter he stops adding antibiotics to the animal feed. This is enough for the drug to leave the body.

However, not all manufacturers do this. How are antibiotics removed from purchased meat? Experts advise, if there is a suspicion of the presence of a drug in the meat, not to purchase offal. It is in them that its accumulation is observed. It's the same with chicken skin.

How to remove antibiotics from the human body

Before eating suspect meat, it is advisable to soak it in acidic or salted water for several hours. When preparing broth from meat, after half an hour of boiling, drain it, pour it with clean water and continue cooking.

How long will it take to remove the drug from the body? It depends on the intensity of the effect of antibiotics, the state of the organs and the specific person. On average, the duration of cleansing takes from a day to 7 days.

It takes at least a month to fully restore the body to normal functioning. Therefore, it is best to take antibiotics only as a last resort and on the recommendation of a doctor.

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