How To Make Big Shoes Fit Smaller! *Top 10 Home Guide*

How to reduce shoe size? Simple ways to reduce size at home

Quite often girls and young people face a problem when new shoes are too big and uncomfortable for them. This can happen if you bought shoes or boots at a sale and did not notice that the size does not fit you. In addition, modern customers are increasingly using the services of online stores.

They have a very wide assortment and attractive prices, however, it is often not possible to try on the selected model.

In any case, if you somehow purchased a pair that does not fit your size, you should try to exchange it. If this is not possible, do not rush to throw away the shoes you like. There are several effective ways to reduce the size of your shoes right at home so that they fit like a glove on you.

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Simple tips on how to reduce shoe size without leaving home

The following downsizing methods are suitable for any type of material your new pair is made of:

How to reduce shoe size? Simple ways to reduce size at home
  • The most elementary and popular method is to insert size reduction insoles into new shoes. As a rule, one insole is placed in each shoe, but in some cases it is necessary to insert two. Depending on the season for which the steam in need of reduction is intended, additional insoles made of foam rubber, wool or synthetics are used. Especially often this method is used to reduce sneakers and other sports shoes, since in this case it is also possible to achieve a shock-absorbing effect. Plus, padded insoles can protect the delicate skin of your feet from chafing and painful calluses;
  • Another simple option is to insert a special silicone insert into each shoe or boot, which are sold in shoe stores and have a lot of varieties. In general, the purpose of such a device is somewhat different - such tabs are designed to prevent slipping and chafing, however, they will do just fine for reducing the size. Unfortunately, silicone inlays cannot be used to shrink shoes with heels over 7 centimeters;
  • If your new shoes are falling off your feet, you can use a method often used by supermodels running the catwalk. To do this, a thick double-sided tape must be glued to the inside of the sole. This method will be effective.veins only if you wear new shoes on your bare foot. In such a situation, they will stick to your feet and will not fly off when you walk. In addition, walking for a long time in boots or shoes glued to the foot in this way is not recommended;
  • finally, the most primitive old-fashioned way is to push the required amount of cotton wool or any soft fabric into the socks of new shoes. As a last resort, you can use paper as well, but in no case should it rub your fingers. This option is by no means suitable for all models - squeeze this way you will not be able to do flip-flops, clogs or open-toed sandals.

How can I reduce the size of genuine leather shoes myself?

Most often people are interested in whether it is possible to reduce the size of leather shoes, and how to do it yourself. Genuine leather is one of the most pliable materials. It will easily take the shape and size you need.

Try shrinking your new leather shoes like this:

How to reduce shoe size? Simple ways to reduce size at home
  • keep your new shoes in a basin of hot water for 3-5 minutes, in which you must first dissolve the washing powder. Then dry your shoes in direct sunlight or in the immediate vicinity of heaters. Immediately after they are completely dry, the inner surface must be abundantly watered with a special detergent for wearing leather shoes, and then put on your feet and walk around the house. If you did everything right, and your shoes are really made of genuine leather, this material will become incredibly soft and pliable and will fit exactly on your foot. Try not to dry out your shoes. If you delay at least one step, you can get the exact opposite result;
  • you can also spray the inside of your new shoes well with a spray bottle and then dry them immediately on the battery;
  • finally, the simplest method is to put on too loose shoes on your feet and lower them in a basin of ice water for 2-3 minutes, then immediately put them to dry near the turned on heating radiator or use a hot dryer.

Any way of using the theory of compression under the influence of a sharp drop in temperature is very simple and can be easily applied at home. Nevertheless, not all girls dare to try at least one of the above options, since all of them are likely to ruin the beautiful surface of your shoes.

Can suede shoes be shrunk by myself and how?

How to reduce shoe size? Simple ways to reduce size at home

For suede shoes, if they have a closed toe or heel, you can also choose appropriate insoles or inlays.

In some sources you can finda recommendation to warm your natural suede shoes well over steam, and then immediately put them in the freezer.

Indeed, this method allows you to reduce shoes by one or even two sizes, but after using it, any pair will definitely look far from the best. To prevent this from happening, it is better to take your suede shoes to a specialized workshop and entrust the reduction of their size to experienced craftsmen.

The same should be done if you need to shrink sandals with open toe and sidewalls and any other footwear for which for some reason none of the above methods will work.

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