Massage technique: Master relaxation

How to quickly master massage techniques

The question often arises - how to learn how to do massage? The procedure is quite pleasant. It helps to relax, gain energy, rest and even cure some diseases.

How to quickly master massage techniques

Human skin is covered with microreceptors responsible for the general condition of internal organs. By massaging the body, the masseur activates the work of nerve receptors. At the same time, the blood supply improves, the cells receive the necessary nutrition correctly and the person recovers.

With the help of massage, the psychological state is normalized. The person rests, relaxes, and the nervous system recovers. If it is only beneficial, why not master the practice yourself?

This will reduce the time spent on trips to the masseur and save money, because a session of such a procedure is noticeably expensive. Let's take a look at some of the techniques and learn how to massage the whole body.

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How to learn how to massage the whole body correctly

First, understand that the client needs to be provided with favorable conditions.

For a person to relax, he needs comfort:

  1. an office that no one else will enter during the procedure;
  2. low light, for complete relaxation of all muscles, including the eyelids;
  3. warm room 27 ° С;
  4. solid and level couch;
  5. cosmetic oil;
  6. a sheet to cover an unused body part;
  7. quiet relaxing music.

You, however, should take care of your hands - so that they are warm, and your nails are trimmed short. Take a comfortable position to avoid quick fatigue. If you have long hair, tie it up with a barrette.

Let's get to work. Lubricate the back to be treated. Start with light strokes that gradually turn into rubbing. This will help warm up your muscles.

Stay rhythmic and keep your hands on your body. Don't be afraid to apply pressure - without it there will be no effect. Use your own weight for pressure - this way, you will not get tired longer. Master a few easy exercises to get started. Add new massages over time, rely on your endurance.

1 session equals 30 minutes and goes up to an hour. Don't take on many clients if you can't handle it. Don't overexert yourself!

Now we offer you two popular practices on how to learn how to do massage at home. These types of massaging spreadare in society, there is a demand for them. Therefore, we read carefully and remember all the subtleties of work.

How to learn to do classic back massage

We put the patient on his stomach, hands should be placed along the body. If necessary, we put rollers under the chest, stomach, legs.

Warm up the desired part of the body being massaged, and proceed to the techniques:

How to quickly master massage techniques
  1. do a comb rub and saw with an elbow or edge of the hand;
  2. apply longitudinal and transverse kneading;
  3. press on the muscles, stretching and squeezing;
  4. to intensify the rubbing, place one brush on top of the other and move up and down, longitudinally and across;
  5. apply the technique of vibrational movements - patting, chopping;
  6. finish with stroking.

Remember that the vibrational technique should be performed lightly, and never be applied to the renal projection.

How to learn to do erotic massage

Erotic massage will help relieve tension and introduce harmony in the couple's relationship. We will consider a technique for a man.

Make skin-to-skin contact. Sit on top or next to your partner. Touch him with your hair, chest, fingers, complement the connection with kisses on the body.

Use light touches between the shoulder blades. Massage your thighs and buttocks. Run your fingers along the sides of the body and from the neck to the edge of the shoulders. This massage is done for relaxation and sexual arousal. Therefore, complex techniques are not required here.

It is possible that the girl performing the exercises will experience arousal and sexual desire. Therefore, more often massage should be done to close people - a boyfriend or husband, with whom you will not be afraid to end the procedure with sex.

Where to learn how to massage

How to quickly master massage techniques

As the proverb says, whoever seeks will always find . Indeed, it depends on direct desire. And you can learn by signing up for courses - they take place in almost all cities. Training time from 3 months to a year. They also study for free at home, having familiarized themselves with the numerous practices described in the texts. There are video tutorials. You can train with family or friends.

If you know a specialist in this area, ask him to train you.

This will provide an additional opportunity to learn techniques visually.

Try to practice in the presence of a massage therapist who can tell you how and what to do better. If there were a goal - but there is a way out.

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