How to Protect Yourself and STOP Absorbing Negative Energy from Negative People [The Secret]

How to protect yourself from the negative influence of people

Man is a social being, and it is impossible to imagine our life without collectives, crowds in supermarkets, queues at cinemas. However, among the entire huge mass of people, there are such individuals whose presence causes us discomfort. These are the so-called energy vampires.

Such characters can be found everywhere, and even the work team is no exception. Where, if not at work, do you spend most of your time? I wish that the influence of these colleagues did not spread to those around them. But what about the current situation? Let's try to find out more.

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Lunar and solar vampires

How to protect yourself from the negative influence of people

An energy vampire is a person who has an internal negative energy balance. When external natural sources provide significantly less energy than it needs, an internal imbalance is obtained, which leads to a violation of the energy balance. In this case, a person replenishes the energy that he lacks by influencing the people around him.

People who specialize in the field of bioenergy distinguish two main types of such individuals: lunar and solar vampires.

If we are talking about solar vampirism, then we mean such behavior in which a person tries to cause resentment, pain, tears, fear and panic. Such vampires can be seen with the naked eye, because they always scandal, anger others. After they quarrel loudly and expressively, they feel great. Quarrels are common for them, and you will not be able to get along with such people, because you will feel like on a powder keg.

In such situations, it is important not to succumb to provocations, so you will be able to provide protection from energy vampires - representatives of this particular group. For a normal state of health, he needs constant scandals, and if you are one of those people who are unlucky, and this person is a boss who does not know how to speak calmly, almost throws his fists at others, then the only correct solution is calmness. Try, no matter how difficult it is, not to respond in kind, you should not enter into a verbal skirmish with him.

What else can you do to protect yourself from negativity?

You can move as far as possible from the unwanted person. You and your colleagues should stay as far away from the parasite as possible, try to ignore its actions, and move to another office. In this case,escape is not the worst, but, on the contrary, the best option for your actions.

An excellent method of defense is also laughter, which ill-wishers regard as aggression directed against themselves. As a rule, their hopes are that after the next scandal you will feel upset, angry or resentful. But when laughter and fun emanate from you, their hopes collapse like a house of cards. After the vampire, splashing out negative energy on you, expects negative energy from you as a victim, then he is left with nothing, which can also be your weapon.

If we are talking about the boss, then, of course, it is not possible to escape from him. The best option would be if you try on the mask of such a simpleton, and in response to all his comments you will say something like understood, guilty, I'll fix it . But in no case do not succumb to the negative influence of another person, and do not be labeled guilty of all sins.

Although, if the negative energy of such people is already spreading to you, it means that you have already given up the slack, because the tyrant chose you as a victim. In order to avoid being attacked by such people, you need to rethink the principles of the communication model such as tyrant is a victim , and free yourself from what makes you so. The victim's emotions are what attracts them, which means they need to get rid of them.

How to protect yourself from the negative influence of people

In addition, such people are capable of overpowering you at a distance - you just need to remember how and what the person said during a heated argument, and negative energy will again take over part of your biofield.

Those people who bother with their problems, tears, whining and complaints about life are representatives of the lunar type. Moon vampires also choose their victim and shift all their worries, hardships and hardships onto it. After an hour of such communication, a person feels exhausted.

To avoid this situation, you can protect yourself at work.

How to protect yourself from negativity?

Those who need energy protection can follow some guidelines. First advice: do not fall for provocations. The stronger the energy vampire, the more difficult it will be for you, however, you do not need to give in to him. If a colleague or friend regularly complains about their life to you, you should stop giving them your pity.

As soon as he stops feeling condescension and empathy, he will immediately lose interest in you. He does not need strong personalities who are not able to regret, on the contrary, the more sentimental and compassionate you are, the easier it is for him to get the necessary emotions from you. It is enough to tell how great you had the evening yesterday, and then you will see him dejected.

How to protect yourself from the negative influence of people

It is not difficult to identify the negative, because you feel uncomfortable with the information received, you feel despondent.

You can get rid of an unpleasant interlocutor and lead him into a stupor,if turn his own weapons against him.

If you, interrupting the interlocutor, begin to complain about your life, take the initiative into your own hands and begin to feel sorry for yourself, you will put him into a stupor. The conversation will no longer be of interest to him, and very soon the interlocutor will try to do everything to avoid conversations with you.

This type of energy protection from ill-wishers is also useful because this method is non-conflict.

And third, stop communicating with such an employee altogether. Make this decision on your own, without feeling sorry for him, and you will definitely succeed. If an employee can harm you in your career, then try to respectfully, but not letting him get close, talk, answering in monosyllables. This ignorance is a non-negative energy defense.

Protective Thought Barrier

Mankind knows little about the power of thought, but every day it confirms the version about this by the example of its own destinies. After all, our own thoughts literally materialize and become everyday.

You can learn how to independently put energy protection from a vampire:

  • if your imagination is well developed, then it will not be difficult for you to imagine that there is a glass wall in front of you. It is possible that you will not be able to complete the exercise completely the first time, but after a couple of workouts, you will be able to control your imagination;
  • then try to imagine that there is not just a glass wall between you and the negative person, but a mirrored one. And the negative that the ill-wisher directs at you is given to him;
  • it is advisable to start mentally building this wall even before the energy flows of negativity reach your side.

If there is danger in the house

An energy vampire can be not only a colleague, but also one of the family members. Then you will need not only protection from energy vampires at work, but also at home. It is very difficult to get along with such a person, however, you should not refuse to communicate with him.

First of all, it is important to learn to give an objective assessment of your own behavior.

The main goal for you is not to defeat the person who lives next to you, but simply to neutralize his action so that he does not harm him:

How to protect yourself from the negative influence of people
  • if a person is not able to assess the damage caused by their actions, then try to talk to him and explain what exactly he does harm to loved ones. It is advisable that the main words be said in moments of confidential conversation, when moments of calm confidential communication come between you and your relative;
  • try to find words that describe your emotions, and ask how he himself feels.

It is quite possible that a loved one will understand what unpleasant sensations his behavior gives and, possiblyoh, he will even be able to direct his strong energy flows in a different direction. In this case, desire is the main condition.

It is certainly impossible to escape from the whole world. Neither you nor your children will be able to insulate themselves from the people living in it, but the ability to prevent negative flows will always come in handy. Use our recommendations and protect yourself and your loved ones from ill-wishers.

How can I protect myself from the negative influence of other people?

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