How to paint your eyes beautifully

The question of how best to make up eyes has been of interest to women since ancient times. But these days we are incredibly lucky: you can find anything in stores to become more beautiful . For example, today you don't need eyeliner with charcoal or use pollen for the eyelids to look attractive.

How to paint your eyes beautifully

All you have to do is go to a specialized cosmetic store and buy whatever your heart desires. For beautiful daily makeup, you can use eyeliner, pencil, shadows, and any other means to create a new look.

But the presence of a huge amount of cosmetics in stores does not yet give a one hundred percent guarantee of creating a successful makeup. How many times, just walking down the street, have you seen ugly made-up women who at the same time consider themselves to be written beauties? But what is their beauty?

In a mask of foundation and powder, in thickly lined eyes or terribly long false eyelashes? It's simple - any girl, first of all, should look natural. It doesn't matter that your eyelashes do not curl up to your eyebrows, because using a special mascara, you can add a little length and volume to them. Above all, feel like a queen!

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How to make up your eyes correctly: the preparatory stage

Before you start creating a new image, you need to acquire all the necessary tools, and also do not forget to prepare the skin. As for the tools, it is advisable to use special brushes that will help you correctly apply this or that product to your face.

No need to think that it is enough just to wave a sponge with powder and a healthy complexion will be drawn by itself. As we all know, powder tends to crumble. So do not approach the issue with carelessness. In this matter, the main thing is constant practice, which will certainly bear fruit.

It is important to have at least a minimal set of special brushes. If you want a piercing look, then use a brush to separate the eyelashes. Yes, there is one too.

But if you do not have time to visit the store or are experiencing temporary financial difficulties, we recommend that youuse a regular toothbrush instead of such a brush. The only condition is that it must be clean and dry.

In order for the makeup to lie flat and not crumble, apply a little cream on the skin. After that, you can go about your business for about ten minutes. But when it is absorbed, you can start making up.

Makeup should be started by masking bruises under the eyes, because they give you a tired look, which cannot but spoil your appearance. To do this, apply some concealer under the eyelid and massage gently into the skin.

Attention! You should not rub your eyelid until it turns red, because in this case you will look like a sleepy panda. Any cosmetic product should be rubbed in gently and in a circular motion. Do not forget that our skin is very delicate, so excess friction not only damages it, but can also cause early wrinkles.

And one more thing: if possible, try not to use foundation to mask bruises under the eyes, because it dries the skin very much. This, in turn, also causes the appearance of expression lines.

How to paint with eye shadow

It seemed difficult to paint eyes with shadows beautifully. But it's not that simple. For example, you can choose the most expensive eyeshadows, but the brush for applying them will be of poor quality. So what, you ask.

Nothing special, just all the shadows will crumble on the lower eyelid. So the choice is yours: buy normal tools and look 100% or you have to constantly wipe off the rest of the shadows.

How to paint your eyes beautifully

So, in order for the daytime makeup to look amazing, you need to draw a thin strip along the lash line. The main thing is that the line is neat and almost invisible.

Now take a special brush and blend the shadows towards the eyebrow. But you shouldn't be too zealous. Your task is to create a subtle smoky effect that will emphasize the depth and expressiveness of the eyes.

And now we will share with you a little trick: for a sexier look, apply some pearlescent shadows under the eyebrow. But this must be done so that pearlescent shadows do not look vulgar, but only embellish your eyes, making them more shiny.

But for evening makeup, you should choose brighter saturated colors. You need to start painting from the inner corner of the eye. Here you need to use lighter colors. But as you approach the inner corner of the eye, you should change light tones to darker ones. This will add mystery and radiance to your look.

Here are a few more secrets that you can use to hide some of your flaws with the help of shadows:

  • If the eyelids are hanging, do not apply a lot of dark shadows. They will only visually make the look even more heavier, making the eyes small and ugly;
  • If you are the owner of wide-set eyes, then you should not use arrows in your makeup. You can just draw a narrow line with shadows. She will replace the arrow and emphasize the beauty of the eyes;
  • For close-set eyes, accent the inner corners of the eyes with lighter shades with a lighter eye shadow. But the outer ones should be darkened a little.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the procedure for applying shadows. So try, practice, and you will get better and better.

How to make up eyes with a pencil

Today, many women use a pencil, but sometimes it smudges, interrupted on the upper eyelid. In general, make-up ceases to look neat. How to choose the right pencil and how to apply it correctly.

First of all, buy a medium soft pencil because a pencil that is too soft will smudge, and a hard pencil will scratch the eyelid.

How to paint your eyes beautifully

So if you do not want to constantly wipe off dripping makeup or walk around with sore eyes, then be sure to follow this little but very useful advice. And then the question of how to make up eyes will not be on the agenda, because every time you get a masterpiece.

Do not buy a black pencil if you are blonde. Such makeup will look ridiculous and ridiculous. But the whole range of gray-silver colors will suit you perfectly. Using it, you will look very impressive.

It is also helpful to keep a clean pencil blending brush at home. And in case you don't want to have a sharp, clean line, you can blend the strip with a clean applicator.

So, we have figured out how best of all apply makeup with eyeshadow and pencil. As you can see, it is not difficult to paint your eyes beautifully.

The main thing is that you must be clearly aware of which features you want to hide and which ones to emphasize. And, of course, practice, practice and more practice. Go for it and you will succeed!

how to draw and paint a beautiful eye

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