Traditional Arrow Making: Painting, Cresting and Fletching

How to paint the arrows correctly?

A question about how correct eye makeup has been relevant since ancient times. In the days before the cosmetic industry existed, girls painted their eyes with charcoal or used malachite-based liquid eyeliner.

How to paint the arrows correctly?

Today everything is much simpler. There are such a variety of makeup products on the shelves of cosmetic stores that sometimes you don't know which one to choose.

It has long been known that thanks to skillful makeup, you can not only emphasize advantages, but also hide flaws.

All that remains is to choose the right type of makeup and learn how to apply it yourself.

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Where to start?

Before you start painting your eyes, you should prepare the skin of the eyelids. Proper preparation not only contributes to a clearer drawing of the main lines of the makeup, but also allows it to remain in its original form longer. On untreated skin, the makeup will quickly lubricate and spoil even the most beautiful eyes.

So, first lubricate the skin around the eyes with a small amount of moisturizer, and after about ten minutes you can start making up. Be sure to apply a little concealer to your upper eyelid - it will allow you to draw the arrows more evenly, and will also contribute to their longer, neat look. After such preparations drawing arrows in front of the eyes will be much easier.

How to choose the right arrow type for your eyes?

In no case should you immediately draw the first arrow you like. Choosing the type of arrows in accordance with your eye shape is important, I would even say - necessary. Do not forget that arrows can emphasize both advantages and disadvantages.

Therefore, be very responsible when choosing a new image. Let's take a look at which arrows will help you hide flaws and make your look unforgettable.

Arrows for small eyes

How to paint the arrows correctly?

For visualIt is recommended to use light eyeliner when enlarging eyes. Importantly, you can only draw an arrow on the upper eyelid.

In this case, the lower eyeliner will significantly reduce your eyes, which is absolutely unnecessary for us.

The line should be drawn from the middle of the eyelid to the outer corner of the eye. The tip of the arrow must be drawn outside the outer corner, otherwise the eye will visually decrease.

If you want to use a dark eyeliner, then make sure to paint the lower eyelid with a light one. This makes the eyes look bigger too.

You can also use the parallel liner technique. To do this, you need to draw a line from the middle of the eyelid beyond the borders of the outer corner, while slightly raising it towards the eyebrow. Draw a line from the bottom too, but it should only cover a quarter of the show jumping near the outer corner. These two lines absolutely do not need to be connected, so keep them parallel.

Eyeliner for round eyes

You have round eyes, and you want to give them an almond shape? In this case, you should not use thin lines. Thick arrows drawn in pencil are the most suitable.

To enhance the effect, carefully paint over the entire outline of both the upper and lower eyelids. It is recommended to shade all lines a little.

To make the eye section more elongated, draw the outline of the outer corner a little higher. You can also curl the tip of the line a little towards the brow, but don't overdo it. Carefully paint over the eyelid near the eyelashes with a pencil and apply mascara on them. Your makeup is ready!

Arrows for narrow eyes

How to paint the arrows correctly?

If you want to enlarge the section, then you definitely need to learn how to draw arrows for narrow eyes.

You can enlarge narrow eyes with a wide eyeliner line on the upper eyelid. In this case, too, do not lengthen the eyeliner line too far behind the corner of the eye.

Also, in no case should you draw a contour along the lower eyelid. The line along the lower eyelid will visually reduce the shape of the eyes and make them even narrower.

If you have a convex upper eyelid, then the arrow should be drawn parallel to the eyebrow line. This will create an accent on the eyes and make the drooping eyelid less visible.

Arrows on narrow eyes are best drawn with a pencil or shadows, since it is more convenient to shade them.

How to properly paint the eyes, depending on their color?

Eye color is equally important in creating a new look with arrows. For owners of brown eyes, the best solution would be oriental-style makeup. So, the arrow in oriental makeup is drawn very thin both on the upper and lower eyelids. The most impressive type of arrow looks like a cat's eye. This arrow will give your look a mystery. Finally, use a shade of warm browns.

If you have green eyes, then use shades of golden, bronze or peach coloretes. Brown and beige colors are also suitable. The arrows for blue-eyed girls should have been coal-black and wide. So, your image will become more memorable. For blue eyes, gray and milky shadows work best.

How to draw arrows on the eyes: common mistakes

How to paint the arrows correctly?

And now, you have watched several video tutorials on the Internet, read a bunch of articles on how to draw arrows. Then you carefully prepared, sat down and started creating your new look.

But, bad luck, the arrows came out crooked, the eye looks somehow strange and in general something is wrong. In this case, here are a few basic mistakes beginners make.

Classic mistakes when drawing arrows:

1. While drawing a line, many for some reason look from the side. But in vain! You only need to look straight ahead. Then the line will turn out to be even, and it will match the contour much better.

2. If you are just learning how to draw arrows, then you should start not from the outer corner of the eye, but from the eyelash row. In this case, you will not be mistaken with the thickness, and you can draw the line more even.

3. You don't need to close your eyes when you draw a line. Yes, in many video tutorials everything is drawn with your eyes closed, but you are just getting started. Your hand is not yet full enough to draw an arrow without looking.

4. No need to paint over the gaps between the eyelashes over the arrow. If you find yourself with a similar problem, then just next time, first blend some dark shadows along the eyelashes, and then proceed with the eyeliner.

5. Forget about wide eyeliner lines if you have a drooping eyelid. You don't need to weigh down your eyes. Just draw a thin line and you will look great.

Thus, we figured out that the choice of the type and color of arrows should be approached with all responsibility. Careless makeup can ruin even the most beautiful face.

Following the basic rules, create a new image every day, be sure to avoid mistakes, and rush into a new day with a smile!

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