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How to overcome psychological dependence on a man?

Falling in love, a woman herself does not notice how she ceases to be independent, and falls into psychological slavery of her the chosen one. It seems to her herself that there is nothing better than the opportunity to rely on the chosen man in everything, to entrust him with soul and body. But psychologists are convinced that psychological dependence on a man is nothing more than the death of a woman's personality.

How do you know that such circumstances have overtaken you? Try to break off the hateful relationship, understand whether it is difficult for you to say the final no , and what your life will be like after the end of the joint stay.

A woman's dependence on a man can manifest itself as:

How to overcome psychological dependence on a man?
  • life on autopilot , when a series of stress and depression becomes continuous and hopeless;
  • idealizing a loved one, completely ignoring his shortcomings;
  • relationships that no longer bring joy and happiness;
  • hatred and love, simultaneously felt for a partner;
  • full concentration on the object of their sighs;
  • loss of all friends and acquaintances, communication with whom has ceased since the appearance of the man.

Sexual addiction

As a teenager, most of the women secretly read women's novels with completely childish content.

How to overcome psychological dependence on a man?

As they mature, they begin to realize that the image of an ideal sexual partner has already formed in their minds. Having found such, and having inflamed tender feelings for him, it becomes difficult for a lady to refuse his services of an intimate nature, and love quickly develops into passion. Despite the fact that the latter is the dream of almost every female representative, it is passion that has a truly destructive power, and sexual dependence on a single man must be stopped as soon as possible.

Sexual slavery can be recognized by the following signs: you wake up with the thought of the object of your adoration, think about it all day long, impose your society, and your satisfaction of the need for sex is completely dependent on his mood and capabilities. With all this, a man may not show the same attention, ignore calls or passionate calls.

Sexual addiction is dangerous because it makes a woman's personality abstract from the world, get hung up on one person, endure numerous insults and humiliations, experience mental pain and fail in life.

How to overcome psychological dependence on a man?

The fight against such bondage should start with self-reflection, or rather, with attempts to return to real life and understand how much suffering such relationships, built solely on passion, bring. Followed bylisten and analyze the opinions of others about how your attachment looks from the outside, study the advice of psychologists and psychotherapists regarding this issue.

Self-training is another way to understand that more than one person can satisfy a woman's sexual needs, and you can find other equally suitable sexual partners.

Emotional addiction

Emotional dependence on a man is another bottomless abyss, into which a weak-minded lady can fall. Its reasons lie in early childhood, when a little woman did not receive the necessary amount of attention, love and care from her family and friends.

How to overcome psychological dependence on a man?

As a result, she does not develop a sense of self-confidence, she constantly needs to feel someone's support and help.

Codependency, in which a man and his companion have identical scales of needs for each other, is considered a facilitated form of energy and emotional bondage.

The latter can also manifest itself in the form of a complete denial of one's own lifestyle, excessive sensitivity to the influence of a partner and a refusal of personal opinion.

To live in other people's dreams and thoughts means to stand on the way to the strongest nervous breakdown.

The energy dependence of a woman on a man is far from an opportunity to hide from problems, shift all difficulties onto stronger shoulders, or a way to become more protected or happy. In fact, slavery is almost always morally and psychologically destructive.

In the most difficult situations, energy dependence is destroyed only through the use of professional psychological help. Again, there is always an opportunity to cope with the circumstances on your own, namely to independently conduct a session of deep psychological analysis.

This is done as follows:

How to overcome psychological dependence on a man?
  • Sitting down and closing your eyes, imagine your connection with your partner in the form of a rope or rope;
  • Likewise, mentally cut or tear it. Initial anxiety should gradually be replaced by a feeling of relief;
  • Honestly admit to yourself, what exactly did you lose after a mental breakup, an emotional or financial benefit?
  • Imagine from which three sources you can benefit similarly;
  • The image of a full-fledged personality that is obtained after such a visualization session, you need to bind to yourself just as tightly as you were previously attached to a man;
  • Now understand and accept the fact that the formed image is now you. Rejoice at this fact;
  • Imagine how you can apply new opportunities and newfound freedom;
  • Bring up the image of a man you have broken with in your head, and think about howKim will be your further communication;
  • Try to plan your independent future and open your eyes, becoming a completely free person.

This session can be repeated no more than three times.

If it does not give the desired effect, or the result is incomplete, a visit to a specialist cannot be avoided.

What is Dependent Personality Disorder? Kati Morton

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