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How to make your own pet clipper?

Today there are many ways to prevent pets from spoiling home textiles and furniture. In particular, the cat claw is a fairly common accessory that can be found in the home of any owner of a mustachioed striped animal.

But is it worth buying a finished product, or can you make it yourself?

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Variety of claw racks

How to make your own pet clipper?

In pet stores, you can now find a variety of devices of a rather original type. For example, cat claws.

They are soft silicone tubes of a characteristic shape that are applied to natural nails and fixed on them with a special glue.

The problem with this device is that cats, and especially small kittens, quite often pick them off with their teeth.

And in general, an animal with them, to put it mildly, is uncomfortable, because it is not adapted to such adaptations and lives mainly by instincts.

A home claw is an accessory with which your pet can naturally sharpen its claws without breaking the integrity of expensive furniture, curtains and other household items. You can buy it or try to make it yourself.

Some craftswomen have succeeded in making cardboard scratching posts on their own, for which, as the name implies, only the simplest material is needed - cardboard.

So how to make a do-it-yourself cat clipper? Is it possible to make it so that it comes with a bed?

What is a claw raiser for?

Almost every newly-made owner of an affectionate and wayward animal faces the problem of sharpening claws in cats. And of course, according to the law of meanness, the pet chooses not old sofas with rotten springs for its needs. All new modernized furniture and expensive home textiles are used.

There are three well-known ways to combat this phenomenon:

  1. Clipping claws (regular);
  2. Surgical nail removal;
  3. Installing a cardboard claw frame (or any other material) in the house.

The most humane method is, of course, the third. One has only to accustom the cat to the scratching post, as the whole (or almost all) of the problem disappears by itself. Those who andSweeping small children and fearing the possible injury that the animal can bring them, silicone pads are often used. Especially ruthless owners prefer radical methods like the second paragraph.

How to make your own pet clipper?

The first point is more or less neutral, but it also harms the health of the animal. We must not forget that a cat cannot live normally without nails. They are like fingers for us.

Would you like to live without your fingers if you were carefully chopped off so that you would not cause any damage to your property with them?

A home scratching post can save you from the only side effect of keeping a cat in the house. And you can easily cope with making it yourself - you don't have to purchase expensive goods in specialized stores. How to make a claw-rail for a cat with your own hands?

It all depends on your natural accuracy and skills. If you are a person assiduous enough, such a task will be given to you pretty quickly. And if you perform such tasks carelessly, and generally try to stay away from needlework, you still better not complicate your life with such creative attempts and purchase the finished product in the store.

How to make your own claw rail?

A scratching post with a couch and a home claw can be made from cheap and affordable improvised means. For example, cardboard. A homemade cardboard scratching post may not be the most elite solution, but it will be effective in solving your specific problem.

Before making such a assistant , it is advisable to draw up a design plan for the future product. It is very important to consider the best claw height for your animal. Here you need to consider your pet's preferences: if your cat loves the edges of sofas and armchairs, a low claw frame will be enough for her. If she systematically leaves puffs on expensive tulle, or loves to climb the very curtain rods - here you cannot do without a higher product.

Let us tell you a secret: the most simple and natural, natural scratching post for your cat will be a fragment of a tree with embossed bark.

How to make your own pet clipper?

Therefore, if you do not want to make products at home, or you do not have the necessary tools, you can get such a thing.

Be aware that this option is guaranteed to be the best for your pet, because it is in the trees that cats sharpen their marigolds in nature.

Churbak can be borrowed right at the felling site (in no city now there are no problems with this, and woodworking is developed almost everywhere). By virtue of its natural instincts, such a device is accurateo every pet will appreciate.

Another option to simplify the task is to use a regular soft pillow with a pillowcase made of embossed sofa fabric. As the cat degrades the material, it should be changed, otherwise such a device will quickly become unusable, and your pet will look for a better place to satisfy its natural needs.

cardboard box claw

In general, such devices are best constructed from drywall, fiberboard and special threads. But you can get by with cheaper and more affordable raw materials - cardboard boxes. For this purpose, boxes in which TVs, refrigerators and other large household appliances are sold are perfect.

So, to make such a device for a cat, you will need:

  1. Stationery knife;
  2. Highlighter or soft pencil;
  3. Cardboard boxes of any shape and size (preferably large).

Stages of product manufacturing:

How to make your own pet clipper?
  • Prepare a small cardboard box in advance for the templates;
  • Draw out most of the cardboard in curly pieces of the same size and shape (preferably using a single template for drawing);
  • Cut them out with a clerical knife (you can also use a regular bread knife - sometimes this is even better, because irregularities appear on the surface of the cut figures, which are necessary for the cat to sharpen the marigolds );
  • Treat the bottom surface of the base box with quality glue;
  • Place your templates on the bottom of the base box as close to each other as possible (horizontally so that the roughness is on top of the structure).

Your claw-frame is ready! There is only one little thing left - to accustom your pet to the correct place for sharpening its claws.

is it possible to train a cat to use a claw rake?

For this it makes sense to place the item where your pet satisfies its call of nature usually. Please note that not a single cat will come to such equipment on its own and will not get used to it. So you have to sweat to keep your furniture and textiles from getting damaged.

Show the animal your displeasure if it starts sharpening its claws where it is unacceptable to you. Be sure to show your pet the correct place, much like you did with the litter box.

Love your pet and he will definitely love you!

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