Unagi/eel sauce making 米国発・鰻の蒲焼きダレの作り方

How to make unagi sauce at home?

In order to feel like a pro in oriental cuisine, it is not at all necessary to study the culinary traditions of the Land of the Rising Sun for several years under the strict guidance of an experienced mentor. Sometimes, in order to diversify the home menu, it is enough just to buy a set of unusual products, combine them in the right proportions, and fried fish, stew or boiled rice will sparkle with new flavoring colors.

So that you do not get lost in the numerous Japanese sauces, we suggest starting your acquaintance with them with unagi - a rich, sweet and smoked-salty product that is in perfect harmony with our domestic dishes.

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Classics of the Japanese genre

The recipe for the traditional unagi sauce can really be realized at home if you can get the following food set:

How to make unagi sauce at home?
  • 200 ml quality, semi-dry white wine;
  • a couple of tablespoons granulated sugar;
  • 200 ml good soy sauce;
  • 200 ml of rice wine of the brand Mirin ;
  • tsp dry fish broth.

Now you know the historically formed composition of the Japanese unagi sauce, it remains only to correctly connect all the components:

  • A saucepan combines wine, sauce and Mirin .
  • A crushed cube of dry fish broth is added to the liquids, and everything is thoroughly mixed until the lumps disappear.
  • The container is put on fire, brought to a boiling point, after which the unagi sauce should boil for another 1.5 hours.
  • During this time, the initial volume of the liquid will be reduced by half, and it itself will become a pleasant caramel shade. As soon as this happens, add granulated sugar and stir it quickly.

Patience and diligence shown will be rewarded by the fact that Japanese sauce will flavor your fish dishes, seafood and rice for more than one month. The filling can be stored both under room conditions and in a refrigerator, but only in a glass container, tightly closed with a lid.

Oriental delights with eel

At home, it is quite possible to make an exclusive version of the sauce in which smoked eel will be the dominant ingredient.

It only needs 50 g, while the list of other ingredients looks like this:

  • 200ml natural soy-based filling;
  • 250 ml Mirin ;
  • 160 g granulated sugar;
  • 150 ml of filtered water;
  • 15 g potato flour.

That the eel in the oriental unagi sauce has not lost its leading gustatory position, you need to follow the following sequence of actions:

  • In a saucepan, mix both types of fillings, water, granulated sugar and the fish itself, finely chopped;
  • The mass should boil over high heat and simmer for 8 minutes;
  • Potato flour is diluted in water and the mixture is poured into a boiling pot;
  • Everything is cooked until thickened, which takes about 5 minutes, cooled, and served on the table.

Vegetable option

We also offer to cook unagi in a not quite standard way, namely from the following products:

How to make unagi sauce at home?
  • 100 g honey;
  • one carrot;
  • 180 ml white wine;
  • bulbs;
  • glasses of original sake;
  • tablespoons of table sugar;
  • glass of fill Mirin ;
  • 10g potato flour;
  • 50g smoked eel.

You can prepare unagi from such a list of ingredients as follows:

  • Chopped eel, sake, wine and sauce are combined in a saucepan;
  • Put granulated sugar, finely chopped vegetables and boil everything over a minimum heat for 10 minutes;
  • All vegetables that are thrown away are removed from the filling, and starch diluted in a small amount of water is poured into it to thicken it.

Eel with Japanese sauce

If you want to spice rice with smoked eel with a savory unagi sauce, try this recipe into reality:

  • 40 ml soy based fill;
  • 5 g fresh ginger root;
  • 10g honey;
  • 50 ml of natural olive oil;
  • 3 g potato flour.

To make the sauce, follow these instructions:

  • In a saucepan, you need to warm up the oil, pour honey and soy sauce into it;
  • It is necessary to squeeze juice from the grated ginger root, and also send it to a container with a blank;
  • Everything is mixed, put on fire, and starch diluted in water is mixed into the mixture;
  • The brew must remain on the fire until it thickens, but must not be allowed to boil.

What to submit?

How to make unagi sauce at home?

The Japanese are good because they don't have to deal with the question of what authentic unagi sauce is eaten with. They have so many different types of fillings that almost every dish has its own. And even the original composition of the product makes a Western person get confused, it is not surprising that he rarely realizes what it would be appropriate to serve after cooking.

If follow Japanesetradition, they should not be flavored with anything other than seafood, smoked eel and other fish.

In our own kitchen, his presence is great tolerates rice, fried pork, grilled and deep-fried chicken, baked vegetables and just a slice of fresh baguette. All these dishes and products with unagi sauce acquire sophisticated sweet-salty-smoked notes.

Bon appetit and delicious meals!

How to Make Eel Sauce

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