Massage Your Belly for 15 Minutes to Make It Flat

How to make the belly flat and toned with massage

Slender legs, toned buttocks, strong arms and certainly a flat pumped up abs are every woman's dream. The struggle for ideal forms is sometimes very fierce, I go, diet, fitness, body wraps, etc., but the most pleasant procedure against excess weight is, of course, massage. It helps tissues get rid of excess fluid, disperse lymph and blood, break down cellulite and make muscles elastic.
And if there are no special problems on the legs, butt and arms, then the stomach is a special part of the body. The abdominal massage should be performed according to a special technique, as behind it are hidden vital organs, which are easily injured. Therefore, this procedure can only be entrusted to a professional, although if you have some experience, you can try to correctly perform it at home.

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What is it like should be

How to make the belly flat and toned with massage

Sadly, but the most difficult to remove fat deposits are located in the abdomen. The fat layer here is quite loose and voluminous, creating an unsightly hanging apron or a large belly a la 7 months of pregnancy .

The main goal of the procedure is to strengthen the abdominal muscles, improve blood circulation and fight subcutaneous fat, namely, the crushing of fatty deposits. To massage the abdomen for weight loss to be really effective, you must follow these rules.

So, it should:

  • carried out by the course - 7-10 days at least;
  • combine with proper nutrition;
  • supplemented with minimal physical activity, or better by training at a moderate pace 2-3 times a week.

There are many types of massage, so every woman can choose the most suitable option for herself. If you wish, you can even learn how to perform this massage for weight loss on your own at home.

Learning to pinch correctly

How to make the belly flat and toned with massage

This type of action on the skin and muscles is often used as a warm-up, however, it can also be used as an independent procedure. Pinching the skin helps improve bloodtreatment, smooth skin and prevent stretch marks.

Before starting the pinching procedure, you should lie on your back and relax, concentrating on the iliac regions.

After that, you need to grab a piece of skin with your fingers, as if you want to pinch yourself. When performing such tingling, you should move clockwise.

When starting a new circle, the tingling should be made more intense. At the end of the procedure, the skin should turn red. Now you need to rub it thoroughly with a towel and apply a nourishing anti-cellulite cream or oil to the skin.

Calling water for help

You can perform a water procedure for weight loss right in a regular shower, although a Charcot shower, of course, would be much more effective. It should be done daily, using only cool water. This massage perfectly tones, invigorates, energizes, makes the skin smooth. In addition, it helps to normalize the digestion process.

How to make the belly flat and toned with massage

The water jet should also move clockwise. Moreover, its pressure must be constantly changed to create contrast. The water temperature should range from cool to moderately hot.

You should not do it immediately after eating, during pregnancy and if you have pain in the abdominal cavity of an unknown nature. Rational nutrition, drinking and physical activity are the key to successful weight loss with consolidated procedures.

Using special tools

Vacuum massage of the abdomen, performed with special silicone cups, is very popular among women. You can buy them at the pharmacy. The procedure requires some skill, but after a few workouts everything will work out quickly enough.

Before the procedure, the skin must be thoroughly cleaned and lubricated with oil. To start the massage, you need to fix the jar on the skin. To do this, you need to squeeze it in your hand, press it tightly to the skin and release it. The inside of the jar should fit no more than one centimeter of leather.

How to make the belly flat and toned with massage

The jar should be moved clockwise over the skin using the usual circular, zigzag or spiral movements.

With the help of such simple devices as a jar, you can even perform self-massage of the abdomen for weight loss. We remove the fatty apron quickly and efficiently using cans!

The duration of one session is 5-10 minutes. After that, you need to lie down for a while, covered with a blanket.

Applying the power of natural honey

Another very effective way to get rid of all excess in the abdominal area is honey massage. Only natural honey is used for its implementation. After honey exposure, the skin becomes softer, and the silhouette is slimmer, the manifestations of cellulite disappear. Two teaspoons of honey are enough for one session.

It's very simple to execute. You just need to put honey on your palms and applythem to the stomach, then start vigorous patting. As the honey thickens, the hands will become more and more difficult to peel off the skin.

How to make the belly flat and toned with massage

When the product changes color and becomes whitish, the procedure must be completed. An average session is 10-15 minutes.

Before starting this procedure, you should make sure that you are not allergic to bee products.

If it is found during the procedure, itching, skin redness and swelling appear, it should be stopped, the honey should be washed off thoroughly and a dose of antihistamine is taken, for example Loratodin .

Visceral massage

However, massage is not only anti-cellulite and slimming , it can also be therapeutic, having a beneficial effect on the abdominal organs. These procedures include visceral abdominal massage - a special manual technique of influencing organs through the abdominal walls.

This technique has long been practiced in China, India and the Philippines. It helps with inflammatory processes in the abdominal cavity, poor posture, abdominal cramps during stress, degenerative changes in cartilage or bone tissue, injuries, etc.

Losing weight and getting rid of cellulite in this case is a pleasant bonus, since the therapeutic effect on the peritoneal organs has a positive effect on the abdominal muscles.

Knowing how to properly make a massage to lose weight on the abdomen, any woman can become slim and attractive. However, no matter how wonderful and enjoyable it may be, you should not rely only on the miraculous power of massage.

Even the most expensive, high-quality, lengthy and frequent procedures will not give any result, if you do not exclude flour, fatty and sweet dishes from the menu.

The best dinner will be a walk outdoors, and a snack during the day will be a workout in the gym.


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