How to Do Your Own Shellac Gel Nails

How to make shellac at home

The benefits of shellac have been appreciated by many women. The long-lasting coating lasts for two to three weeks without chips and scratches, so you can wear the chosen type of manicure without tedious repairs and repainting. It is ideal for young mothers, working girls, as well as for a long trip, for example, to the sea.

How to make shellac at home

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Required Tools

First of all, you need a set of coatings with at least one color. Some of the components can be replaced with more budgetary options from inexpensive manufacturers, or purchased from one.

You will need:

  • tools for manicure - tweezers, spatula, orange stick, file with abrasiveness 220-240 grit, buff;
  • cuticle remover;
  • brush for cleaning nails from dust;
  • primer (dehydrator, degreaser);
  • UV lamp 36 Watt (recommended power);
  • shellac base coat;
  • shellac tinting;
  • top coat shellac (top);
  • lint-free wipes;
  • sticky layer remover;
  • shellac remover;
  • foil with sponges.

Steps to follow

Home technology for making shellac is no different from the salon, since almost no component can be replaced. As an exception, you can use regular alcohol instead of liquid to remove the sticky layer, but professionals insist that this harms the quality of the manicure.

  1. do a dry manicure without creams and oils;
  2. shape your nails with a file;
  3. process each nail with a buff or soft file for better adhesion;
  4. clean your nails and hands from nail dust with a brush;
  5. apply primer and dry without lamp;
  6. apply a thin layer of base coat to seal the end of the nail;
  7. hold your hand in the lamp for 1.5 minutes;
  8. Apply a thin layer of base tone, wringing out the brush well;
  9. lamp dry for 1.5 minutes;
  10. the second layer of tone is more dense, seal the end;
  11. dry for 2 minutes;
  12. carefully apply the topcoat in one thick layer;
  13. last drying inlamp 2 minutes;
  14. remove the sticky layer after curing the top with a special product.

The whole procedure takes about an hour, but as you acquire the skill of working with the thick texture of gel polish, this time is reduced to 40 minutes.

How to make shellac at home

Helpful Hints

  • If you are going to design, choose at least two shades of the base coat. You can purchase a design set according to the principle color + sequins , color + mica or two or three contrasting shades of your choice.
  • Combine cold tones with cold, warm with warm or neutral. It is not necessary to supplement translucent shellac with dense or glossy - mother of pearl.
  • The tacky layers formed after the base coat and the first coat are cured are not removed and this improves the adhesion between them. You can only apply one layer of the base tone, but then it will turn out to be translucent. If this is the effect you expect, then no re-painting is required.
  • For the finish coat to look beautiful after hardening, it must lie in an even, dense layer. Use it to paint over the cuticle, lateral parts of the nail and be sure to seal the free edge of the nail with a well wrung out brush. This technique will ensure maximum manicure wearing time.

How to remove shellac

How to make shellac at home

The main quality of gel polishes is durability, so their removal takes more time and effort. But there is no need to cut off shellac like extended nails.

  1. Take ten pieces of foil that are comfortable enough to wrap the tip of each finger tightly.
  2. Prepare cotton pads cut in two. There are branded foil sets with sponges, but women have noticed that cotton pads are just as good.
  3. Saturate the cut discs with shellac remover or conventional nail polish remover. Apply to nails and wrap each finger with a piece of foil for 5 minutes.
  4. Use a sliding motion to remove the foil and scrape off the remaining shellac with a stick. You can clean your nails with an old buff, then rub in the oil.
  5. You may need to repeat the removal procedure one more time, or simply reapply with the liquid wipe.

It is not recommended to use acetone or other available solvents. And, of course, you can't soften and remove the shellac with alcohol or vinegar.

Professionals recommend taking a break between wearing gel polish. After two times, you need to give your nails a rest to restore the water-fat balance - at least a week. During this time, treat your hands with cream and nourishing oils.

Making a jacket

A beautiful and neat look of a manicure can also be made with shellac materials. He will delight you all three weeks, or even longer. The clear coat does not lose its appearance even as nails grow back.

SequentialThe steps and drying times are shown in the table:

How to make shellac at home

French shellac has its own challenges.

You cannot use stencils to draw a smile line. Sticky marks on the base tone remaining after removal cannot be removed without damage to the quality of work. In addition, over such traces, the topcoat does not adhere well to the base - chips are possible after a few days, and in the entire depth of the coating. Therefore, you have to make a smile manually.

How to draw a perfect white edge:

  1. with an almost dry brush, paint a smile with two strokes - from the edges to the middle,
  2. draw a smooth alignment line. You now have an outline that you do not touch anymore.
  3. Using a wrung-out brush, use point strokes almost perpendicular to the nail to paint over the entire free edge.


Some more tips:

  • If you are not used to painting a jacket without a stencil, practice several times on regular varnish.
  • Before a responsible procedure, do not strain your arm muscles, do not carry heavy bags - your hands will tremble and you will not be able to draw a straight line.
  • To make it easy to scoop up white gel polish, pour a large drop of it onto a stable coating - a plastic jar lid or a piece of styrofoam - and dip the brush in there.
  • Squeeze the brush well against the neck of the bottle.
  • Paint over the end of the nail with each layer, slightly winding the brush under the nail - seal it.

What color combinations should you choose?

The beige and caramel shades of the jacket are on the decline right now, so follow the advice and go for cool pinks.

Most popular options:

  • white + pink gloss;
  • white + lilac with a diamond tint;
  • white + pink mother-of-pearl
How to make shellac at home

If you want to get a strict white edge and absolutely transparent tone, it is better to choose the latter with a slight shade of pink, which is almost indistinguishable and at the same time tints well.

In contrast, a varnish transparent like water will unnecessarily emphasize the imperfections of a natural nail.

For a festive or wedding jacket, choose a silver or gold shade and micro-sparkles. The fashion for a combination of silver and gold has passed, so decide in favor of one of the shades.

A sequined jacket or a mica jacket requires a clean white edge and a stock covered in holographic mica. Mica can have a neon effect, which gives very beautiful reflections in the dark.

For an office jacket, choose pink mother-of-pearl for the stock and ivory for the free edge of the nail.

Colored jacket refers to everyday casual manicure. Draw a smile line with any color. The most fashionable in this season are lemon yellow, turquoise, royal blue, scarlet, cherry, burgundy, tangerine, anthracite, blue-black. Do not use brown andgray shades.


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