How to Make Puffed Rice

How to make puffed rice at home?

Puffed rice is parboiled rice grains that have been processed or exploded during a specific heat treatment. This product is often used to make sweet glazed rice and dietetic bread.

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How is puffed rice made commercially?

Commercially, puffed rice in ground sugar or caramel is made according to the following principle:

How to make puffed rice at home?
  • Exploded grains are poured into a huge dragee pan;
  • Simultaneously with loading, sugar syrup / molasses is poured into the container;
  • As soon as the sweet substance is evenly distributed, sugar flour is poured into the pot in small doses;
  • The process of dusting and pouring molasses is repeated 5-6 times. During all this time, the boiler does not stop rotating;
  • Initially, coarse powder is used, which prevents the grains from sticking, and at the end the finest fraction is poured;
  • After finishing the panning, the rice is dried and covered with glaze.

Useful properties

The calorie content of industrial or homemade puffed rice directly depends on how much sugar, spices, caramel or syrup was used in its manufacture. If we are talking about diet bread, then there are as many calories in them as in ordinary cereals. In the event that you need to know the calorie content of a sweet or salty product, it is worth examining the data printed by the manufacturer on the packaging with the product.

Delicious puffed rice is useful to eat with the following pathologies:

How to make puffed rice at home?
  • allergies;
  • disorders in salt metabolism;
  • kidney disease;
  • chronic gastritis, developing against a background of high acidity;
  • stomach ulcer;
  • adhesive process in the intestine and problems in the rectum;
  • bronchitis and bronchial asthma;
  • lack or decreased appetite;
  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and bladder;
  • Lack of milk when breastfeeding;
  • mental overwork, etc.

Having learned what the benefits of such a product are, it will be fair to describe the harm of puffed rice made in an industrial environment.

How to make puffed rice at home?

It is prohibited under the following health conditions:

  • diabetes;
  • constipation;
  • excess weight (consumption of bread without sugar and additives is permissible);
  • intestinal colic and impotence.

How to make a treat in your kitchen?

Puffed rice at home can be used as an independent dessert, or as an addition to the main sweet dish.

It requires a minimum grocery bundle:

  • Round grain groats in the amount of two glasses;
  • Odorless vegetable oil. The amount will depend on which recipe for homemade puffed rice was chosen and how the grains behave during the cooking process.

Basic instructions on how to make puffed rice at home are as follows:

How to make puffed rice at home?
  • Initially, the rice should be boiled in a large volume of water for at least 20 minutes. Basically, it needs to be digested, but not allowed to stick together. As soon as the cereal reaches the specified condition, it is thrown into a colander, allowed to drain, and sent to dry on a towel;
  • Then you need to prepare a large baking sheet: preheat it in the oven and line with parchment for baking. On top of it, cooked rice is spread in a thin layer, and all this is sent to the oven for 1.5, or maybe two hours. The stove must be preheated to + 80- + 100 degrees;
  • Next, to make an airy dessert, you need to heat a sufficient amount of odorless vegetable oil in a frying pan. Its volume should be such that the grains float freely in it. Remember that the more oil you use, the higher the calorie content of the finished product and its likely health risks;
  • Further, the recipe provides for the same break of rice. To do this, the grains are placed in small portions in the pan, and literally in a moment they are caught with a slotted spoon.

If all the recommendations on how to make puffed rice at home, then the grains should swell very quickly. In order for the delicacy to be of maximum benefit, it must be thoroughly dried by spreading it out on a paper towel. If necessary, it is permissible to add salt or pour over the product with liquid honey.

Hostesses make caramelized groats as follows:

How to make puffed rice at home?
  • At the stage when the grains will burst in the pan and go to dry, you need to start preparing the sweet filling itself. It will require 350 g of caramel candies and 80 g of margarine;
  • All food is heated in a separate vessel to a liquid state;
  • Dry grains are placed in the resulting sticky mass, everything is well mixed;
  • Balls are formed from the rice-caramel composition. They are laid out on parchment or food grade plastic and remain on it until completely dry.

Despite the apparent simplicity, in practice, making an airy rice delicacy at home is still a task,Only experienced chefs and pastry chefs can solve it the first time. Since the price of such a product is very reasonable, it is easier to buy it than to prepare it in your kitchen.

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