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How to make popsicles at home?

When it's incredibly hot outside, all we can think about is how to quench our thirst, so that it is tasty and for a long time. There are a lot of options, but the best is to make popsicles at home.

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Ice from fruit: the simplest recipe

How to make popsicles at home?

In fact, this delicacy is one of the variations on the theme of ice cream, only it is much lighter and more refreshing. And if adherence to a diet obliges you to give up ice cream or creme brulee, then there is no reason to deprive yourself of the pleasure of savoring a frozen fruit dessert. The fact is that such a product not only saves from the suffocating heat, but also saturates the body with useful substances, vitamins and minerals, without overloading it with excess calories.

Again, all this is possible only in one case, when the popsicles are made by themselves, and there is not an ounce of preservatives or colors in it.

By the way, such an exquisite dessert can be prepared according to a variety of recipes that differ in the set of products and their processing technique. It is worth noting that even the most difficult option is within the power of a person who first saw a stove.

Before making fruit ice in this way, stock up on the amount of freshly squeezed juice of berries or fruits you need. You also need to find a mold in which the delicacy will be frozen. You can use a special curly container, although you can really do with washed yogurt boxes or even simple plastic cups.

The juice itself is poured into the molds, which is then sent to the freezer.

As soon as it freezes a little, you need to stick a stick into it and freeze it to the end. If you need to remove the ice cream from the mold without any problems, just dip the latter in boiling water for a few seconds.

How to make popsicles at home?

By the way, you can add the juice of several berry or fruit crops, their pulp and even whole parts to the mixture for freezing.

Try not to use an industrially made dessert base. Similarly, you can make pepsi or cola flavored popsicles by taking the appropriate drink and simply freezing it.

If you have to cook from sour juice, then powdered sugar or the same granulated sugar can be added to the future ice. In the lastcase, you need to completely dissolve the sugar, and only then freeze the delicacy. The amount of powder or sand directly depends on your taste preferences and the acid of the base.

Delicious ice on syrup

This is a more complicated recipe for homemade fruit ice, which will require 0.5 kg of berries, a couple of tsp. lemon juice, water and 100 g of granulated sugar.

All of these products should be treated as follows:

How to make popsicles at home?
  • Prepare the syrup: pour sugar with a little very hot water, bring the mixture to a boil until the crystals dissolve;
  • The berries must be mashed using a blender or a regular crush, add lemon juice to them;
  • The cooled syrup is poured into the berry mass, everything is mixed and poured into molds.

Then the delicacy is put into the freezer until it solidifies completely. Don't forget about sticks.

Complicating the task: ice with yogurt

This version of how to make popsicles can be considered the most high-calorie. It takes 140 ml of real homemade yoghurt, 0.5 liters of apple juice, other juices on request.

Now about what to do with all this:

How to make popsicles at home?
  • Beat the yogurt in a blender, add apple juice to it, and beat again;
  • Pour into molds, but not completely. The recipe is interesting in that you need to make several layers of yoghurt base and pure juices, freezing each of them separately.

It will take a long time to cook such an exquisite delicacy, but the finished popsicles will definitely delight you with their delicate and unusual taste.

A refreshing gelatin-based dessert

This ice requires 300g. granulated sugar, 250 g fruit puree, 400 ml purified or boiled water, lemon juice to taste.

Now, to make really tasty ice cream, you need to follow the instructions:

How to make popsicles at home?
  • Pour gelatin granules with three beds of water. Leave the future base for half an hour;
  • From the rest of the water and granulated sugar, it is necessary to boil the syrup, into which pour the swollen gelatinous mass;
  • Add fruit puree to the resulting liquid, bring everything to a boil again and strain;
  • Then the future ice cream, or rather homemade popsicles, is supplemented with lemon juice, packaged in molds and sent to the freezer.

The subtleties of cooking

Besides the fact that all ingredients must be fresh and natural, it is important to consider the following points:

How to make popsicles at home?
  • Do not use a lot of water, because the more concentrated the juice, the tastier the final product will be;
  • Not xpice from cola or juice for too long, otherwise it will become hard and even lose some of its original flavor;
  • Fruit or berry puree should be whipped just before cooking.

By the way, such ice cream is a field for experiments.

For example, if you want to cheer up, ice can be made from chilled coffee, green or black tea, lemon or orange juice.

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