How to Make a Leather Wallet

How to make a wallet with your own hands

Handmade goods attract with their exclusivity, originality and tenderness, but there is not always enough money to buy them. It is not surprising, because in order to make an accessory or interior thing of a decent appearance with your own hands, you need to spend more than one hour of your free time, choose and buy the appropriate materials, and even be able to apply them correctly on the first try.

All this is sometimes troublesome even for an experienced craftsman, hand-made, to say nothing of novice craftsmen.

We offer you the simplest master classes detailing how to make a wallet from scrap materials that have been lying idle in a dresser for a long time. By following them, you can flaunt an exclusive gizmo, or just do something interesting with your child.

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wallet made of paper

This version of how to make a paper wallet using the origami technique will help you build a beautiful and convenient storage for children's stickers, candy wrappers and even the amount set aside for a gift. For it, you only need one sheet of colored A4 double-sided paper.

You will need to deal with it as follows:

How to make a wallet with your own hands
  • Fold in half and unfold again;
  • Bend corners on both sides;
  • Bend the spouts;
  • Bend the right and left edges one more time;
  • Turn over a blank of colored paper and fold the edges again at the top and bottom;
  • Fold the blank in half so that in each of the two pockets a small paper triangle forms - the future flap for the wallet.

This is how a simple sheet of paper turns into an envelope, while for little girls it can replace a adult clutch.

You can additionally decorate its outer sides with stickers or drawings, or initially take scrapbooking paper, for example.

rubber wallet

If in our childhood we had to weave jewelry and accessories for ourselves either from beads or from threads, using the macrame technique, nowadays a rare girl does not know how to make a purse from elastic bands on a special machine. This cute and bright little thing will definitely attract the attention of her peers, and will make any girl a trendsetter.

So what you need to do:

  • Remove the middle row of the machine, and use only the two outermost rows;
  • Lay a row of eights ;
  • Then lay a couple more of the same rows vertically, and close them on the extreme columns of the machine;
  • Move the bottom rubber layer up, and make two more parallel rows;
  • Again raise the row that happened to be below;
  • Gradually expand the bracelet look by adding new layers of rubber bands;
  • When the elastic wallet reaches the desired height, the right row is removed from the machine, while the left row is woven further. It will then be used to make a cape to cover the accessory;
  • Do not forget to make a hole for the buttonhole in which you will start to put the button;
  • Before finishing the piece and taking it off the machine, weave the top last row with a chain.

Leather wallet

We warn you right away that describing how to make a wallet out of genuine or artificial leather with your own hands will require certain sewing skills, accuracy and patience from you.

In general, the process looks like this:

How to make a wallet with your own hands
  • Decide how many internal sections the new thing will have, what width and height it will be;
  • Add seam allowances to the patterns, transfer them to the material;
  • Cut out the blanks and give its edges streamlined, or, conversely, strict (original) outlines;
  • If necessary, use a softening oil for leather, or vice versa, tan it;
  • Using special glue, glue the blanks to the inner part, which will form compartments for credit cards;
  • Draw lines of future seams with a pencil;
  • Go through the drawn stripes with a die to form a stitching imitation;
  • Sew all the sections with waxed threads with an awl;
  • Attach the prepared pockets to the base of the new clothes, stamp and glue everything;
  • Along the edges of an almost finished wallet, it is treated with paint of the same shade as the leather itself, and as it dries, everything is polished with a wooden stick.

fabric wallet

Finally, on how to make a wallet from an unnecessary piece of thick fabric with your own hands.

So let's get started:

How to make a wallet with your own hands
  • Remove the iron frame from the old wallet, prepare the fabric, lace and lining;
  • Using the remains of a worn-out accessory, make patterns, not only from the main fabric, but also from the lining fabric;
  • Sew the components with a machine, glue thick cardboard of the appropriate shape to the inside of the lining;
  • Turn out the main textiles, hide the lining and iron everything well;
  • Sew on the top of the garment using pleats;
  • Insert the frame into the clasp;
  • Insert a lace of the required length into the resulting gap, fix the metal with pliers.

The finished wallet can be decorated with applique, embroidery, ribbons and beadsmi, for example.

These are far from all the ways to make a modern or retro wallet with your own hands without spending the amount indicated on the price tags in a dry goods store.

If you have free time and imagination, you can come up with a completely unique product and show off its master class to experienced craftswomen.

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