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How to make a paper tulip?

International Women's Day, that is, March 8, is traditionally associated with tulips. And really - what other representatives of the flora can be even more beautiful in spring than these royal flowers?

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How to start making a tulip out of paper?

Surely you remember from school how you made such flowers out of paper. The technique seemed simple and affordable to you, although some, perhaps, did not cope with it. Today you can teach this to your child. And we will remind you how to make this simple, concise, and at the same time beautiful craft.

How to make a paper tulip?

Let your baby give mom an armful of paper tulips - what could be sweeter than a mother's heart?

How to make a paper tulip? Very simple! To do this, you don't even need to glue or stitch anything. And we will work in Japanese minimalist origami technique - exactly the one that was taught to us from school in fine arts lessons.

True, then this name was not yet so common, and therefore the finished craft was simply called a paper tulip, or a paper tulip.

Since the creation of such works was carried out at school, you yourself understand that the level of complexity of this craft is almost zero. And it will be a great start for developing your child's artistic or sculptural skills. The technique we have prepared is quite suitable for teaching four- and five-year-olds. So you can take it into service and teach your own child. So how to make a paper tulip with your own hands?

Tulip paper tools

Since the title itself contains the word paper , it’s not hard to guess what we will use to create origami. However, since the choice of colored paper and cardboard is extremely large today, we decided to give you some tips on the correct selection of suitable raw materials.

It is believed that really high-quality paper must certainly be thick. And this is really so - very few people can argue with this. However, we strongly do not recommend that you purchase cardboard for origami, or something like it. It will be much more difficult for you to make a craft out of this material, and even more so it will not be easy for your baby, who is faced with this type of work for the first time.

But you shouldn't rush from one extreme to another either. Your craft paper should not be too soft, thin or rough.cotton wool, it should not show newspaper inclusions in the light. In a word, it is also not recommended to buy very cheap and low-quality paper like copier. Ideally, it should be moderately dense, uniform in structure, rather smooth but not quite glossy.

The fineness of the paper is easily checked with a marker - just draw one line on the front of the sheet and look at the back. The more contrasty the print is, the thinner the paper you purchased. It will be easier to work with it, but such raw materials have their undeniable disadvantages. At the very least, it cannot fix the product normally, and therefore you will not be able to put the craft of your beloved kid in a vase and enjoy it for a long time.

How to make a paper tulip?

For a tulip flower, you need paper in two tones - in fact, the color of the base (bud) and the color of the stem. Here, act on your own and get the shade you like.

It is better not to take too bright, saturated, poisonous and acidic shades - this way the flower will turn out to be unnatural. Although, those who prefer styling prefer just such products.

You can make a tulip out of white paper, but in this case the flower will be too simple. On the other hand, you can color him along with the baby, and develop his talent even more.

Origami is a technique that practically does not tolerate the presence of glue, this is its main feature . But when connecting the bud to the stem, you may still need glue. For the strongest, most reliable and durable fixation, use the appropriate adhesives - for example, the well-known Moment .

So, you need:

  1. A sheet of A4 paper (pink, red, blue, yellow, purple or any other color of your choice);
  2. A sheet of A4 paper (lettuce, pistachio, olive or grass green);
  3. Glue (PVA, Moment or whatever you prefer);
  4. Scissors or utility knife;
  5. Pencil (for making the stem of a flower).

If you have already figured out the materials and tools, it's time to start studying the scheme of how to make a tulip out of paper.

paper tulip technology

How to make an origami tulip correctly?

This task is very simple, and even a preschool child can cope with it, of course, under your guidance, control and supervision. We just want to remind you that in addition to a creative impulse, you need perseverance, patience, and, of course, accuracy.

The scheme of how to make a tulip from colored paper is extremely simple. However, you need not deviate from the instructions and not engage in amateur performances - whatever, and the origami technique does not tolerate this at all.

So let's get started:

How to make a paper tulip?
  • Take a piece of paper of the color you have for the bud;
  • Turn one corner so that you get an isosceles triangle;
  • Cut the strip of paper that remains on the other side of the triangle with scissors or a stationery knife (there is no fundamental difference here);
  • Unfold the triangle and fold it in half again on the other side to make a kind of paper stitch cross. Unfold the paper again;
  • Bend the folds along the longitudinal stripes inward to create a mini-triangle with folds on the inside;
  • Bend the lower and upper corners up to the top;
  • Rotate the model so that the face is on the work surface;
  • Repeat the previous folding and bottom corners;
  • Bend the right corner so that you end up with a rhombus with a middle fold. Turn the sheet over again and repeat;
  • Please note that the edges and corners must be facing up - watch this carefully;
  • Bend the right corner of the product towards the center and make it so that its corner goes slightly behind the core of the product;
  • Wrap the left corner with an overlap - it must overlap the opposite one;
  • Flip the shape over and repeat the previous step in this position of the paper;
  • Tuck one corner into the other; again, repeat the manipulations on the back of the paper figure;
  • Bend the resulting petals very carefully. Make sure that the resulting bud does not break its integrity at this stage - otherwise all your efforts will go to waste.

Having made the main part of the product, that is, in fact, the bud, almost all beginners ask themselves the question of how to make the stem and plant a flower on it at the end of the work? Making the stems is very simple. But first, you must turn the bud over and find a tiny hole on its bottom. It will help not only create communication with the stem, but also will dissolve your flower. For a fuller tulip, simply blow into the perforated hole. Do this as carefully and effortlessly as possible.

In making a rod, you can go the simplest way - just wrap a pencil with green paper, then slightly flatten the tip of the simulated stem, making it moderately sharp, spread it with glue and insert it into the hole. But you can do a little more difficult and prepare a stem with a leaf, made in a typical origami style. We recommend the second option to you, as it will not introduce disharmony into the overall visual perception of your product.

Step-by-step instructions for making a stem with a leaf:

How to make a paper tulip?
  • Place a square sheet of green paper with the corner upx;
  • Fold the left and right corners of the paper in the middle;
  • Reconnect the resulting corners to the middle;
  • Fold the top side corners to the middle;
  • Bend the figure horizontally in half;
  • Now fold it in half, but vertically;
  • Grab the tip of the inner triangle and pull to the right and upward, thus securing the formed fold line.

When doing origami crafts, try to apply moderate pressure on the folds, not too much, so as not to ruin your work.

This activity is very useful for children: in addition to creative abilities, it develops purely technical skills, such as fine motor skills of fingers, concentration and other important things.

Happy creative work!

Easy Paper Tulip Origami Flower

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