DIY KEYCHAINS using things you already have...

How to make a keychain?

Keys to an apartment, car or office can be lost at the most inopportune moment. Therefore, we suggest you make key chains - key holders. Consider the topic of how to make a keychain with your own hands from beads, leather, felt and rope.

Examples of these templates are easy, even a beginner can handle them. You will need materials, patience and a few hours of free time to complete the items.

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DIY beaded keychain

Beads are used to make figures of animals, love paraphernalia, floral options, marine themes, food. You and I will weave a wedge of watermelon. This option is easy and suitable for beginners.

Prepare materials:

How to make a keychain?
  1. black, red and green beads;
  2. clasp carabiner ;
  3. thin copper wire;
  4. duct tape or tape.

Insert the wire into the fastener and secure it to the table with electrical tape. Take a red bead, thread the 2 ends of the prepared wire into the hole until it closes and fix it.

Now make a set of 2 red and 1 black beads. Cross-threading them with the other end of the wire - tighten. Next, we collect: 3 cr. + 1 h. + 1 cr.

Cross and move the beads close to the previous row.

We string the next rows, similarly adding 2 beads each. Alternate visually. Red - pulp, black - seeds. At the end of the work, twist the ends and cut off the excess length. The watermelon wedge is ready!

DIY leather keychain

We will make this housekeeper in the form of a brush. Prepare leather material, key ring, superglue, clamps and scissors in advance. Also prepare a ruler, a pen and a thin rubber band.

First, cut out 2 blanks from leather. One small - 8 cm by 0.7 mm. The other is 25 by 9. Thread the small piece through the ring, forming a loop. Glue the 2 ends of the part, securing with a clip. We make strips on a large flap, 3 cm away from the top. Cut the fringe.

Now on the inner top of the strip, where there is no fringe, apply superglue. We apply the previously made loop and wrap it up. Wrap an elastic band on the glued part of the brush and let the glue grab. When the blank is dry, insert the key into the ring and use it - the leather keychain is ready!

The next option would be a keychain made of rope with your own hands. We will not tinker with anything tricky. Let's make a regular pigtail or spikelet. Prepare ropes of the desired color and thin wire. Weave a pigtail from the ropeat. Tie both ends and wrap with wire so that no joints are visible. You will get a kind of bracelet. The joint can be closed with leather or other items. Pass the ring into the workpiece and attach the key.

DIY felt keychains

Felt is a material with an extensive palette, so you can make different pendants with it. Let's take the same watermelon wedge that we made from beads. Prepare felt in 3 colors: white, green and red. Floss threads of the same shades + black. Cut out a red semicircle, followed by a white one, 5 mm higher.

How to make a keychain?

Now green is above the rest. Sew watermelon seeds onto red felt with black threads and sew to the white part. Next, to the green slice. We make two such blanks and sew together.

We sew the upper line with knots, the lower one - lowercase. We attach a juicy slice to the carabiner - a DIY keychain is ready to use!

The next housekeeper is an orange. Cut 4 circles out of felt: 2 orange and 2 white. We make orange blanks 1 cm wider. To make slices, we need to cut out triangles. To do this, make another orange circle 1 cm smaller than the white one and divide it into triangles. Sew the triangles to the white circle with floss. We sew this blank to the crust - the orange circle. So, we make 2 sides and sew together. We pierce the hole with a gypsy needle and pass the key ring.

Felt keychains can be made independently for a child. The sweet fruity composition is a great accessory for keys, phone or briefcase.

Patterns of different types are available in abundance on the net. Try it, you will definitely succeed!

DIY Crafts: How To Make A Keychain

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