How To Make Cappuccino At Home

How to make a cappuccino at home?

Cappuccino is a drink that is loved by almost everyone, regardless of nationality, gender and age. Why does he so seduce us? What's his secret? And can you make coffee with milk foam at home?

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A bit of history

Cappuccino coffee came to us from sunny Italy. It was discovered by the Capuchin monks (hence the name), who live in one of the monasteries in the northern part of the suburbs of Rome.

How to make a cappuccino at home?

While drinking a cup of coffee with goat's milk, one of the monks noticed the foaming foam. Having tasted the airy delicacy, he got a real pleasure.

After all, the harsh life of the monastery in ascetic conditions rarely brought the monks moments of bliss. At first, God's servants tried to make persistent milk froth by whipping it by hand. But no matter how fast you whip the milk by hand, the froth will settle.

Then the monks came up with another way to get fragrant foam.

To do this, they used cream, whipping them into a foam when heated. The technology of whipping milk and cream was improved by the home-grown technician Giuseppe, who lives next to the monastery. He, one might say, invented the first coffee machine. The unit consisted of two compartments.

In the first compartment, water was heated, the vapors of which penetrated into the second compartment through a special tube, where milk was whipped. Thus, under these conditions, a real cappuccino was made in the coffee machine. Nowadays, such devices are made according to the same old principle. There are dozens of types of coffee with an abundance of milk foam. They are all based on a classic recipe invented in the 16th century.

How to make a delicious cappuccino at home

How to make a cappuccino at home?

How to make a cappuccino at home?

The technical progress of the 20th and 21st centuries has made its own adjustments, and coffee makers have become much more functional, and the drink itself has acquired a new status.

Today, this is the name for a drink that consists of one third of espresso, one third of unboiled milk warmed to 75 degrees, the top of which was turned into a thick foam that filled the remaining third of the cup volume.

Despite the categorical opinion of coffee lovers about the impossibility of making a drink at home, there is still such a possibility. How to make a cappuccino for yourself or your guests at home without a coffee maker?

The following ingredients will be used:

  • water 100 ml;
  • ground coffee beans;
  • milk 100 ml;
  • cinnamon powder 1 teaspoonand a bit of vanilla for a vanilla flavor.
How to make a cappuccino at home?

Everything you need is ready, let's look at how to make a cappuccino. First, you need to fill the Turk with water and pour ground coffee into it. This coffee has an incomparable smell and invigorating properties, so it is better to use it. To obtain fluffy milk froth, fresh milk must be heated to 70-75 degrees.

Only in such conditions will the foam be durable.

Then, using a French press with an unwinding hand piston, you need to achieve that the milk gives a rich foam, that is, beat it.

Fill one third of the cup with hot fresh coffee, and gently put milk froth on top of the hot liquid. Sprinkle with cinnamon on top.

Whipped milk will get a special flavor due to cinnamon. In addition, milk poured on top of a coffee drink will keep it cool for a long time. The drink can be prepared with chocolate, nutmeg, ginger, honey. How to make a classic vanilla cappuccino at home? It's very simple - add a little vanilla to the drink obtained by the above method.

The drink is very easy to prepare in the coffee maker . It is important to know that in no case should milk or cream dominate over a fragrant strong drink. For cappuccino, 1 cup of cream or the same amount of unboiled milk (3.5% fat) is perfect if you are planning to cook it for several people at once.

How to make a cappuccino at home?

The laborious process of whipping milk at home is best done not in a coffee machine, but in a pitcher - a steel vessel. The frothed milk should sit for 30 seconds - here's how to make cappuccino froth. He will probably work at home if you pour milk froth into the coffee, shaking the pitcher. You can also decorate the cappuccino surface with cocoa powder.

How to make a cappuccino for your family in a coffee machine without leaving home?

Ristretto , Lungo - These cappuccino brands are always prepared using this attribute. Its functions will help grind coffee beans, after which you need to brew them. Then the milk is whipped in a pitcher for 25 seconds while the cappuccinatore is heated. The ready-made foam is laid out in cups of hot coffee.

How easy is it to make a cappuccino in a coffee maker?

Coffee makers and espresso machines are closely related to . The only difference is that the entire coffee ceremony is subject to the coffee machine: from grinding the beans to making milk froth. The functions of the coffee maker are limited to brewing and, in some models, frothing.

For special occasions, images can be made on the foam.

Drawings on milk foam

How to make a cappuccino at home?

How to make coffee designs on cappuccino?

The art of drawing on milk coffee penku, in fact, not an easy task.

On your own you can learn to draw only the simplest elements, for example, a heart.

To do this, use a technique called pitching: the drawing is applied with a stream of milk in a special vessel with a spout - a pitcher.

Latte art is well understood by baristas, who are experts in making coffee. Real designs on the surface of the milk foam are highly prized.

There are a few tricks you can try to get images on the surface of a cappuccino: for coffee, you should use unboiled fat milk. Whipping the milk into a frothy foam makes the bubble structure soft and flexible.

And even though you are unlikely to be able to repeat the masterpieces of real masters, isn't the smile of a loved one caused by a cute heart on the surface of a coffee drink worth any effort?

How To Make the Perfect Cappuccino

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