DIY - Bread basket of newspaper tubes!!

How to make a basket of newspaper tubes yourself?

Today, people have come up with many hobbies. One of the most affordable is weaving from newspaper tubes. Anyone, if desired, can learn with their own hands, make such crafts using paper, cardboard and even fir cones.

In addition to baskets for sweets, vases and other small items, using available materials, you can make a basket for clothes and decorative chests.

This hobby is suitable for both adults and children, since it does not require special knowledge and skills. Let's consider how to make baskets from newspaper tubes with your own hands.

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Weaving using straws made from newspapers

Living in the city, it is difficult to find a vine for weaving, but lovers of this hobby have come up with a replacement for it, in the form of such accessible materials as newspaper tubes.

The process of weaving from scrap materials includes the following steps:

  1. preparation of the material with which the future object will be made;
  2. choosing the method of weaving the vine;
  3. the most important step is to be patient and take some free time to create this craft.

A paper basket for children can be made with your own hands together, this should arouse interest in handmade.

Material preparation

How to make a basket of newspaper tubes yourself?

Finding consumables is easy. Every home contains unnecessary newspapers or magazines, remains of cardboard, scotch tape, sharp scissors.

The only thing to spend money on is to buy glue and paint.

It is better to buy several types of glue: PVA and any quick-drying glue, for example, a glue gun. The paint or varnish must be purchased water-based. The paper vine is made in two ways, in the form of a tube and in the form of a ribbon.

For manufacturing, it is necessary to cut a strip using newspapers or magazines, 10 cm wide and at least 30 cm long. Its length depends on the size of the object, the larger and higher it is, the larger the required strips should be. The paper is wound at an angle on a thick wire 3-4 mm thick or on a knitting needle. Glue is applied to the edge, wrapped and secured with a clothespin until it dries completely.

To make ribbons, use paper or newspaper of the same size as for the tubes. Instead of twisting them upThey are repeated many times until a tape 1-3 cm wide is obtained. Now we will consider how to make a paper basket with your own hands.

Basket weaving method

The craft begins with assembling the bottom. It is made of cardboard or paper ribbons are interlaced crosswise, instructions on how to make are given above. To weave the walls of the future object, the ends of the tubes are fixed with a stapler to the bottom, and the other edges are directed vertically upward. The remaining elements are horizontally woven into the resulting workpiece. When the braiding reaches the required height, the excess ends are cut off.

If the little thing has handles, then the remnants of the vertical tubes located on the opposite walls of the object are not cut off, but woven together in the form of an arc. DIY cardboard baskets will be much stronger and will give you the opportunity to use them not only for decoration.

Painting the item

After the craft is woven, it is necessary to apply a primer to it. It will add rigidity and strength to the weaving. If the thing will be used as a decoration, then it is enough to apply a primer in one layer, but if not, then you will need to make several layers. For this, it is best to use water with the addition of PVA glue. Apply it with a regular brush to the entire surface. After complete drying, you can proceed to painting and decorating. The final stage of creating the basket tubes is painting.

How to make a basket of newspaper tubes yourself?

Depending on how it should look, use different types of paints and varnishes, it is better if they are water-based. First of all, the coating is applied to the inside of the object in several layers.

After drying, you can move on to the outer part, which is also painted several times. Many people apply varnish on top of the paint, it will give extra shine and protection from moisture. To make the basket of newspaper tubes look like a real one, instead of paint it is covered with stain.


Depending on how and where the tubular basket will be used, there are many ways to decorate and decorate. Everything directly depends on the flight of the author's imagination. If the craft is intended for bread, then it is better to start from the inside, decorating it with a cloth.

If used as a flower vase, then it is decorated with various bows and ribbons. Do not put fresh flowers under any circumstances, as they dry quickly and can damage the product, use artificial or dried decor.

For fresh flowers, before preparing a glass jar of the same size as the future vase. Cut out of cardboard or braid the bottom 1 cm larger than the diameter of the can. Start braiding around the vessel so that it fits snugly against the sides.

Such a basket will be heavy, but thanks to the glass jar, which will be located inside, it can be used as a full-fledged vase, namely, pour water and put fresh flowers. To reduce weight, glass can be changedb on a cut plastic bottle.

Pine cone crafts

A beautiful little thing can be made not only by the previously proposed method, but also with the help of ordinary cones.

How to make a basket of newspaper tubes yourself?

This material at hand is also environmentally friendly and affordable, you don't need to buy it. The main difference is that the manufacturing process is simple, as it does not require material preparation. It is worth going to the park or forest where the Christmas trees grow and collect the cones that have fallen from the trees. These baskets are often used to decorate homes and offices. To assemble them, you need to take: cones (their number depends on the size of the product, at least 50 pieces), quick-drying glue (thermal gun, epoxy resin, etc.), wire. Plus, this hobby will also keep kids busy.

To make such a basket with your own hands, you need:

How to make a basket of newspaper tubes yourself?
  1. prepare the bottom. Usually plywood or thick cardboard is used;
  2. production of blanks. The cones are tied in a ring with a dark-colored wire, tying each in a ring to each other. The quantity should be equal to the height of the basket. The diameter of the first ring should be the same as the size of the bottom of the future product. Subsequent levels increase in diameter. A do-it-yourself basket from scrap materials is ready, it remains only to make some additional parts;
  3. handle making. A thick, stiff wire is taken as a basis. Cones are tied to it perpendicular to the base, changing the direction of the scales by 180 degrees;
  4. the final stage is the connection of all parts. The smallest in diameter wall blank is attached to the bottom with a wire. Each next part is taken with a large diameter. The handle must be fixed with both wire and glue, because it will bear the greatest load;
  5. decoration. Natural material is best suited for this purpose. These can be dried flowers, rowan fruits, chestnuts, etc. The basket can also be varnished and decorated with colored ribbons. There are a huge number of ways to decorate and how it will be decorated depends only on your personal imagination.

A DIY cone basket can be used as decor for many rooms. It is important to remember that bumps in a warm room can open and thereby spoil the product. To prevent this, glue is applied to the surface of the buds to fix the scales and give them a shine.

We hope that our article has awakened interest in hand-made and now you can decorate your home with original products or give an unusual present to a friend for a holiday.


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