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How to lose weight with the Kremlin diet

The Kremlin diet is popular for its unusual approach to product selection. According to its composition, it is meat and vegetable with a high fat content, and fried and smoked dishes, all kinds of snacks and spices are allowed. This means that you won't have to starve and deny yourself delicious food.

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The chemical basis of the Kremlin diet

The secret to losing weight is how our bodies metabolize food. The Kremlin Diet is a diet low in carbohydrates and a normal intake of animal and vegetable proteins and fats.

How to lose weight with the Kremlin diet

Carbohydrates not only play the role of a source of energy - kilocalories, but also actively help the body absorb fats and proteins.

This feature has been used by nutritionists when developing a special diet. If you reduce the intake of carbohydrate food, then the fats will not be broken down during digestion, but simply excreted with waste.

The body begins to experience a lack of fat and replenishes them from reserves - fatty deposits on the waist, hips and other places. The result of the Kremlin diet is a reduction in body volume after a month of use, with a weight loss of 2.5-3 kg per week.

Each product or ready-made dish is assigned a certain number of points (based on the carbohydrate content in it). Meat dishes and some vegetables can score 0 points, while sweets, bread, pasta and some vegetables give 6-16 points. For accurate calculation of points, a special table of the Kremlin diet is used daily.

The daily diet should be limited to 40 points, scored for the use of various foods, drinks, sweets. This level is suitable for the main goal of losing weight. However, it is impossible to completely abandon dangerous foods: a carbohydrate-free diet is bad for well-being and reduces thinking ability. Thus, 40 points is a prerequisite for a healthy metabolism.

features of the Kremlin diet

On the one hand, for quick weight loss, you can simply refuse foods with a high hypoglycemic index, which have the most points in this diet. But on the other hand, abrupt changes in nutrition can lead to a malfunction in the intestines, exacerbationgastritis, overstrain of organs such as the liver and pancreas, and the total elimination of carbohydrates can cause weakness, muscle pain and even fainting.

Therefore, you should not treat carbohydrate foods as enemies that need to be exterminated. Reasonable limitation and careful control of what you eat will give tangible results without aggressive effects on the body.

When switching to the Kremlin diet, the following rules must be observed:

  1. do not increase your usual portion of meat and fish dishes;
  2. eat no more than 10 chicken eggs per week in any form;
  3. replace sweet berries and fruits with sour ones;
  4. give up granulated sugar, if necessary, add ½ teaspoon to a cup of coffee or tea once a day (and take this into account when calculating points);
  5. drink the appropriate amount of liquid (drinks, liquid soups, pure water) at the rate of 15-20 ml per 1 kg of body weight per day;
  6. monitor the amount of salt in the diet: given its high content in some ready-made products - sausage, canned food, pate - you should combine them with unsalted garnish (if you wish, add salt to the dish with ground rosemary or seaweed powder);
  7. give up sugary soda, beer, milkshakes, liqueurs and sweet wines;
  8. put carbohydrates (vegetables, fruits, bread) to be consumed separately from the rest of the food;
  9. choose low-fat sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt from dairy products;
  10. exclude dried fruits from the diet: raisins, dried apricots, prunes, figs, etc.

Kremlin diet: menu for the week

One of the main advantages of the diet is the wide range of options for selecting the menu in accordance with everyone's taste preferences. The traditional abundance of meat dishes in our cuisine makes this diet almost the only one imaginable for most gourmets. And yet, despite the ease of the task, it is worth planning the daily diet so that the pursuit of a slim figure does not turn into meat poisoning.

The Kremlin diet allows for as many meals as there is a desire to eat. Optimal would be a menu consisting of an early snack with cheese or dairy products, breakfast at about 11 o'clock with a meat dish, lunch at 15 o'clock, dinner around 6 pm and a light snack without meat no later than 9 pm.

How to lose weight with the Kremlin diet

For individual menu planning, tables are used in which points are assigned for each product, as well as a convenient table with popular ready meals.

Detailed lists are easy to find online or in dietary books. However, you can easily get by with the basic points - a list of products that most people use on a daily basis.

Effective for weight loss menu can be made if you do not initially plan a total replacement of some products with others, but add in madnesscarbohydrate diet only one additional meat portion. This will help cope with hunger and will not burden the intestines with excessive protein foods.

When planning the menu for a week, you can enter days when only one type of sweets is allowed. For example, Monday is sweet tea, Tuesday is cake, Wednesday is some sweet fruit (except bananas), Thursday is sweet tea, Friday is a slice of cake, etc. This method will help sweet tooth avoid stress and keep carbohydrates under control throughout the day. For those who are forgetful, it is important to write down what they eat in a notebook so as not to miss a lot of carbohydrates in the day.

It may be worth giving up bread altogether during the diet: this will allow you to use half a portion of the dish with some kind of dough - dumplings, pancakes, meat or fish in batter, broth with a little noodles.

If you can't eat without bread, then you will have to forget about the rest of the favors. Just 1-2 slices of bread will absorb your daily carbohydrate intake.

Kremlin diet table

How to lose weight with the Kremlin diet

Contraindications for the Kremlin diet

Don't underestimate the severity of an abrupt change in diet. For some people, this can be real stress, with subsequent digestive upset or metabolic failure. Before starting a diet, you should consult with your doctor.

The Kremlin diet is not suitable for the following diseases:

  1. all forms of diabetes;
  2. acute and chronic kidney disease;
  3. autoimmune diseases;
  4. gout;
  5. joint diseases (arthritis, arthrosis);
  6. acute gastritis or gastroduodenitis;
  7. inflammation of the pancreas;
  8. pathology of the liver and gallbladder;
  9. all forms of heart defects;
  10. hypertension, ischemia, angina pectoris.

Also, the diet is categorically unsuitable for pregnant and lactating mothers, children and adolescents under 16 years of age, as well as all patients in the postoperative period.

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