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How to lose weight in calves: a set of effective physical exercises

Each person has a different figure, some are completely satisfied with it, while others constantly strive to change it, to correct something, especially the female. Most women are still unhappy with their figure, in particular, the size of the hips, waist, many are not satisfied with the calf size. Ladies are trying to lose weight in the hope that the volumes will be smaller.

How to lose weight in calves: a set of effective physical exercises

However, in the process of reducing the weight of the whole body, it leaves unevenly, extra pounds still remain in some problem areas that are difficult to change. For those who are overweight, this problem is especially relevant.

Many people often wonder how to lose weight in calves, how to reduce the size of the hips and waist, and remove excess fat around the knees. These problem areas are difficult for general workouts in the gym, which are often ineffective.

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How fight full calves and knees

The buttocks should not be considered the biggest problem, it is much more difficult to remove the fat legs and the fat roll located above the knees. How to make your calves lose weight? To achieve the desired effect, you need to know what methods and complexes of physical exercises should be used in order to reduce the volume of a certain area.

To get rid of fat above the knees and make your leg smaller in the lower part of it, you will have to work hard. If you follow some simple rules, then a positive result will not keep you waiting long.

How to lose weight in knees and calves, dietitian advice

How to lose weight in calves: a set of effective physical exercises

The answer to the question of how to quickly lose weight in knees and calves is that first of all you need to change your diet. An integrated approach can solve this problem. Zone physical training gives muscle tissue firmness, elasticity, but to make it smaller on the legs, training must be combined with a certain diet.

The fullness of the gastrocnemius muscle can be caused by the large amount of fluid that has accumulated inside the tissues. In this case, put aside smoked, salty foods, pickles, canned food.

To replenish the level of fatty acids in the body, you need to eat 35 g of nuts ora few tablespoons of regular vegetable oil per day.

It is necessary to limit the calorie content of the diet, this is a prerequisite for a weight loss program, to ensure that the fat layer in the problem area becomes smaller. It is important that the diet is balanced and healthy. You should not gorge yourself, it is better to consume food in small portions, but fractional, i.e. more often, 5-6 times a day. Significantly reduce the amount of sweets and carbohydrates consumed, consume more protein. In addition, it is worth being tested for hormones, perhaps the fullness in the lower torso is caused by a hormonal imbalance.

Tips to help reduce volume in the lower leg

Many are wondering what should be done to lose weight on calves?

If you want to achieve a good result, you must adhere to the following rules:

  • the use of simulators is prohibited, because the calf muscles of the legs will become even larger in volume and will grow faster;
  • it is not worth adhering to a strict diet, it is better to correct, balance the diet, then it will accelerate the process of weight loss;
  • the main emphasis should be on stretching them using techniques such as yoga, Pilates, stretching;
  • aerobic exercise allows to reduce calves , light and quick exercises are performed, for example, step aerobics .

Slimming activities you can do at home

How can you effectively lose weight in the calves at home, you ask. The answer is simple, it is necessary to give physical activity to the lower limbs every day.

Fat in the knees does not paint legs at all, especially for women. To remove it from this area, it is necessary to reduce the amount of fat everywhere. It is difficult to locally remove the fat roll above the knees; liposuction is required here.

You can pump any muscle, but the fat layer will prevent you from enjoying beautiful knees and legs. The area of ​​the knee joints is surrounded by the muscle tissues of the thigh and lower leg, and we must start with them.

Knee Exercise

  • Stand on tiptoes, start walking in place, then accelerate to run in place, while raising the knee joints high. Then, repeat the process, resting on the entire foot;
  • Stand in a straight position, pull one leg to the stomach with your hands, then lower it. Do the same with the other, and so alternately changing legs 10 times;
  • Put your legs shoulder-width apart, rise on toes, then lower on your heels, then sit down and straighten your lower limbs. Repeat 15 times;
  • Bend on your knees, while the buttocks should not sit on the heels, in this position, tilt the body back until the tension of the anterior femoral muscle appears. Repeat 20 times;
  • Lie on the floor, raise the limbs so that they leaveThey were parallel to the floor. Begin to alternately straighten the legs up. Do this 50 times for each limb;
  • Rubbing the fat roll over the knees in the shower with a massage brush or a stiff glove. After the massage, rub in a special cream that helps to reduce body volume.

Calf Exercise

To make the calf muscles smaller, they should not be pumped up, but stretched. Stretching exercises give them flexibility, elasticity, firmness. Pilates, yoga, and step aerobics are great ways to slim down your legs and reduce the bulk of your lower legs.

The following exercises can be done at home:

  • Jump rope for 10-15 minutes;
  • The plie pose, which is performed in ballet, stretches the muscle tissue. In a standing position, place your socks to the sides and do squats: 20 leaning on the foot, 20 leaning on the toes;
  • From a standing position, lunge forward, with both feet in contact with the floor. Bend the leg that is in front, at the knee, the leg that is slightly behind should feel the tension below in the problem area.

Thus, by doing simple and uncomplicated physical activities, you can achieve a noticeable reduction in the size of the calf muscles on the legs, as well as reduce the overall body weight well. In this case, it is imperative to eat correctly and in a balanced way, drink plenty of water to remove toxins.

Problematic zones are a symptom of a conniving attitude towards oneself, one's health and body. You need to love, take care of yourself, take care of yourself and your body.

Do not be lazy to do light physical activity every day, so you will take confident steps towards health and a beautiful figure.

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