How to Be Happy & Enjoy Life

How to live happily and enjoy life

Everyone loves to enjoy life and is looking for happiness. People have times when positive emotions make them feel really happy, and they expect that this is how their whole life should be. How to live happily, truly enjoying life?

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What is happiness?

How to live happily and enjoy life

Meanwhile, happiness is a more complex concept, it is not only positive emotions, but also passion, concentration of attention on the present moment, the realization of your dreams or goals.

Each of these areas should be taken care of in the same way, and not only strive to get something new, which will give us an additional dose of emotions.

To live happily and correctly, you need to learn to appreciate life and today.

This way, you can create a lasting feeling of happiness that:

  • appears upon waking up because you have interesting activities planned for today;
  • appears before bed because today was a beautiful day;
  • built on today's experience, even if the day is boring, you can be happy because of the good things that happened, from the feeling of self-satisfaction.

How to live to be happy

Happiness is often associated with us only with serious events in our life, such as:

  • school progress;
  • first kiss;
  • success in sports or career;
  • winning a lottery or major promotion;
  • a dream come true;
  • wedding;
  • the birth of a child;
  • successful vacation, etc.

When we limit our joys to these events, it turns out that there are not too many of them. We need to take it wider!

Here are some reasons to be happy and happier.

How to live happily and enjoy life
  1. The most important and best reason to enjoy life is life itself.
  2. Smile! Smile more often at people - controllers in public transport, a shop assistant, a client in an office. Our thoughts owe a lot to our mood, more smiles and more positive thoughts!
  3. Be among positive people. Happy and unhappy people tend to stick together and their attitude towards life is contagious ;
  4. How to start living happily? Waste less time on nothing - watching TV shows and TV, it's better to do whatsomething! You can go for a walk, cook a delicious dinner, read a book, dress nicely, take care of yourself, find an exciting hobby;
  5. Be active. Sports and activity increase the release of endorphins - hormones of happiness, so make a plan and act, but do not forget about relaxation moments, for example, take a scented bath, or go to bed early;
  6. Sometimes unexpected things happen, so take care of the B plan. If you have planned a walk to the park with your children or a loved one, but it started raining, do not despair that the weather upset your plans, other opportunities are open for you: you can go to the movies, or even run through the puddles in the rain;
  7. Time management. If you have too much of it and start to get bored, this is a sign that you need to better plan your day. If you have a lack of time and it makes you nervous - make a list of priorities and stick to it, you do not need to try to do everything at once, prioritize correctly;
  8. To live happily and enjoy life, be grateful. Make a weekly list of 5 things that have happened to you that you can be grateful for. Going to bed before going to bed, you need to pay attention to what happened to you today, and how you can repeat it in the future;
  9. All people are different and what makes you happy may seem boring to others and vice versa. So if you have the opportunity to do something new, do it. Explore the world;
  10. Learn to relax. Stress can overwhelm the mind and body, so use relaxation techniques according to your needs. It can be outdoor recreation, beautiful music, watching a funny comedy - something that will make you distract and relax;
  11. Enjoy the little things. Most people rush through life every day and don't have time to stop and enjoy the moment. Rainbow after rain, falling autumn leaves, starry sky - the world around you is beautiful, you just have to look around and start to see the beautiful;
  12. A delicious dinner is a reason for joy. Just think that there were and are people on earth who cannot enjoy food for health reasons or as a result of poverty. Make a cup of your favorite coffee, buy fruit or any other product that you love and feel happy. Sit down andenjoy delicious food. Appreciate the simple things that surround you.

How to be happy in marriage

How to create a good marriage and enjoy a relationship with a man? There are many tips, articles and books on the art of love and cultivating relationships between a man and a woman, but no one has yet discovered the golden recipe for a successful marriage. People are different and the advice for each pair is different. A good marriage should please both spouses, they should feel love and support from each other. From time to time, the couple must rekindle their love and rekindle the coals of desire, dispel routine and boredom.

The ability to communicate is an important quality of relationships. Sincere conversations will help spouses resolve many issues and misunderstandings. Other people cannot guess your desires, they must be expressed in verbal form. Do not be zealous with hints and complex analogies, they may be incomprehensible.

An insincere relationship is the source of many disappointments in marriage. Even in the most successful marriages, misunderstandings arise. A quarrel means that something is not suitable for partners, and they still want to work on the relationship, improve it. Try to avoid obscene expressions, swearing and unpleasant epithets - they will deepen the crisis.

How to live happily and enjoy life

Don't shout. Strive for negotiations, you have to argue with arguments. A conversation is a dialogue, not two monologues. You should be able to hear, not just listen. The spouses must be able to compromise. You should not hold a grudge and reproach your partner at every opportunity. Whining and constantly showing dissatisfaction with life is not conducive to happiness in relationships. Constant accusations and reproaches destabilize relationships.

Love each other with advantages and disadvantages. As part of their excessive demands, people often fail to recognize that others can be wrong too. You need to live easier.

Perfectionists have a strong destructive effect on a partner.

A successful marriage is love, respect, dedication, mutual concern and trust. Although it sounds trite, without the ability to truly love, there is little chance of satisfaction in a relationship. Undeniably, physical intimacy is very important in a marriage. We must still strive to be attractive to partners, to diversify sex, to fight the routine in the bedroom. Get some sexy lingerie, prepare a warm bath, plan a weekend trip for two, prepare a romantic candlelit dinner.

Successful relationships are built on the ability to share your feelings. Emotional closeness is very important. Appreciate mutual efforts, do not feel sorry for yourself, be gentle.

How to live happy without a man

When you parted with your loved one, the world around you must be rebuilt, reorganized life and leisure, find something to do, calm down and tune in to a happy future.

How to tidy upyour inner world?

  1. Forgive yourself. You probably made a mistake, this is your life experience. This is a natural process of development. Feelings of guilt are a huge and unnecessary burden that precludes happiness;
  2. Feel that you are a self-sufficient person. To get to this point, you need to be aware of your fears and make sure they have no power over you;
  3. Analyze what direction is currently shaping your life. Prioritize how you want to develop, what you want to achieve;
  4. Now you have time for yourself. Only in silence will you find your inner treasures, will you hear your true voice. Don't be afraid of silence;
  5. Loneliness also promotes development, as it allows you to invest in your own opportunities without having to reckon with the opinion of a man. You can attend all creative events, not without reason, many artists, scientists, philosophers do not have a family;
  6. You can fully focus on yourself and your pleasures, take care of your personality. So many people dream of finding time just for themselves, and you have it;
  7. Do not be isolated, communicate more. You are now truly more likely to meet new people. Attend collective events - cinema, theater, festivals, concerts;
  8. You can also have a pet such as a dog. You will not feel alone, daily walks will cheer you up, help you meet new people.

In the end, it is worth remembering that life is a continuous sinusoid - up and down. And no one knows what the next round will be. Life is impossible without anxiety and sorrow, but it is also impossible without happiness and joy. If everything was just fine, people would not appreciate the wonderful moments. Life provides people with trials, but even the worst moments are just a moment and they will end, joy comes after them.

You just have to enjoy life and be happier. When you have a bad day, don't get discouraged and say that life is bad. If you dropped ice cream or tasty candy on the floor as a child, it seemed like a misfortune to you.

It was very difficult for you to contain your anger or tears, but now you understand that this is all nonsense. So it is in adulthood.

12 Rules to Live a Happy Life

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