How to knit a headband with a twist | Knitting tutorial

How to knit a woman's headband

Those of us who lead an active lifestyle have probably already noticed and appreciated the convenience of such a headdress as a headband. When the weather is unstable, it's cold to walk without a hat, and it's hot in a hat, this thing is simply irreplaceable.

How to knit a woman's headband

And in cold weather, in combination with a hood or a warm large scarf, it is very convenient to wear it when you often have to move from street to room and back: on the street it additionally protects your ears from frost and wind, and it is not hot inside it.

She also helps out when children categorically do not want to wear a hat. They are usually much more tolerant of knitted stripes.

But, in addition to convenience, dressings can also perform a noticeable aesthetic function. With the skillful use of various decorations and the use of original patterns, such a piece will effectively emphasize the overall style of the outfit, add additional color touches, and add emotional notes. It also keeps hair styling and does not crush hair like a hat.

You should especially pay attention to the decorative role of a summer headband for a girl. Such accessories look very cute, harmoniously complement outfits and at the same time can play the role of a hoop, holding the hair so that it does not fall over the eyes. They are also suitable for romantic women.

Making such a simple thing is a suitable training for knitting skills for beginner needlewomen, which does not require extra effort and large investments: it knits quickly and easily, requires very little thread, and the result is a very practical and useful thing. And experienced craftswomen can create simply delightful masterpieces using complex intricate patterns, original braids, additional knitted decorative elements and all kinds of beads.

If you decide to create such a thing with your own hands, decide on a knitting method. It can be done with knitting needles or crocheted. In the first case, more elastic products are obtained, and in the second - more embossed, not so stretching, although it all depends on the chosen pattern. But it can be clearly noted that for knitters this will be the best first experience.

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Making a knitted headband

You need to choose from several weaving methods. After all, this thing can be knitted in a continuous way with circular knitting needles. You can knit a strip along the length of the circumference of the head and then sew its edges or make fasteners on them. And you can weave with five knitting needles, like a stocking, a cylinder as high as the circumference of the head and, like the previous case, connect it vebottom and bottom edges. This will create a warm double knit headband.

For those who want to create something more complex, pay attention to the technique of fantastically beautiful and unusual rotary knitting. Use its descriptions for knitted headbands based on your color preference and skill level.

Some call this technique freestyle, to some it looks more like entertaining mathematics, but one way or another, the result is things that resemble paintings by avant-garde artists. Extravagant natures will find in them full satisfaction and opportunities to embody the wildest fantasies. Especially if you knit a whole set of clothes using this technique: a sweater, a skirt, a shawl, gloves or mitts, a scarf. By wearing it, you simply cannot remain invisible.

How to knit a woman's headband

Interestingly, the rotary knitting is based on the usual garter knitting, which is mastered at the very beginning of learning needlework skills.

The most difficult thing here is the knitting pattern for the turning rows. But, having mastered these wisdom, you will not regret the effort spent and will enjoy the richest possibilities of such a knitted painting .

The thing will look luxurious, and you will feel very comfortable if you use embossed braids and harnesses knitting patterns for a headband for women.

Stripes made with ornaments with a 3D effect will surprise your loved ones. And patterns with elongated loops make the knitted thing look like a fur one - it also looks very cozy and cheerful.

For lovers of crocheting, options for summer headbands that can be created using the technique of Irish lace will be no less interesting. It allows you to create patterns of unique beauty, both monochromatic and multi-colored.

Also ideal for use in the manufacture of knitted decorative elements - flowers, leaves, curls, etc., which can then be used to decorate the same headband or any other wardrobe item. Schemes describing the manufacture of Irish lace are readily available and in large quantities on the Internet.

An interesting idea is to apply knitting patterns with knitting needles for women for a headband for women: knobs, pimples and bumps. Such things look very elegant and extravagant. In addition, multicolored striped headwear is not devoid of charm.

So knitting headband sounds rather prosaic, but in fact, using imagination and very little needlework skills, this is a whole world of fascinating ideas.

Decorating Methods

When your headband is knitted with an unpretentious simple knit, and you want it to look brighter, there are several ways to add a twist:

  1. to connect the already mentioned decorative elements - flowers, stars, leaves, animal figurines, etc.and sew them onto the finished strip;
  2. embroider an area at the temple or the entire surface of the headdress with beads or larger beads, rhinestones and other elements;
  3. if you know how to embroider, then embroidery on a knitted item looks very appropriate;
  4. you can knit a headband for a girl with ethnic patterns and decorate her with hanging colorful pompoms - the same colors that were used in the ornament.

To more clearly imagine the process of creating a headband, look on the Internet for master classes (and there are many of them) with explanatory photos and videos on both the technique of knitting headbands, various patterns, and all kinds of ways to decorate hats.

To make knitwear last longer

Often a knitted hat or headband will stretch, lose its elasticity, and just become unattractive after the first wash.

To prevent this from happening, take note of a few rules for the care of knitted things:

  1. wash them in cool water, up to about 30 ° C;
  2. use a special powder for wool (or for the material of which the yarn of your garment is made).
How to knit a woman's headband

Knitting is a great way to enrich your wardrobe with items that are unique in beauty and originality. Even things as simple as headbands can become your signature business card .

Or they can just be a convenient compact thing that is easy to have with you just in case - on the road, in changeable weather, during sports and dance training and outdoor activities (it perfectly holds the hair and absorbs beads of sweat flowing down the forehead).

This headpiece goes well with many styles of clothing.

Well, if you create a single set that includes a scarf or shawl, trumpet hat, mitts or gloves along with a headband, then you will provide beautiful and warm clothes for any weather for a long time .

How to Knit HEADBAND WITH TWIST / Beginner

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