9 Fun Games To Keep Your Kids Busy

How to keep your child busy at home: entertaining games for children

Children's favorite activity is playing. Taking a walk in the open air, parents must visit the playground. This is mainly due to the fact that there the child can easily get to know his peers, and will not demand close attention from the parents. While the child is busy with the game, the parent can safely enjoy the role of a passive observer of the process.

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Laziness as the root of evil

How to keep your child busy at home: entertaining games for children

In this regard, most moms and dads simply forgot how to play with their children. Maybe that's why when, for some reason, it is impossible to take a child out into the street, such a simple question as how to entertain children at home takes many by surprise.

Parents spoiled by playgrounds have found a great way for themselves not to burden themselves with a child at home - these are cartoons.

At the other extreme, he is allowed to play on the computer in unlimited quantities. It is upsetting that many do not see anything wrong with this, they need to do household chores. Few people think that with such selfish behavior they harm their baby. Not only the baby's eyesight suffers, but also his intellectual development.

If this is so and you want to radically change the situation, you can start now.

How to fix the situation?

First, take a closer look at your child and determine the circle of his interests. Already proceeding from this, you can show imagination and come up with games that are fun for him.

How to keep your child busy at home: entertaining games for children

All children love to be naughty and indulge - this is good, and if parents also join such fun, there will be no limit to the child's delight! It is good when mom and dad are able to harmoniously combine such two activities as educational games and entertaining games.

But you need to remember that the peculiarity of each play activity depends primarily on the age of the child.

Games for children 1 to 3 years old

What should be the games for toddlers of younger preschool age? First of all, they should be for informational purposes, the baby is still small and is just beginning to learn the world with all its sounds, colors, shapes.

Options can be as follows:

How to keep your child busy at home: entertaining games for children
  • children love to trace their body parts, palm or stack on paper. Join this kind of fun and let the child aboutand your hand. This will make it easier for the child to master the concept of big small;
  • drawing with paints, and even when the role of brushes is performed by their own fingers, has not left anyone indifferent;
  • take a bag and hide several objects of different shapes and sizes in it. Invite the little one to blindly guess what lies there;
  • play builders and compete, which tower will turn out taller and more reliable;
  • put several toys in a row, let the kid remember them. After he turns away, remove the object and ask the baby what is missing;
  • playing with water and loose objects such as sand, rice, buckwheat, peas will not only delight the baby, but will also contribute to the development of fine motor skills of the fingers. When playing this way with a child, in no case should you leave him, the game should take place only under your careful control.

You can show your imagination and come up with your own rules for each game. Remember that at this age, the main task of parents is continuous conversation with the child.

It doesn't matter if you are playing a game or just walking down the street. The more you talk to your baby, the more varied his vocabulary will be!

How to entertain children from 3 to 6 years old

This age is the most favorable period for continuing to develop memory and logical thinking in a child.

The following games are suitable for this:

How to keep your child busy at home: entertaining games for children
  • ask your child to bring one book, a doll and a geometric object from the nursery. Having previously described them to him as accurately as possible. Example: a book we read last night before bed, a doll in a long red dress, a small yellow ball. Do not be discouraged if the baby cannot remember everything the first time and will come to you several times to clarify the task again. It is important to remember for yourself what exactly you have in mind;
  • edible inedible: quickly list things and foods to the crumb and he should just as quickly answer whether you can eat them;
  • keep drawing, glueing and sculpting - your child's pen should get used to the upcoming school load;
  • games with geometric shapes - having come to school, the kid should already know how, for example, a circle differs from a ball;
  • magnetic letters. Practice writing words, and then you can arrange a competition to make them more from the proposed set of letters;
  • make a house made of scrap materials - pillows, rugs, blankets, etc. Cover the dining table with a bedspread - now a man-made hut is ready, where you can read books with a flashlight or tell scary stories! The kid is guaranteed to enjoy such an undertaking, and you will be able to remember the game of your childhood;
  • there are no children who did not have a pronounced craving for creativity in childhood. Another thing is that without developing this craving in a child, over time, interest in creativity can simply fade away. You should contribute to your child's creative impulses. For example, in every house there is an unnecessary box with which you can build a house for dolls, and come up with an interesting design that can be realized using colored paper and cardboard. And with the help of plasticine or clay, you can make furniture and decorative elements.

Remember that at this age, games should be two-sided. Therefore, during the game, the rules must change: first you give the task to the kid, and then he comes up with it for you.

What else can you entertain your child with?

Children's stores offer a wide selection of kits for creativity with different bias. Crafts from beads, weaving, decoupage, stained glass paints, sets for sawing and burning on wood, lacing. Visit the creative department of any children's store together and choose what your little one likes.

Children love role-playing games, for example, mothers and daughters, a store, a doctor, etc. Thanks to them, the child learns the basics of behavior in society, and if he is allowed to play the role of the main, say, a caregiver or parent, the baby will join the game with pleasure.

The number of games that can replace a TV set is simply amazing, but what kind of childhood is it without cartoons? Moreover, nowadays there is a lot of animation for children, not only entertaining, but also educational.

Starting from familiarization with letters and numbers, ending with the study of foreign languages. Moreover, audio lessons are an integral part of any educational program. To deprive a crumb of watching television is like taking away an obligatory part of childhood. The main thing is to know when to stop.

Regardless of the age of the baby, the main thing is not the fun process itself, but the fact that mom and dad take part in it. Your attention is the most important manifestation of parental love, do not deprive your fidget with it!

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