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How to get started with Facebook building

Face building is a gymnastics for the face designed to tone up muscles that are usually not involved in facial expressions or, conversely, are overstrained because of it. The effect can be seen from the first time, and after 2-3 weeks of training, freshness of the skin, radiance of the eyes and a significant improvement in the contour of the face appear.

You can do face-building at home without spending a penny on it, and the result will be rejuvenation and increased self-esteem. So don't waste a day and start exercising!

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Face building: a set of exercises for the face contour

How to get started with Facebook building

Complex for facelift along the contour includes several exercises, but you need to start so that you can tune in to charging.

To do this, the best way would be to set aside for yourself 10 minutes in the morning and the same in the evening, sit on a hard chair, align your spine and create a slight tension in your shoulders - down and back.

Posture gives the effect of toning the whole body and face in particular, which helps to concentrate on the lesson. In a minute or two, such adjustments proceed to the complex.

  • Tighten the chin and neck

Place your palms on the collarbones, respectively - right on right, left on left. Lift your chin up and slightly forward. With your palms, slightly shift the muscles in the décolleté in the opposite direction - down. Stretch your neck, giving the movement an impulsive character, but soft and smooth.

Perform pull-ups 20 times, preferably achieving after each approach the feeling that the skin of the neck and chin is warmed up and tingles a little. This is a sign that blood circulation has improved and skin receptors in this area have become toned.

  • Strengthen the chin muscles

Open your mouth slightly, push your lower jaw forward slightly and pull your lower lip inward, as if you want to examine something on the chin. Touch the pads of your index fingers to the points under the corners of the lips, press lightly, about 0.5 cm deep.

Now that you have created a good tension in the muscles of the chin and lower jaw, do 20 short movements - prikdigging the mouth, lifting the jaw about 1 cm, and open it again. The fingers should create a soft but tangible resistance, which will strengthen the muscles of the lower face and tighten the oval.

  • Three Home Lifting Points

In the arsenal of facebuilding there is an exercise for the face of amazing simplicity and effect: you just need to do a pulsating massage with the fingertips of three points on the head. The first point is in the center of the zygomatic bone, you need to press it with your little finger.

The second point is located in a soft notch near the ear, we stimulate it with the middle finger. The third is in the fossa behind the ear, we act on it with the index finger. The massage should be done symmetrically on both sides of the face, pressing at a fast pace 60-120 times per set.

It is better to start with a small number of times in order to gradually tone the muscles of the face, without giving them an overload immediately. Such gymnastics is also preparation for other exercises aimed at solving local problems.

Face-lift eyelid lift

Beautician and facial gymnast Benita Cantieni offers a way to feel and activate the right muscles that most women simply cannot control without the appropriate habit.

How to get started with Facebook building

We are talking about the temporal muscles, which are responsible for the appearance of the eyes, the tone of the eyelids and the formation of folds between the eyebrows. It takes 1 month to work on this site with a face-building for the eyes, but the difficulty is to master its correct tension.

After all, we usually frown, narrow or widen our eyes, feel the heaviness of the eyelids, but few people own the facial muscles enough to pull it up with a volitional effort. A special meditation Golden thread will help for this.

Sit up straight, stretch your spine, pull the crown of your head up. In this position, close your eyes and imagine that two golden threads extend from the corners of the eyes, which are tightly tied at the back of the head.

Try to feel the tension of these imaginary threads - the small muscles of the eyes will obey the signal of consciousness and stretch. Draw the next pair of threads mentally from the ends of the eyebrows at the bridge of the nose to the back of the head. Concentrate on the muscle effort that is generated.

About 5 minutes of this meditation literally opens your eyes, you look fresh and rested, your eyes shine, wrinkles are smoothed out.

What other problems can be fixed

The above exercises are basic, recommended for all women over 30, regardless of their skin condition. However, as you continue to research and practice face building, you can direct your efforts to places that you think require more work.rrections.

You can get rid of the following shortcomings:

  • compressed thin lips;
  • lowered corners of the lips;
  • nasolabial folds;
  • wrinkles around the lips;
  • chin wrinkles;
  • mimic wrinkles on the forehead;
  • gray skin color;
  • tired looking skin.

If you doubt the effectiveness of this method, think about how important good blood circulation is for the skin - this is how face building tones up the facial muscles.

In addition, it is widely known among massage therapists that the shape of the muscle can be easily corrected by simple pressing due to the displacement of tissues and contraction of muscle fibers.

So, regular exposure to the muscles of the face can really improve its appearance and prolong the youth and beauty of your skin. Beauty to you, youth and health!

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