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How to get rid of strabismus quickly and effectively

Strabismus is a common disease in adults. It manifests itself as a deviation of the visual axis of one of the eyes from the point of general fixation. Often strabismus in adults occurs due to a nervous disorder and partial failure of one of the optic muscles of the eye. A slanting eye is also called a lazy eye.

How to get rid of strabismus quickly and effectively

To determine whether a person has a pathology, it is not necessary to contact an ophthalmologist, just look - such a defect is visible immediately. When the patient concentrates on a certain point, it looks as if his gaze is directed in different directions.

Yes, pathology is not pleasant. People with such a deviation often become the object of ridicule, it is difficult for them to start a relationship with the opposite sex, and it is difficult for them to live with impaired vision. Therefore, you need to immediately start treatment.

And how to cure strabismus for an adult, we will consider further. Pathology is corrected by two healing methods - traditional and non-traditional.

Traditional is a surgical or therapeutic method for treating severe strabismus in adults. The therapeutic method includes wearing lenses, eyeglasses, synoptophores, and gluing a healthy eye. This method of elimination of pathology works in the early stages of the disease.

The surgical method includes the elimination of pathology with the help of an operation.

Operations are performed under local and general anesthesia. Since binocular vision is rarely restored, only a cosmetic appearance can be achieved with the help of surgery. Stickers are more often prescribed for children, adults are encouraged to use glasses or soft lenses.

Treatment and prescription depends on the cause of the strabismus, the patient's age, the side and degree of deviation of the eyes.

An unconventional method is the treatment of strabismus with the help of traditional medicine, herbs and exercise. Consider how to get rid of strabismus without resorting to surgery.

Products to strengthen the eye muscle

  1. cabbage;
  2. calamus root;
  3. rose hips;
  4. lemongrass chinese;
  5. pine needles;
  6. chocolate;
  7. carrots;
  8. black currant.
How to get rid of strabismus quickly and effectively

Boiled and raw cabbage strengthens the visual muscles. Boil a small head of cabbage. When the leaves detach easily from the head, pull them out. Eat cabbage several times a day with a cooked broth.

Calamus root is insisted in boiling water at the rate of 10 g of root per 200 ml of water. Drink 50 g. Take half an hour before meals 3 times a day.

Rosehip decoction is easy to cook. Pour boiling water over the fruits and put on fire, after boiling, remove from heat and let it brew. Drink the decoction with the addition of honey.

Pine needles are used as a decoction until the result is obtained. Pour a little needles with boiling water and leave for 2 hours. Drink infusion one tablespoon after meals three timesbut.

An alcoholic infusion from the fruits of the Chinese magnolia vine is made as follows: for one bottle of 0.5 vodka, 100 g of fruits are taken. Infused for 10 days, periodically shaking the contents of the vessel. The finished tincture is diluted in water. Count 20 drops with a pipette, mix with water and drink 2 times a day before meals.

Chocolate, containing 60% cocoa powder, strengthens and tones the eye muscles. Eat a few bar cubes every day for a month. Do not use this method if you have allergies or diabetes.

Carrots are considered a vegetable that restores and improves vision. Eat it boiled or fresh every day. Drink carrot juice.

A decoction of currant leaves also has no restrictions in admission, except for an allergic reaction. Brew currant leaves and drink the broth like tea.

Eye Exercises

Eye training will help you achieve muscle relaxation, focus your gaze and achieve a combination of two pictures into one.

With the help of special exercises, you can raise the vision of one of the eyes:

How to get rid of strabismus quickly and effectively
  • if the eye squints, extend your right or left hand in front of you and look at the index finger, gradually moving it closer and further away from the eyes;
  • do the exercises with a look forward and backward, up and down, figure eight, cross;
  • watch out for moving objects: a ball flying, a tree swinging from the wind;
  • look into the distance through the window, then shift your gaze to nearby objects.

Exercise regularly. Do not strain your eyes, exercise in moderation.

For a positive result, combine all treatments for both eyes.

For example: an ophthalmologist has prescribed you to wear lenses or glasses, wear but still do eye exercises and eat foods that help strengthen muscles. Then vision will be restored several times faster and more efficiently.

Exercises for a lazy eye (strabismus)

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