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How to get rid of lamblia

Giardiasis is a common protozoal disease characterized by lesions of the small intestine and liver with lamblia. They can be infected by contact with pets or dirty water. Parasites significantly impair the health of their host, causing digestive problems and allergic reactions. In children, the disease occurs 3 times more often than in adults, so it is important to know how to get rid of Giardia.

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Giardiasis symptoms

How to get rid of lamblia

Small, invisible to the eye, parasites can be in an active form, living in the intestine, and in an immobile form - cysts that leave the host's body with feces. The danger of helminths is not only in the poisoning of the vital systems with their wastes, with intensive reproduction they penetrate the liver and destroy it.

Mobile lamblia have 4 flagella, with which they attach to the walls of the small intestine. Their presence disrupts the production of enzymes, deteriorates the absorption of nutrients, and slows down the work of the intestines. The toxins produced by the worms lead to fatigue, lethargy, penetrating into the bloodstream, causing dermatitis.

Signs of Giardia infection are:

  • white coating on the tongue;
  • bloating and discomfort in the navel area;
  • alternation of constipation and diarrhea;
  • the appearance of allergic rashes;
  • rumbling and stomach cramps;
  • weakness, fatigue, loss of appetite.

If lamblia appears in the liver, then there is heaviness in the right side, the organ increases in size.

In children, the clinical picture is complemented by:

  • motion sickness in transport;
  • bad dream;
  • weight loss;
  • nausea;
  • gritting teeth in sleep;
  • fever, cough is possible.

With the transition of giardiasis to the chronic stage, the skin becomes pale and dry, cracks form in the corners of the mouth.

How parasites enter the body

How to get rid of lamblia

Infection with helminths occurs upon contact with the waste products of a sick person or animal. The parasite in the form of a spore (cyst) can survive for 3 weeks in air and 5 weeks in water.

Pfalling into the human body occurs in the following cases:

  • eating dirty fruits and vegetables;
  • tap water;
  • personal items of an infected person;
  • unwashed hands before eating;
  • wool of sick animals;
  • swimming in stagnant water.

There is a high probability of transmission of helminths between family members and in children's groups.

How to get rid of Giardia forever

Laboratory tests of feces and blood for antibodies to lamblia help detect invasion. Scatological analysis does not always reveal cysts the first time, repeated research gives 90% of the information content. Having learned about their diagnosis, many people think about how to get rid of lamblia at home.

There are many medications and folk remedies with which you get rid of parasites. The regimens designed for home treatment include several steps:

  1. elimination of helminths,
  2. bowel lavage
  3. strengthening the immune system.

Traditional medicine recipes

To prepare a remedy for giardiasis, you will need:

  • pumpkin or linseed oil,
  • tansy flowers,
  • wormwood herb,
  • oak bark.

The treatment scheme involves the following stages:

How to get rid of lamblia
  • Drink pumpkin or flaxseed oil on an empty stomach for a week. The dose is increased daily by half a teaspoon. By the end of the week, it should be 3 tbsp. spoons.
  • It is necessary to make a decoction of the prepared herbs: 1 teaspoon of mixed ingredients is poured with a glass of boiling water, infused for 12 hours. Drink in two doses - morning and evening. Before going to bed, take a laxative with sour fruit drink and put a heating pad on the right side. This will increase the flow of bile. This procedure helps to get rid of lamblia in the liver.
  • In the evenings, it is recommended to chew 5 tansy flowers with water.
  • Once a week, you will need to drink 100 ml of sorbitol, after the solution, drink water for an hour (about 0.5 l).

To flush dead parasites from the intestines, you need to consume 2 liters of acidified water.

After washing, treatment with folk remedies continues, it is designed for 2 weeks:

  • Tansy and wormwood are brewed in equal proportions instead of tea and drunk 3-4 times a day.
  • Pumpkin seed oil 1 tbsp. l. and pumpkin seeds are taken 2-3 times during the day. Flaxseeds are also effective against worms. They are crushed and taken with food up to 25 g per day.

This course is a good way to get rid of Giardia on your own.


How to get rid of lamblia

Pharmaceuticals can also be taken at home. The doctor will write down a treatment regimen, prescribe a diet, drugs and their dosage.

The modern drug Albendazole will help to quickly remove worms from the intestinesand liver. Its reception is designed for 5 days, for adults - 0.4 g 1 time per day. According to doctors, Albendazole is 35-50 times more effective than other drugs - Tinidazole and Metronidazole.

Therapy begins with reducing the toxic effects of lamblia. Patients are prescribed a diet of foods that prevent the reproduction of parasites. These are cereals (rice, wheat), vegetables, vegetable oil. Sweets and pastries are excluded. The intake of enterosorbents, choleretic and antihistamines is prescribed.

The next step is means that destroy parasites in the liver (Trichopolum, Furazolidone, Albendazole). At the final stage, therapy is aimed at increasing immunity. Prescribed diet, taking probiotics, vitamin complexes.

Treatment of giardiasis in children

Babies are more likely than adults to suffer from giardiasis, so parents should approach their treatment responsibly. Before getting rid of lamblia cysts and active individuals, the baby's body needs to be prepared. During the period of therapy, the amount of starch and carbohydrates in the child's diet decreases, and the proportion of fiber increases.


  • baked apples;
  • porridge;
  • vegetables and sour berries;
  • curd;
  • lean meat.

Medicines that effectively deal with worms are the same as for adults. But the dosage should be selected by the doctor, based on the age and weight of the children.

Therapy can also be carried out with folk remedies:

How to get rid of lamblia
  • Pumpkin seeds are safe and healthy and can be crushed or eaten whole. The product must be raw.
  • Coconut - the milk of a nut and its core, chopped on a grater, are mixed and given to the child, a teaspoon of 3 times a day before meals.

Sauerkraut pickle, garlic, horseradish have a negative effect on lamblia. It is advisable to include these products in the child's diet. After the end of the therapy prescribed by the doctor, it is necessary to pass a control test to make sure of recovery.

Prevention of giardiasis

Personal hygiene is essential to prevent parasite infestation. It is not in vain that such diseases most often arise from dirty hands. It is important to supervise children and educate them about hygiene from an early age.

Food must not be left open in summer. Flies are carriers of cysts and can infect food.

Giardia spores do not die in chlorinated water; they can enter the body from a glass of water filled under a tap. Boiling water is the only way to protect the family, at a temperature of 100 ° parasites die.

Timely identification of patients is also prevention. Examination of children for the presence of helminths when the first symptoms appear will help to avoid infection of the entire team.


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