The best natural hangover cures

How to get rid of hangover symptoms quickly?

After a fun party, many suffer in silence, not knowing how to cure a hangover at home. But it is possible to quickly cope with the payment for an alcoholic extravaganza both with medicines from the first-aid kit and with folk remedies.

How to get rid of hangover symptoms quickly?

This knowledge will also help you if you are just planning to go to a wedding, birthday or corporate party.

It is important to understand how alcohol affects the human body. If you figure out which vital systems the destructive effect of this substance is directed at, you can eliminate all the most painful aspects.

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Poisoning and detoxification methods

Have you drunk too much wine or cognac? The head is spinning and hurting, nausea torments, body aches - this is not a complete list of symptoms that can darken your morning after gatherings with friends and colleagues. How to treat a hangover in order to quickly forget about all the unpleasant sensations?

One of the main causes of poor health is alcohol intoxication. Poisoning of the body is caused by such substances:

  • undigested alcohol;
  • toxic products of its cleavage;
  • related substances contained in alcoholic beverages;
  • other poisons entering the body.

Detoxification can be done physically or biochemically. In the first case, you can rid the body of poisons with a simple enema. An alternative to this method is taking a laxative.

The fact is that it is the intestines that tend to accumulate poisons. In case of severe intoxication, if a person has been eating relatively recently, gastric lavage may be recommended. Sorbents will also help to cope with the removal of toxins from the body.

The most common sorbent that can be found in almost any home medicine cabinet is activated charcoal, but you can also ask about other drugs at the drug store.

Biochemical detoxification is another way, like you can recover from a hangover at home . Sooner or later, our body will cope with the task of removing poisons. But why not help him and spur his metabolic processes?

How to get rid of hangover symptoms quickly?

Because strong intoxication leads to the fact that the volume and strength of toxins, with which the hapless reveler has to cope, are colossal.

In order for relief to come as soon as possible, it is necessary to spur metabolic processes. Biochemical detoxification allows you to recycle substances that have entered the body with alcohol.

At home, you can quickly cure a hangover by using remedies such as eleutherococcus tincture, honey, succinic and citric acid. In the early stages of damage to the body with poisons, if a person did not absorb a lot of food during a feast, it is recommended to take glutargin.

Lactic acid will also help cleanse cells. It can be found, for example, in unpasteurized kvass or kumis.

You can also eliminate the effect of toxins with the help of potent anti-hangover agents that contain some of the substances listed above, in combination with other components from the arsenal of professional toxicologists.

Alternative treatments

What else can you cure a severe hangover? Let's take a look at how poisons act on the body. The permeability of natural barriers depends on the state of cell membranes, including intestinal tissues.

Try to stabilize the membranes - this will slow down the transport of toxins and reduce their penetration from the blood to the brain, from the intestines to the blood, from the vessels to the intercellular space. Choosing this tactic, you can relieve the condition of swelling from a hangover, relieve headaches, get rid of intoxication.

Membrane stabilizing effect gives:

  • quinine, which can be found in classic tonics like Schweppes;
  • mountain ash tincture;
  • tannins in cognacs (it is this drink, not beer, that is less dangerous for allergy sufferers in terms of potential exacerbation of the disease).

An alternative to physical or biochemical detoxification is a way to slow down the production of poisons. The liver will receive support and will have time to do its job.

To cope with the result of a fun party and to cure a hangover, drugs such as Antipohmelin, Korrda and others with a similar effect will help you. Among the folk remedies with a fortifying, anti-toxic effect, one can note taking a relaxing bath, a contrast shower or going to a bath.

We neutralize the side effects of strong drinks

Alcohol affects many human organs. In particular, it is capable of disrupting the processes of liquid distribution. You can cope with such a pathology and normalize the condition if you remove fluid from the intercellular spaces into the blood.

In parallel, it helps to relieve headaches and reduce swelling. A trip to the sauna or bath and a contrast shower allows you to achieve positive changes.

How to get rid of hangover symptoms quickly?

If you do not have the time and opportunity to lock yourself in the bathroom for a long time and, moreover, visit the sauna, do not be discouraged, essentiallyAlternatively, take a diuretic and a liquid at the same time. For example, you can brew natural coffee or buy a bottle of non-alcoholic beer.

Will give a diuretic effect:

  • watermelon;
  • strawberries and garden strawberries;
  • zucchini;
  • oat broth;
  • bearberry;
  • green tea and dandelion;
  • special drugs from the pharmacy.

Do not use Furosemide for these purposes. It is enough to drink a little water after a hangover (not in advance).

You should carefully regulate its amount, as in excess it will lead to a decrease in osmotic pressure in the blood plasma, and you will need to run to the toilet. This means that it will not be possible to quickly fill the lack of water, and the process will drag on for longer than we would like.

Before drinking some water, it is recommended to pour a glass of cucumber or cabbage pickle to increase the level of electrolyte salts. Oatmeal broth in combination with mineral water will help to quickly restore blood volume.

What is acidosis and how to deal with it?

One of the unpleasant side effects of alcohol intoxication is acidosis - a violation of the acid-base balance. How to deal with it? Take a small amount of baking soda or bicarbonate (alkaline) mineral water. Nevertheless, it is better to opt for mineral water, since soda itself is not so useful and can cause discomfort.

To shift the balance in the body from an acidic to an alkaline environment, paradoxically, citric, succinic (special tablets) and lactic acid (present in fermented milk products) will help. Be careful to take a safe dose and check to see if you have any contraindications.

The nervous system must not suffer

How to get rid of hangover symptoms quickly?

Glycine will help calm the nervous system affected by the action of cocktails, cognac or vodka. This substance is found in various nootropic pills.

You can also be treated with folk remedies: drink a little milk, tincture of hops, cocoa or beer (not fortified, preferably non-alcoholic).

The caffeine contained in coffee or tea, stimulants and toners - ginseng, guarana, taurine - will help to get up and recover from a hangover. They can be found in energy drinks or specialties designed to fight hangover.

Will calm the nerves, relieve anxiety will help the tincture of St. John's wort. You can insist the broth at home or buy an expensive drug at the pharmacy. Also, with the help of drugs, you can fill the magnesium deficiency, which negatively affects the functioning of the nervous system and heart.

Thus, you need to understand that it is better to deal with the symptoms of negative alcoholic effects on the body on all fronts. The way to treat a hangover will differ depending on the nature of the problem: the more severe the headache, nausea, stomach discomfort, etc.hardships after drinking alcohol, the more diverse and powerful the helpers should be.

You can use medicines from the pharmacy or take folk remedies, but before that you need to weigh all the circumstances: how much was drunk, how much food did you eat during the holiday, how long ago the fun ended, and so on.

Act according to the circumstances - and the hangover syndrome will soon pass.

How to Cure a Hangover (Maybe)

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