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How to get rid of comedones on your face?

The sebaceous glands produce substances that protect the skin. When the body malfunctions, these substances are produced in too large quantities and clog the pores of the skin. As a result, comedones appear on the face - a cosmetic defect familiar to many. If pathogens enter the clogged pores, inflammation occurs - a pimple.

Often, pores are clogged in the so-called T-zone - forehead, nose, chin, since sebum is produced most actively in these areas, but they often occur on the cheeks and on the nasolabial fold.

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Reasons for the formation of closed and open comedones

How to get rid of comedones on your face?

First of all, hormonal balance affects the formation of sebum. If it is broken, the skin condition worsens. Normally, fat is secreted and evenly covers the face.

In pathology, it is usually produced more intensively and accumulates in large quantities in some areas. In addition, the increased production leads to the fact that it cannot completely exit the pores. Dead skin cells are also an obstacle.

Blockage can be triggered by various chronic diseases, malnutrition, stress. The main reason for the formation of these defects is still the type of skin, which is the reason for the predisposition to blockage. But this defect can also occur in people with normal skin, as well as dry skin.

Treatment of closed (subcutaneous) comedones on the face

Comedones are open and closed. This defect is a pore located under a layer of skin, clogged with fat, which cannot come out. Closed ones look like white tubercles. Despite the fact that they are located under the surface of the skin, the penetration of infection into them is quite possible. The result is inflammation.

Closed, non-inflamed comedones on the face are white or flesh-colored. Sometimes they are practically invisible, but if you run your hand over the skin, you feel bumps, irregularities and roughness.

Poor cleansing and constant use of makeup products that clog pores are among the most common causes.

How to get rid of closed comedones on the face

How to get rid of comedones on your face?

The main thing in care is daily cleansing using special mediast.

A sponge or sponge is recommended.

These devices are excellent at removing dirt, grease particles and dead cells.

Also, make-up should be removed as soon as possible as it clogs pores.

That is why you cannot go to bed with an unclean face:

How to get rid of comedones on your face?
  • Peels and scrubs. This kind of procedure can effectively get rid of blackheads and white bumps. It is advisable to choose products containing fruit acids. Moreover, it is used only once a week. Clay masks are used in a similar way. If you do not use a scrub / peeling, then the clay mask should be done three times a week. An integrated approach allows you to effectively remove pollution. After 3-4 months of such procedures, the pores will open and the plugs will easily come out. Then it remains only to keep the face clean, for this they choose a product suitable for the skin type;
  • Mechanical cleaning of the face. Such procedures should be carried out by qualified cosmetologists. Now almost every beauty salon has services of this kind. The specialist will manually unclog the pores and release them from the plugs. The face will return to normal in a few days;
  • Mask for problem face from comedones. At home, you can use both ready-made cosmetic products and natural products. Cucumbers, squash, and carrots work best. Grind vegetables on a fine grater, add lemon juice or olive oil to them, and then apply for 15 minutes. These masks are washed off with warm water or a decoction of herbs;
  • Medicines. If you don't have time to prepare masks, you can use pharmaceutical preparations for acne, because the reason for their occurrence is the same as that of comedones. For example, Skinoren, Differin, Zinerit are widespread. They are used daily and act as peels. The face is cleansed after a few months.

How to remove open comedones on the face

How to get rid of comedones on your face?

This type of cosmetic defect is formed due to clogging of pores with fat on the surface of the skin.

Initially, they are white or clear liquid, but if nothing is done, they solidify.

As a result, hard yellow lumps are formed. In an open pore, the fat is oxidized by oxygen and the same black point appears.

The size of an open comedone can vary from 0.1 to 2 mm. However, they can have different colors: dirty yellow, brown, dark gray and, of course, black.

If you squeeze an open comedone, the contents will easily come out, since the pore opening is sufficiently expanded. If the sebum is liquid, then the pore size is insignificant. Their contents are practically odorless. Otherwise, when the fat is quite thick, open comedones look very large, and their contents are characterized by a dense consistency and a pungent odor.

How to get rid of comedones on your face?

Treatment of open comadons on the face are much easier than closed ones, because mechanical cleaning has a much more effective result. It should be noted that you should never carry out such a procedure on your own.

One of the most effective is a soda mask mixed with the foam of regular baby soap. First, hands are lathered, then the foam is applied to problem areas. After that, rub lightly with soda and leave the product for 10 minutes, no more.

You can remove such a peculiar mask with warm water or a decoction of herbs. The combination of these two substances allows you to easily dissolve sebaceous plugs. However, this mask is not suitable for weekly use. You can use it no more than 2-3 times a month.

An effective remedy for open comedones on the face is, of course, a mask. As noted, clay can be used, but natural products are also suitable. For example, many people use kefir, which they simply smear on their face.

How to get rid of comedones on your face?

An excellent remedy is honey. You can only take it or mix it with other products.

It cleanses well and also has a calming effect.

Not only masks are made from natural remedies, but also tonics, which are used to treat both closed and open comedones, for example: 1 tsp. mix honey with the same amount of calendula, dissolve in a glass of warm water.

The obtained tonic is used to wipe problem areas two or three times a day. Parsley juice is used in a similar way.

Preventing blackheads

After cleansing the skin, it is important to prevent these cosmetic defects from appearing again.

Simple but reliable prevention measures will help you with this:

  • Cleanse your face twice a day (minimum). For this, a wide variety of products can be used - both purchased and homemade. Make sure to wash off makeup at night;
  • Once a week, do a mask that matches the type;
  • Cleanse pores with steam baths;
  • Dry skin needs constant hydration. Periodically, a very nourishing cream is applied to it, and sprinkled with salt on top, after a minute the composition is washed off;
  • Oily skin can be periodically cleaned with a mixture of soapy cream and finely ground table salt. Wash off after 3 minutes.

First of all, attention is paid to the treatment of the skin, then all activities are aimed at maintaining it in good shape.

As mentioned above, there are many reasons contributing to the formation of blackheads, blackheads and other defects, so you need to eliminate those so as not to experience similar problems in the future. Treatment of blackheads is a long-term process, but in addition, you need to further maintain the effect obtained.

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