How to remove a splinter

How to get rid of a splinter correctly: tips and tricks

Such an unpleasant problem as a splinter can be encountered in many life situations, be it renovating an apartment, relaxing with friends in nature or working in the garden. A splinter is a small foreign body that has invaded the skin. The thorn of a plant, a sharp chip of wood, a shard of glass, a thin piece of metal and so on can act as such a foreign object.

In theory, this problem can be easily dealt with on your own if you know how to remove the splinter correctly and as painlessly as possible.

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Why is it dangerous?

Despite the fact that our body is able to cope with any splinter without assistance, this process should not be left to chance, because there is always a risk of complications.

How to get rid of a splinter correctly: tips and tricks

The most common of these is the immersion of a foreign body into the underlying layers of soft tissues, which is guaranteed to lead to severe inflammation and suppuration.

Therefore, it is better to pull it out right away, as long as this foreign object can still be seen from the outside and grab onto it with something.

But how to pull out a deep splinter that does not come out?

In this case, it is best to seek help from a medical facility, especially when it comes to damage to the skin of a child. Pain, swelling and redness accompanying inflammation and suppuration cause a lot of inconvenience.

They are especially dangerous on the fingers and under the nails, as they can cause the development of panaritium - a purulent process in the soft tissues of the finger, which is very acute and can go to bone tissue.

In addition, it is important to remember that when adding chips or thorns during gardening or field work, as well as during outdoor games with direct contact with the ground, there is a very high risk of contracting such a dangerous disease as tetanus, the pathogens of which are in the soil ... Therefore, do not delay its extraction. It is not superfluous to check at the clinic when you last got a tetanus shot.

Extraction rules

How to remove a splinter from a finger or other part of the body quickly and preferably painlessly? When going to start removing the splinter, you need to remember that any manipulations must be performed with cleanly washed hands and in good lighting. In addition, you need to make sure that all the necessary tools andantiseptic agents.

Basic rules for extracting foreign bodies are as follows:

How to get rid of a splinter correctly: tips and tricks
  • Wash thoroughly with soap and dry hands;
  • Wipe the injury site and hands with an antiseptic solution (you can use vodka, alcohol, cologne, hydrogen peroxide);
  • Using pre-disinfected tweezers, eyebrow tweezers or a needle, pick up the protruding edge of the splinter and try to pull it out entirely;
  • After removing the foreign body, the affected area must be re-disinfected and sealed with a bactericidal adhesive plaster.

What you should not do before removing the splinter is to use coloring antiseptics, namely brilliant green , iodine or fucorcin, as this will make the chip less noticeable and complicate the process of removing it.

Is it possible to pull out a splinter without a needle? As the experience of many victims shows, this is almost useless. Trying to remove a foreign body with your fingers without using tools can break off the visible part and drive it deeper. It is not recommended to squeeze out splinters, as this may split and penetrate even deeper.

We take it out on our own or go to the doctor?

How to get rid of a splinter correctly: tips and tricks

Most often, splinters on the hands fall into the bunches of the fingers, as well as under the nails. And if it is not so difficult to pull it out of the skin, especially if its tail is clearly visible above the surface, then the situation with chips under the nails is more complicated.

How to get a splinter out from under your nail?

It is best to entrust this operation to a specialist, namely a medical professional. This procedure is quite complicated and very painful, and in a medical facility it can be slightly anesthetized and carried out as accurately and quickly as possible.

The hardest part comes with removing deep-seated foreign bodies, especially when it comes to children. How to remove a splinter from a child? To facilitate the process, you can slightly soak the damaged area in warm water, then gently use a disinfected needle to spread the skin at the entrance of the splinter so that it becomes visible and can be picked up with tweezers or a needle.

What if your heel is damaged?

However, not only the hands suffer from the penetration of chips and shards of glass, quite often these foreign bodies fall into the heels and feet of the feet, especially when walking barefoot on a wooden, poorly polished or damaged coating, floor, grass, sand, etc.

How to get rid of a splinter correctly: tips and tricks

How can you get a splinter out of your heel?

Since the skin here is coarser and denser than on the fingers, before starting to pull the splinter out of the heel (whether it is visible or not, it does not matter at all), the leg needs xsteam a little in a soda-salt solution.

This is necessary to soften the skin and facilitate the removal of the foreign body from the heel. Then pull it out with tweezers and disinfect the affected area.

Do not over tighten the removal of the foreign body, as the consequences can be very dire! Take care of yourself and your health!

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