Simple Trick To Stop Negative Thoughts

How to get rid of a bad mood: the best psychological tricks

Bad mood is called the scourge of the modern world. There is not a single person who would not, from time to time, be subject to inexplicable bouts of irritation, sadness and melancholy. The secrets of how to cheer up when everything around is bad - in our article.

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Reasons bad mood

It is not so difficult to understand why cheerfulness suddenly changed to complete apathy. Our life bears little resemblance to a flat road, constantly delighting with excellent weather. Sadly, there is always someone or something that will ruin our mood.

How to get rid of a bad mood: the best psychological tricks

This could be:

  • communicating with an unpleasant person;
  • feeling unwell (both associated with illness and caused by a sedentary lifestyle);
  • failures at work or personal life;
  • the approaching birthday, especially at an older age, when the mind involuntarily tries to assess the past year;
  • and more.

In addition, most women experience bouts of unwell before and during their period; this condition also does not affect the mood in the best way. What can we say about pregnancy, which simply breaks all records for bouts of melancholy and foreboding!

What to do if things are bad

It is quite possible to fight a bad mood, although this task sometimes seems impossible precisely because it strikes our main weapon in this battle - creativity and the desire to do something.

There are a lot of ways to improve your mood. Many of them are so simple that most people don't even think about them; others, on the contrary, imply long-term work on themselves, self-improvement and correction of their own bad habits.

However, there are a few simple rules to follow when dealing with apathy:

How to get rid of a bad mood: the best psychological tricks
  1. No need to use medication. Pills are a last resort and should only be used in exceptional cases. And they can only be taken as prescribed by a doctor, after consultation in a neuropsychiatric clinic. Otherwise, there is a risk of harm to your health; while guarantees that your bad mood will leave you, medicationsbut they still don't.
  2. A glass of expensive wine is a good relaxant; this is right for those cases when you need to relax, come in a great mood. However, you should not fight depression with alcohol: there is a rather high risk of becoming dependent on the green snake .
  3. Don't give up. Activity is your main ally. As soon as you sat down on the couch and began to feel sorry for yourself, you can assume that you have lost another round. Do something, don't give yourself time for reflection and dull thoughts.

Our psychological state is closely related to the physical. Whatever the real reasons for apathy, it is caused by a decrease in the level of hormones of happiness - serotonin, dopamine and endorphins. There are many ways to enhance their content.

Delicious food

Many products contain substances that improve our mood and help us feel energized. First of all, these are:

  • chocolate;
  • coffee;
  • seaweed;
  • hot and hot peppers;
  • nuts;
  • meat and fish;
  • citrus fruits, especially oranges and tangerines;
  • and, oddly enough, celery. Of course, celery coffee doesn't taste as good as chocolate; but celery soup has miraculous properties.

However, you can just eat something tasty. Why not please your taste buds? This will have the most beneficial effect on your well-being.


How to get rid of a bad mood: the best psychological tricks

Forget about lying on the couch and feeling sorry for yourself! Move. Make your body work, charge it with vigor. It doesn't matter which way you choose: sports, outdoor games, swimming, dancing. All this helps to fight apathy and fills the body with energy. Do not be afraid to get a little tired - a pleasant tension in the muscles will cause psychological relief, and you will quickly feel how the bad mood goes away.

Walking is especially useful in such cases. They not only oxygenate the blood; they also drive away dull thoughts and allow you to feel the pleasure of life.

But there are a few rules:

  • You need to go quickly. Leave a leisurely step for a romantic walk. Walk with the maximum speed that your health allows you, but in no case do not rush to run. As soon as you feel tired, stop and rest a little, and then start rushing again.
  • Don't think about anything bad. Complicated requirement, yes. But extremely important. Music and headphones are a great help in such cases.
  • Don't set yourself a specific goal. Go where your eyes look. Or, if you find it difficult to force yourself to waste time meaninglessly, assign a remote address as the endpoint. During the day it can be a shop or a salon on the other side.cities; and at night you can simply set yourself the task of going around the whole area in a circle!

A curious fact speaks in favor of hiking: a few kilometers, covered with a brisk step before menstruation, almost completely remove the discomfort in the lower abdomen. And, of course, such activity helps to get rid of extra pounds.

In addition, all types of activities that provoke the release of adrenaline into the blood help to fight depression. Buy a roller coaster ticket, skydive, or just go cycling. Better yet, master a new active form of recreation that will energize you.

Let's change!

It's hard to believe - but psychologists call ... the monotony of life as the main reason for a bad mood. Vivid impressions make us feel excitement, and it generously saturates the blood with hormones of joy . That is why, in order to cheer up, sometimes it is enough to bring a little novelty into your existence.

How to get rid of a bad mood: the best psychological tricks

This can be a trip to the hairdresser or spa, redecoration, new manicure and, of course, shopping. Statistics show that going to the store, even if you are not going to buy anything big, drives away apathy and helps you look at the world from a more positive perspective. But be careful: any item bought in this state may later remind of a bad period of life. Therefore, be prepared, in which case, without pity, throw all the trash purchased during the depression into the garbage chute!

This tip isn't just about things, though. Train yourself to part with what is already obsolete and has no real value for you:

  • phone numbers you do not call;
  • relationships that weigh you down;
  • notebooks with names and birthdays you don't even remember;
  • jokes that you are tired of laughing at;
  • activities that are no longer enjoyable.

All this binds us to the past and prevents us from enjoying life.


It's a paradox - but a bad mood is afraid of laughter. The muscles of our face remember emotions, and, folding into a smile, give a command to the brain for fun. Of course, joy will not appear immediately. But this only means that a massive attack on depression is needed.

Have yourself a little party. You don't have to wait for a round date. You can always find a reason for a party: it can be the anniversary of the first date, the victory of the husband's favorite team in the championship, or even the birthday of a pet. Invite your friends, turn on the music, and soon you will feel like you are starting to have real fun.

How to prevent depression

How to get rid of a bad mood: the best psychological tricks

There are situations when conventional methods are powerless to cheer you up. In these cases, psychologists talk about depression - a long-term state oflaziness, apathy, self-doubt.

It is possible and necessary to fight this disaster. In the most severe cases, of course, you cannot do without the help of a specialist. But usually, it is quite possible to cope with their own strength. The main thing is to constantly remember that bad health and setbacks will not haunt us all the time.

Life goes on, even if we find it difficult to believe that it is beautiful:

  • Find yourself a hobby that will, at least from time to time, occupy your entire attention without a trace.
  • Don't be afraid to show your personality. We are all geniuses in this or that activity, but we often lock our Picasso or Mozart under the castle, fearing to be misunderstood. Why should you adjust to the opinions of strangers? Start doing something that you do well, even if your hobby is strange to others. Origami, playing the trumpet, beading, or composing the hokku can all help you feel in your place. This is the first step to recovery.
  • Give yourself the opportunity to express bad emotions. Write down all your grievances, failures and disappointments on a large piece of paper, or even better - express it all in front of the mirror. Feel free to complain about fate from time to time!
  • Don't get hung up on yourself. Find someone who needs your help. If charity and volunteering aren't your thing, get a cat, aquarium fish, or a houseplant. Caring for others will help break the vicious circle.
How to get rid of a bad mood: the best psychological tricks

War with bad moods involves comprehensive therapy . Once you decide to fight, don't stop at one thing.

Tidy up the room, buy new curtains or a beautiful vase for the house, do yourself a stylish hairstyle. Download your favorite music to the player and go for a long walk. When you return, tell your loved one how much you value them and arrange a small family holiday.

Make life sparkle and you will see your apathy go away without a trace.

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