How to get over a breakup?

You've been together for a long time, but the relationship is not glued, and everything goes awry. What if your boyfriend wants to break up? How to pull yourself together, get out of the situation with your head held high and not drop your self-esteem?

How to get over a breakup?

If the initiative belongs to a woman, it is much easier for her to cope with a breakup, although the excitement is likely to be serious one way or another. After all, not every young lady has experience of difficult conversations with former lovers and hardly knows exactly what to do so that the news would be taken stoically by a man.

How beautiful it is to part with a guy and at the same time, on the one hand, not to drop your dignity, and on the other hand, not to offend a person who has recently shared warmth, positive emotions, and innermost thoughts with you?

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Accept the situation

First, you need to come to terms with the fact that the breakup is inevitable. If there is no way to retreat and parting is inevitable, be it a betrayal of a partner, a new love, a move or banal boredom, at some point you should take the situation for granted. This will help soften the negative emotions boiling inside.

You can't step into the same water twice, life goes on, which means that you need to look forward, not backward. Forget about memories, they only serve as salt for the wound. Since parting with a guy is not easy, regardless of who initiated the breakup, in the first time after the farewell meeting, you need to try to hide all the things that could remind you of past happiness.

A gift close to the heart, joint photos, souvenirs - it is better to hide all this for several months until the wound heals. A little later, you yourself will feel when they can be returned to their places or thrown away as unnecessary (this also happens).

There is no need to make a cult out of a break in relations. If you want to know the right way to break up with a guy, ask someone who's been through it before. First of all, it is important to come to terms with the new reality, in which there is no longer an ex-partner.

How to get over a breakup?

Forget phrases with the word if. No need to scroll through pictures from a past life in your head. It could have happened differently if ... Do you really believe it? Even so, what difference does it make other than extreme mental anguish and demotivation?

If it seems to you that all is not lost, and the relationship can be returned, talk to someone who appreciatesnil the situation from the outside. Perhaps, indeed, there is a chance that the man will be ready to return soon. An objective counselor can be a psychologist, a close friend or a fellow traveler on the train.

It is important to speak out and get feedback from the interlocutor. You should never jump to conclusions. Only time will dot the i.

Is it worth the fight?

When a guy wants to break up with a girl, he is often adamant, because it is not easy for him to decide on a frank conversation. And if he started talking about the breakup, then the relationship has given a deep crack.

Most likely, nothing can be reversed. What should a woman do if she finds herself in a similar situation: should she fight for the love of her gentleman or silently surrender, admitting defeat? What is the right way to break up with a guy so that you quickly recover from a blow and not undermine your faith in yourself?

A girl needs to understand how dear and loved the young man is to her. If, deep down, she realizes that feelings have come to an end, the relationship has become obsolete, it is better to leave pleas and tears for cheap melodramas.

Why appeal to the conscience and compassion of a man, if it can only humiliate you and will not return your ex? But suddenly you realize that the love of your life is next to you. What if your boyfriend wants to break up, but you feel like losing your heart and soul?

True love crosses out all stereotypes and barriers. You need to fight for it to the last, otherwise in the future you will definitely regret that you did not use all available methods of influencing the situation. But if we are not talking about such a high feeling, it is more correct to accept and let the young man go.

Long live maximum transparency!

Many girls rack their brains over the question of how beautiful it is to part with a guy. The decision has been made, but starting the final conversation can be difficult. It is important to gather courage and one day put a decisive end to a bleak relationship.

You should be as open and sincere as possible. Whatever the reason for the breakup, a man deserves a banal explanation. It is not easy to cope with a situation if you do not understand what your mistake was and whether it was. You should not keep silent about the reasons for parting and hide your emotions.

Express what you think, and do not torture the young man with phrases like let's think about it or maybe we will meet from time to time to talk.

So you just fog up and leave false hope in the heart of a man. Why manipulate a person who until recently was dear to you? Don't hurt him.

Move forward

Mistakes of the past can be corrected by talking to those we have offended. Remember past breakups, and if you brutally abandoned someone or responded with a rude refusal to the feelings of an unlucky gentleman, it makes sense to ask for forgiveness and turn that page of life for yourself.

How to get over a breakup?

After all, unfinished business and shadows of the past may not allow you to plunge headlong into a new romantic relationship. Each parting carries the beginning of something new. Whoever initiated the breakup, you need to try to treat the situation with a positive attitude.

Maybe your person really walks the streets somewhere nearby, and you are doing the right thing, making room for him next to you.

The transition period should be treated at worst as a mild malaise that will quickly fade away.

It will be replaced by a sunny day with new acquaintances, dreams and plans.

Action Plan

You firmly decided that the relationship has outlived its usefulness, but you do not fully imagine how to break up with a guy. Before starting a conversation, consider what you will say, in what environment and how you will react to his emotions.

There are a number of things worth paying attention to:

  • ask yourself a question, are you 100% sure that you want to break your relationship with a man, because most likely there will be no turning back;
  • if yes, decide where and when you will speak to the young man;
  • it is better to avoid iconic places: it will be unpleasant and embarrassing for both of you if the conversation takes place, for example, in the place of your first date;
  • try to choose the right moment, when both of you are calm, you are not faced with other problems, there is no noisy company of friends nearby (it is very unpleasant for those around you when a couple starts to sort things out in plain sight);
  • can be explained in some neutral public place - a cafe or park; so you leave a way to escape for the man, but at home and alone a very awkward situation can arise;
  • explain to the young man as calmly and clearly as possible why you are breaking up, what caused such a radical decision;
  • pity is not the best helper in a situation when it comes to breaking a relationship; it is better to speak confidently and firmly, leaving no room for ambiguous interpretations of what was said (if the girl is too gentle and caring, the man will simply decide that she is playing with him, but no more);
  • do not get distracted from the main line: do not start lengthy conversations about the situation at work or news at the university - if you have already decided on a difficult conversation, act decisively;
  • it is best if the girl does not leave grudges in her heart and sincerely wishes the young man to find a worthy other half;
  • you shouldn't blame the man for everything, and even if he committed some unforgivable act, it is better to try to forget about it, not throw accusations in the face;
  • forget about dodging a one-on-one conversation: it is very ugly and extremely wrong to write goodbye SMS or emails, have the courage to look the guy in the eye and tell him about your decision.

If you do everything right, the young man will sooner or later acceptwith your decision and will be grateful for the tact and consideration for his feelings.

Perhaps you will remain friends. In any case, you can confidently step into a new life without leaving unfinished business in the past.

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