Hey International Students!!! The American College System Explained

How to get higher education in the USA

When choosing a future profession, some people think about the possibility of obtaining higher education in America. Is it real and is it worth the effort? We offer you useful information on how the US education system for foreigners works.

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Why Choose to Study in the USA

How to get higher education in the USA

Universities in the United States have an excellent accreditation system all over the world, which means that, having received their diploma, you become the owner of a prestigious crust and a foreign expert with unique experience.

Despite the prevailing opinion that paid education in America is inferior in the quality of training to Russian state universities, the start for future success is ensured if you managed to pass the Ivy League high school (the union of Harvard, Yale and other Ivy () high schools of Harvard, Yale or rda, Yale or you are a detachment to the existing opinion that paid education in America is inferior in quality).

The academic approach for which universities in the United States are famous lies in interdisciplinary connections - you are not rigidly tied to one department with its limited set of subjects, and you can replenish knowledge and experience in a wider field of your profile.

In fact, there is no concept of student group , and while in practice you can follow the thumbs-up track, you have the option of creating your own the menu of the courses and teachers you wish to listen to.

Another indirect reason to go there to study is the potential opportunity to stay in this country. If you are attracted by the prospect of living in the States, you can aim for a long-term project - to get an education, work and citizenship.

How Americans Get Higher Education

Differences begin in high school, which corresponds to our 10th and 11th grades. The peculiarity of school education in America is that in high school, the school schedule can be drawn up already taking into account the future profession, getting rid of unnecessary classes, say, in literature, but taking additional classes in mathematics - we have no such opportunity.

Final tests in major subjects become the basis for applying to the desired universities and an important step towards admission. The level of secondary education in America cannot be called brilliant, but already in the last year of high schoolStudents who want to continue their education make a tremendous effort to get to college or university.

Therefore, those who are preparing to go further in their studies demonstrate a high level of preparation in major subjects, which constitutes good competition, for example, for Russian schoolchildren wishing to enter a prestigious American university.

Admission begins with submitting an application with a package of documents to several colleges and universities, and this happens while the future student is still in the final class of the school. Responses to applications with an invitation come in the spring, and in the summer there are interviews, enrollment and payment of tuition fees. New students start their studies in September.

Both universities and colleges offer 4 years of study, for medical education in America, like ours, additional courses and internships are provided, in total, they take more than 10 years of medical education.

You can leave with a bachelor's degree (4 years), and continuing your studies - a master's degree (+2 years) or a doctor of philosophy (+3 years).

Classes are organized in semesters, like ours, although in some universities there is a system of trimesters in the absence of vacations, but with intermediate sessions.

Usually, in order to pay for a university or college, Americans transfer their own funds in full or in parts, according to coursework, or take a loan from a university for an education, which is paid after 5-7 years of employment.

It is also possible to receive a grant - payment from an academic, cultural or charitable organization at no cost. There are also discounts of up to 50% on the entire amount for tuition or, in view of special circumstances, on individual courses.

Any of the free or partially paid options assumes that the student has high academic performance and potential in the professional field. In total, about 10% of students study with a discount or free of charge.

How to enter an American university

How to get higher education in the USA

One of the opportunities is to go through the exchange program, being a promising student at a Russian university, under which there is a council of representatives of US universities and colleges.

The second opportunity is self-filing of an application, documents, a successfully passed test and a positive solution to the financial issue.

To get an education in the States, you need to go through the following steps:

  • in 1-1.5 years, make a list of universities you are interested in, contact them by mail or via the website and request informational booklets about courses and an applicant's application form;
  • register for the TOEFL test program and queue up for the test;
  • within 10-12 months, send documents to the university (application form, TOEFL score, notarized copy of your certificate translated into English, letters of recommendation from the class teacher and school principal, introductory essay, documents confirmingyour solvency);
  • in 4-6 months, be sure to inquire whether the documents arrived safely and whether they are suitable for consideration;
  • 2-4 months before admission, the universities and colleges where you sent the documents will inform you of their decision and either reject your candidacy or invite you - it's time to decide which university you will go to;
  • give answers: accept the invitation from one institution and decline all others;
  • get documents for a visa and go to the embassy for it;
  • start preparing to leave!

Getting an education in America for Russians

As stated above, student exchange programs are excellent for this purpose. If you are planning to transfer your child to the United States, then before entering a Russian university, from which such an exchange will theoretically take place, make sure that it is located in a city where there is also an American Educational Council (branch).

Of course, it is more difficult to plan an admission with such additional requests, but without the support of the Council, the chance to successfully go to study is practically zero. This is especially true if you are counting on a grant or financial discount.

Americans dream of a degree from Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Stanford or the University of Southern California, but the loud names that were heard by our grandmothers do not mean that you need to strive to get into them.

Currently, other, public and private, colleges and universities provide excellent conditions for international students, including:

  • Berea College;
  • Amherst College;
  • Sortmore College;
  • University of California;
  • University of Minnesota;
  • University of New Mexico.
How to get higher education in the USA

Another important point when exchanging students from Russia is the confusion with the concepts of college and university.

In our view, any university gives an opportunity to engage in scientific activities (postgraduate, doctoral studies) after graduation, but in America, after college, this opportunity is closed. Only American universities have a sufficient scientific basis for continuing scientific research students.

So, you have learned in general terms how to get higher education in the USA. Perhaps this idea now looks complicated and unrealistic, but do not abandon it just for this reason. Thousands of students from all over the world invest effort and money to achieve this goal, and if you set yourself a goal, you will succeed!

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