7 Stages of Falling In Love With Your Best Friend

How to fall in love with your best friend?

There is no worse situation when you look at a guy with loving eyes, and he thinks that you are his best friend, trusting all the secrets. He tells you about that blonde or brunette, advises what to give her for her birthday, and you realize that you have driven yourself into a corner with this friendship.

Is it possible to fall in love with a best friend and how to do it if the relationship is not the first year? Before starting to translate a relationship from friendship to love, you should make sure that the guy really likes it as a man. For this you have to understand. How love is different from friendship.

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Love and friendship

How to fall in love with your best friend?

Friendship and love are relationships. But friendship is based on mutual benefit, friends are equal, fully trust each other, in love one can obey the other, and this brings him pleasure.

Close friendships are beneficial in some way. Friends help each other and are sure that if they need help, it will be provided. In love, demanding bestowal is not expected. Feeling is based on passion, and you give yourself. In friendship, communication can be common, and this is a pleasure, the presence of strangers in love gives discomfort.

Friendship is stable, love is passion, change. Ready to give away for free? Then go ahead.

How to make a friend fall in love with you?

Very often you start to look at a childhood friend with different eyes after parting. He grew up, matured, but at the same time you know that this is the best guy in the world - otherwise you would never be friends with him for a long time. How to fall in love with a childhood friend, because he perceives a girl he has known for many years more like a sister?

How to fall in love with your best friend?

The only way to fall in love with a guy in such a situation is to try to change his view of your relationship. No longer open to him, as I used to do all these years, but try to listen to him more. Do not come at the first call for help, but try to describe the situation in such a way that he himself finds a way out of it, and then admire his ability to solve problems.

The psychology of men is such that they like it when people talk about them, admire them, believe in them. It is worth a little distance in love affairs.

I must say that when discussing in detail the charms of any girl you like, you feel uncomfortable, sometimes male friends should be put in their place, otherwise they can afford to behaverude.

There is a big plus in close friendship with a man - you already know what he likes about women. Why not play along, not open your eyes to yourself? New haircut, bold neckline? After all, a man is a man, and in order to interest him, a woman's charm must be used.

The problem of how to fall in love with a pen pal is easier to solve. You need to invite the guy to meet. Do not worry before the first date - in your correspondence, you probably revealed to each other those secrets that you would never have dared to tell during a face-to-face meeting.

Pros and cons of friendship before love

Huge advantages if you want to interest a close friend:

How to fall in love with your best friend?
  • no need to come up with reasons for meetings and topics for conversation;
  • you know his tastes and will try to match;
  • you can always please;
  • you can spend enough time together and not feel imposed.

One of the psychological tips: how to make a friend fall in love with you is to try to start a conversation, where to carefully try to find out his attitude to the transition from friendship to love, whether he is considering such an option. A close friendship even allows you to ask directly.

Cons of close acquaintance:

  • a guy just might not see his girlfriend as a girl and treat her as a sister;
  • in the company of friends you become so your boyfriend that becoming a girl is almost impossible;

If the answer to a direct question is vague: Everyone has a chance , will they be able to remain close friends?

Strategy and tactics

To get closer, you need to move away a little - there is no other way to transfer relations to a new level. You need to check if he needs you, will he miss you? If he really is a friend, then after a few days he will start wondering what happened?

From now on, you should behave a little differently than before.

How to fall in love with your best friend?
  • Pretend that there are extraneous matters that you do not want to discuss;
  • If earlier they talked about women's health, now this topic should become a taboo - no complaints about your intimate aspects of life;
  • Tidy up the look and now stand in front of it only in fully armed . It's important not to overdo it. But a friend knows if a friend likes bright makeup or prefers cleanliness;
  • Try to become new, show yourself from the side from which he did not see. To discuss with him not only mutual friends, and the sphere in which you are friends, but also your own interests - books, plays ... Is it really true that everything was divided in half , like in a children's song? li>
  • Need to connecta sense of humor, in personal communication and company to demonstrate lightness and wit.

Until now, he took the place of the best friend! This should be used when communicating with a rival, emphasizing that you are one of the components in life for him. You can even use forbidden techniques - if his girlfriend is in your life, you are familiar, with her you should touch him, touch his shoulder or hand.

Intimacy in friendship does not oblige you to anything in the future - very often heterosexual friends have friendly sex and one of them deceives himself that he does not care. You should never have sex with a friend if you don't have a friendly affection for him. He will simply respect you less.

But if you are sure that you can tie a man to yourself with sex and he will never meet a better partner, then you should try.

A new stage in communication

How to fall in love with your best friend?

A couple who have a relationship without intimacy, but with an erotic game and hints of sex, are more likely to translate friendship into love. This suggests that a girl is attractive for a guy, like a partner, and if you give a little push ...

Often, physiological relationships begin when couples on the side break up. It is very important not to miss this moment and substitute ... your shoulder in time. Just don't jump into bed every time a friend has an argument with a regular partner.

It's not called friendship, and it doesn't grow into love.

When communicating with a friend of the opposite sex, you need to be aware of what really connects. Is it just a desire to share time? It is unlikely that a guy will spend hours and days with a girl if he does not feel emotions for her.

Maybe he's just afraid to confess his feelings? Then he should be helped.

Sometimes it is not necessary to find out whether they love or not, if a friend is always there. Friendship marriages are in no way inferior to love unions.

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