How To Easily Dry Fish At Home

How to dry fish at home?

Only in Slavic countries there is a cult of drinking beer with salted dried fish. For foreigners, this product is a delicacy, but having tried it at least once, they can no longer refuse it. Avid anglers probably know how to dry fish, but for beginners, this article may be useful.

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Preparation steps and drying itself

How to dry fish at home?

Bream, ram, silver bream, roach, sabrefish and carp are most suitable for drying. These types do not reach large sizes, so they are ideal for drying. Freshly caught product must first be rinsed well and then soaked.

Put a layer of coarse common salt on the bottom of the basin, lay out the fish in layers, preferably with a jack, to get a perfectly even clutch.

Each layer must be sprinkled with salt, and it must cover it completely. The final stage of the future beer snack is covered with a lid from an enamel pot. It must be remembered that it must fit the size of the pelvis.

Now you need to think about what to use as oppression. It could be a pair of bricks or stones. If possible, you can put a container of water. Then you should leave the product to marinate for 2-3 days in a cool place.

After this time, the fish needs to be rinsed well and then start hanging, but experienced blue cornfield workers advise soaking it in water for the same amount of time, that is, for 2-3 days, before drying, otherwise it may turn out too salty.

Armed with paper clips, pry the tailed beast by the eyes and hang it from a rope in a well-ventilated place, but protected from direct sunlight.

Features of drying small fish

How to properly dry fish? In the summer season, it will take 3-7 days to become fully edible. It is easy to understand if you touch and smell it: it should not be soft, and the smell of fresh meat should be replaced by the pleasant and intoxicating aroma of dried fish.

If you want to dry a small product - capelin or bleak, then the soaking and drying process is significantly reduced. That is, one day will be enough for soaking, and the same amount will be spent on drying, and the bleak does not have to be hung: it is not forbidden to spread it on paper or oilcloth, and after a few hours turn it over on its other side and by the end of the day enjoy a tasty and healthy product.

Howyou can dry fish in winter

How to dry fish at home?

The drying process in the cold season is no different from that in the heat. How to dry fish at home? Hang the salted and soaked product in a warm place, which means you need an oven, boiler or stove for this.

The rope must be pulled over the stove at such a distance that the future beer snack is by no means fried, but only dries up under the influence of warm air. Dried product in this way can be obtained in 5-7 days.

Where can you dry fish in winter? If this option does not suit you for any reason, you can purchase a special electric dryer. Experienced users advise to cook with the heaters turned off completely, leaving only the fan.

Otherwise, it can be spoiled, and the fish not only will not wilt, but will not be fried, but will simply heat up and when you try to take it, the meat will fall off the bones. How to dry fish in an electric dryer? Put on a sheet and leave under a direct stream of air blown by a fan for 12-24 hours.

But as practice shows, this time is not enough and the product remains unfit for human consumption. In this case, experienced users are advised to prepare the so-called chips for beer from fish fillets. And for this, the fish needs to be cleaned, gutted.

Remove the head and cut off all the meat from the bones. Cut it into thin strips and place on the baking sheet of the machine. How much to dry such fish? Fillet for cooking will take 5-7 hours.

How to get large dried fish

How to dry fish at home?

Large fish are recommended to be crucified before drying, that is, cut along the back and unfold. Remove the insides and wipe dry, and only then cover with salt. Salt will help not only extend the shelf life of the product, but also get rid of excess moisture.

The ideal option is when the tailed belly looks up when salting. Further actions are no different from those described above. If you want to take a chance and dry large fish without cutting it, you need to fill the abdominal cavity with strong saline and a regular syringe will help you with this. Salt is also poured under the gill wings and into the mouth.

If you do everything right, after the allotted time you will be able to gather a warm company and enjoy a product made with your own hands with aromatic beer.

The main thing is to protect the drying area from insects, which means that the balcony of the apartment must be equipped with a mosquito net. If you dry your food outside, put together a special box, the role of the walls of which will be the same mesh.

How To Make Dry Fish At Home - How To Preserve Fish Part 1

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