How to Plant Cucumbers for BIGGER Harvest & DELICIOUS Fruit

How to dive cucumbers, and should you do it? Useful tips and advice for gardeners

Picking is a procedure known to all gardeners, in which plants must be transplanted from a smaller container to a larger one. This is usually done immediately after the first leaves appear on the seedlings, but in all cases there are exceptions. For some plants, picking is a necessary procedure, without which it is impossible to get a good harvest.

For others, it is very stressful, so it is much better to do without it.

In this article we will tell you about whether picking is useful or harmful for cucumber seedlings, in which cases it may be needed, and how to do it correctly in the open field.

Is it possible to dive cucumber seedlings?

How to dive cucumbers, and should you do it? Useful tips and advice for gardeners

The fruits loved by many gardeners have a very fragile root system, which can be very easily damaged if handled carelessly. In most cases, people who grow this delicious vegetable try to avoid picking.

This procedure is often very difficult for delicate cucumber seedlings, and in some situations the plants may feel very deplorable after it.

To prevent this from happening, you should give preference to planting seeds in individual paper or plastic small cups. Also, in some cases, special peat melting tanks are successfully used.

Despite this, in some situations it is possible to create the most favorable conditions for growing seedlings only on a very small area. It is in these cases that picking is most often used.

Despite the fact that many gardeners doubt whether it is necessary to dive cucumbers at all, there are several cases when it is necessary to do it, namely:

How to dive cucumbers, and should you do it? Useful tips and advice for gardeners
  • If you originally planted seeds not in individual containers, but in a common box. In this case, if the pick is not made in time, the root systems of neighboring plants may intertwine, as a result of which all your seedlings will die. In addition, this procedure will facilitate the planting of cucumbers in permanent soil in the future;
  • If there are many more seedlings emerging than you planned. In this case, with the help of picking you will imitate natural selection - get rid of weak and sick plants, select only the best and healthiest seedlings and transplant them to another place;
  • If the soil in which the seedlings are planted is infected with a fungus. If at least one sick seedling is found, the symptoms of which indicate a fungal infection, you should immediately get rid of the diseased seedlings and transplant the rest of the plants into new soil. This way you can protect and preserve seedlings that are not yet infected;
  • In addition, some gardeners are interested in whether it is possible to dive adult cucumber plants, for example, when the fruits have already set. Indeed, in some cases, the seedlings of the pikeThey grow much later than the moment when the first leaves appeared. If necessary, this is done when there is a high probability of overgrowth and it is necessary to slow down its growth. In this situation, picking will help slightly delay the growth and development of seedlings. This procedure is carried out long before the fruit set, because at this stage it simply does not make sense, because the plants direct all their forces exclusively to the formation and strengthening of fresh cucumbers.

How to dive cucumber seedlings in a greenhouse or open field?

As already mentioned, it is better to avoid the picking procedure altogether to grow cucumber seedlings healthy and strong.

At the same time, if you have such a need, you should know how to dive cucumbers correctly, and be sure to adhere to the following recommendations:

How to dive cucumbers, and should you do it? Useful tips and advice for gardeners
  • The best time for picking is the phase of development of cotyledon leaves. Usually this period occurs 5-7 days after the first shoots appear;
  • Approximately 2 hours before transplanting, the seedlings should be watered with plenty of warm water. This will greatly facilitate the process of extracting plants from the ground;
  • New soil must be poured into the required containers in advance to enable it to settle. In addition, a day before the pick, it must be well watered so that it has time to soak;
  • Immediately before transferring seedlings with your finger or any long object, make small indentations in each container in which the plant will be planted;
  • Seedlings of cucumbers must be removed with the soil. It is best not to do this with your hands, but with a small spatula, wide tweezers, a tablespoon, Chinese chopsticks, or any other suitable object. During the movement of the seedling, it should be held by the earthen lump or, in extreme cases, by the cotyledonous leaves. It is strictly forbidden to touch the stem during a dive;
  • To stimulate the development of lateral roots, a small section of the main root must be carefully pinched off. After that, the seedlings are transferred to new soil, and additionally sprinkled with a small amount of earth, slightly compacting it. This will help plant roots to better contact the soil;
  • Finally, after all the seedlings have been moved to a new location, they are watered with warm water and covered with a special white covering material that can protect the plants from drafts.

For several days after the pick, it is necessary to maintain a high ambient humidity and air temperature in the range from 18 to 20 degrees Celsius.

Of course, it is much easier to create favorable conditions for the growth of cucumbers indoors or in a greenhouse. If you dive cucumbers directly into the open ground, be sure to wait until suitable weather conditions are established, when the air temperature will not drop below +16 degrees Celsius day or night. In prOtherwise, you risk losing absolutely all seedlings immediately after the procedure.

Growing cucumbers in your garden is not easy at all. This plant cannot be called unpretentious at all, since certain skills and abilities are required to grow it. Despite this, most summer residents annually spend quite a lot of time and energy to get a good harvest, because homemade cucumbers have an incredibly delicate taste and wonderful aroma.

In addition, this vegetable can be used to prepare a lot of nutritious preparations that will be so pleasant to serve in the winter season.

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