4 Ways To Sharpen Your Intuition - Even If You Don't Think You Have It

How to develop intuition?

As we all know, intuition is an absolutely amazing phenomenon, which, unfortunately, has been little studied by science. Of course, some opinion polls have been carried out. According to their results, it became clear that women most often have such a feeling, but men almost always use the arguments of reason.

How to develop intuition?

In order to get a closer look at this concept, let's first remember how our brain works. Without going deep into anatomical terminology, you can compare it with a warehouse, which is constantly receiving new information. Our brain processes it and draws certain conclusions.

It is on the basis of such conclusions that we make decisions. Moreover, the work of our brain is so brought to automatism that we do not even notice what efforts it makes every second. For example, you don't think about breathing or walking.

All these actions occur automatically, since our brain, relying on already existing experience, makes intuitive decisions.

Now, back to our intuition. According to some foreign researchers, it is also a brain process. Interestingly, if in the past you have not had relevant experience, then do not even rely on her help. But how, you ask, can we intuitively define a good person or a bad one if we see him for the first time? It's very simple!

Of course, this is the first time you see this person, but the facial expressions of all people are about the same. So if your new acquaintance wrinkles his forehead when talking to you, then the brain automatically notices that your interlocutor is not saying something, making excuses or, in general, lying. This is approximately how our intuition works with you.

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what is intuition ?

If we compare intuition with an inner voice that will give you the necessary advice at the right time, then it is still worth developing such a feeling. Are advice superfluous? But how can you learn to hear your inner voice if the decision-making mechanisms themselves defy any logical or scientific explanation.

Today, developed intuitive abilities are highly valued by people at the helm of enterprises. For example, every leader at least once in his life had to make a decision in a few seconds, guided solely by his feelings.

The same can be said about ordinary people, since in the life of every person there are moments when a sudden decision saved the situation. Especially this sensation should be familiar to representatives of weakhalf of humanity, whose female intuition has long been a talk of the town.

Of course, you and I cannot deny the influence of experience on the sixth sense, since it sort of systematizes the information already received. For example, could Mendeleev see a table of chemical elements in a dream if he was completely unfamiliar with chemistry. In this case, his brain simply systematized the existing data so that one, logically connected system was obtained.

If you are reading this article right now and think that everything here is, of course, well written, but it was for you that nature deprived this gift, then you are mistaken. Everyone has intuition, it just needs to be constantly developed. You were not born with the ability to walk, speak, read, write.

All of this you have learned over time. Here and here the same thing! So you can learn to act intuitively, the main thing is to have firm faith in the existence of such an amazing phenomenon.

How to hear it?

First, you need to fulfill three conditions, without which you cannot see intuitive thinking as your own ears:

How to develop intuition?
  • Forget logic. Yes Yes! If you look for a logical explanation for each of your actions, then most likely you will not be able to start using your subconscious mind to make decisions. Of course, at first it will be very difficult to trust your inner feelings and take responsibility for a possible mistake. But if you find the courage to listen to yourself and do as your heart advises you, and not logic, then perhaps the result will exceed all your expectations;
  • Be sure to start getting creative. And it doesn't matter at all what kind of creative activity you prefer: you can sing, cross-stitch, write poetry or dance. The main thing is that you are completely absorbed in your occupation. Such creative activity dulls our logic a little and makes the world around us sparkle with new colors. Being engaged in creativity, you can see its manifestations in the outside world. Your perception of the world will become more acute, you will begin to notice things that you would not have paid any attention to before;
  • Learn to rest. And you shouldn't think that a good rest is a change of activity. If you are tired at work, and feel like a driven horse, then take it and go on a weekend in nature. There you will be charged with positive energy, and positive, as you know, is the best friend of intuitive thinking.

Using these tips for developing intuition, you will not only become more trusting in yourself, but also get rid of inner tension and depression. All decisions will be easier for you, and you will spend much less effort on work.

how to develop intuition?

Of course, the process of developing intuitive abilities is an exclusively individual matter, but a certain standard algorithm still exists. In order toget an answer, first you need to ask a question.

So if you want to hear the voice of your subconscious mind giving you advice, then clearly formulate the essence of the problem you are interested in. Otherwise, you may not even expect any response from the subconscious. Do not think that you will be answered in five pages of handwritten text using all sorts of epithets.

Formulate the question so that the answer is monosyllabic. For example, should I go to this meeting? . By shaping each question in this way, you can get a clear answer that will help you make the right decision, focusing on your inner feelings.

Do not start with something global. At first, you can ask your inner self about choosing a dress, going to the cinema, meeting a certain person. But over time, as you develop intuitive thinking, you will be able to solve almost all problems that concern you in this way.

If you are just starting to study the capabilities of your subconscious, then it is better to do it alone with yourself. This way you can concentrate on your problems, feel everything, even the smallest changes in your emotional state. And if you follow all our tips, your intuition will develop quickly enough.


We are all interested in the question of whether it is possible to quickly develop intuition and whether there are special exercises for this. Of course have. For example, you can use a mirror. Position it so that you can only see the sky.

The essence of the exercise is to look for a while only at the tops of the trees and the sky, not paying attention to the events happening around you. This exercise will help you learn to concentrate on yourself, listen to your inner I .

Another very effective exercise is moving with your eyes closed. But at the same time, it is desirable that there is another person next to you who can control your movements. You can choose any location for these exercises.

The main thing is that there are no objects there that, in the event of an unsuccessful movement, can harm your health. This will train your attitude, which will give you the opportunity to learn how to concentrate on your emotional state.

We have presented you two of the best techniques, using which you can wake up your inner voice, learn to hear it and start living a new amazing life. So start training and then you will succeed.

So, after you've read the best tips on how to develop your intuition, you can start applying them. But remember that any guidance won't help you develop your sixth sense if you don't believe it exists.

So, first of all, you need to agree with yourself that you have such a phenomenon, and thenyes - everything will be fine!

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