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How to decorate a glass bottle

The decor of glass bottles is becoming fashionable, and needlewomen are showing more and more interest in the ways of pasting and dyeing champagne and wine bottles. Today you will find out. How to turn an unwanted item into a stylish addition to your home decor.

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Decorating do-it-yourself twine bottle

One of the simplest decoration methods is twine trim. This requires a minimum of skill, a little time and desire. As a result, you will have a very cute piece of furniture, and at the same time practically no costs.

You will need:

How to decorate a glass bottle
  • twine, depending on the thickness from 5 to 10 m;
  • silicone glue;
  • brush;
  • scissors;
  • foam or cotton swab;
  • acetone-containing liquid.

How to:

  1. start by completely degreasing the glass - wipe it thoroughly with a swab of nail polish remover;
  2. apply glue to the glass, starting from the neck, gradually applying it as you wind the twine;
  3. put skein by skein quite tightly, gluing the threads together;
  4. when you reach the bottom, continue to glue the twine, creating a tapering spiral, gently fix the tip in the center;
  5. decorate the finished item with applique or leave it as it was.

Twine Tips:

  • take silicone glue for work - its transparency will help to avoid dirty look of the finished product;
  • choose the best twine thickness for each specific vessel based on the size of the last one: on bulky, pot-bellied bottles, lay out thin twine, and decorate narrow and tall ones with the thickest ones;
  • to give the product an ethnic character, use additional decorations by placing them on silicone glue: coffee beans, dry spikelets, pieces of fur, feathers, beads, woolen threads;
  • a simple braid without patterns is well suited for complex ikebana or a bouquet of bright dried flowers;
  • you can use a ready-made scheme or combine several samples of patterns for bottle decor, combining the elements you like to your taste.

Toilet paper papier-mâché effect

An object of such a utilitarian purpose can be used as a cheap and convenient material for creatinga collection of souvenirs, and more specifically, decorated bottles. It is convenient to lay out the relief with this paper, moistened with glue, and when it dries up - paint with acrylic paint.

You will need:

How to decorate a glass bottle
  • toilet paper;
  • nail polish remover with acetone;
  • cotton swab;
  • PVA glue or flour welded glue;
  • brush;
  • acrylic paints.

How to:

  1. degrease the entire glass surface by wiping it with a swab dipped in nail polish remover;
  2. prepare pieces of paper that are twice the height of the bottle;
  3. generously grease the glass with glue;
  4. start to apply from neck to base, using your fingers to fold in the direction you want;
  5. each layer must be completely dry, this will take about 3 hours;
  6. apply a new layer of paper dipped in glue, repeating and strengthening the relief of the previous layer;
  7. when applying 5-7 layers, carefully wrap the ends in the neck and at the bottom, secure with glue;
  8. after the product has completely dried, paint the bottle with acrylic paint: you just need to draw the bulges to emphasize the relief;
  9. toilet paper decor is ready!

You can choose any scheme for decorating bottles with toilet paper - vertical or diagonal stripes, hillocks in a checkerboard pattern or fantasy waves. Paper lined with a simple repeating pattern from neck to bottom looks impressive, although no one forbids you to lay out a convex composition on one side and smooth on the other. This, you see, is the most unusual way to decorate, if you compare the raw materials and the result.

You can also try the tights bottle decor option - use an old stocking by pulling it on and gluing the joints. When working with tights, add texture by soaking them abundantly with glue, then you can paint the product.

How to make a topiary

Plastic bottles make excellent DIY decor, for example, the popular topiary, or the tree of happiness.

Initially, a European garden was called topiary, and more specifically, a curly haircut of trees. Recently, topiary for the home interior has come into fashion - a small spherical imitation of a tree in a beautiful pot. The material for the manufacture can be paper, fabric or plastic with ribbons, coffee beans, sweets. Try to make such a miracle for your home out of unnecessary plastic containers.

You will need:

How to decorate a glass bottle
  • plastic eggplant 5 l;
  • twine;
  • wooden pole 50 cm;
  • superglue;
  • expanded clay;
  • acrylic paints;
  • brush;
  • scissors;
  • colored crinkled paper.

How to:

  1. make a ball of paper: on a ball rolled from old newspaperspour bows of colored paper, tightly positioning them so that they completely cover it;
  2. make a base: cut a plastic bottle so that you get a pot, then paint it in a bright color or paint with patterns;
  3. we strengthen the pole: a wooden pole, wrapped in twine, we strengthen it at the bottom of the pot with expanded clay, abundantly glued with superglue, fill in the rest of the expanded clay from above - you can not glue it;
  4. finish: glue the ball to the tip of the pole, decorate the pole with a bright bow.

Decorating the bottle with ribbons

You can make an outfit for a bottle using a colored satin ribbon - you will get a festive souvenir for the bride and groom, for a New Year's table or for an anniversary.

You will need:

How to decorate a glass bottle
  • glue and brush;
  • tape 5.5 m long;
  • lace and beads for decoration;
  • liquid with acetone and swab.

How to:

  1. degrease glass as usual;
  2. measure and cut the tape into pieces of varying lengths, just enough to wrap around the neck and below where the vessel expands - about 5 to 30 cm;
  3. start laying the tape from the neck, slightly obliquely, gluing each row;
  4. lay the next rows with ribbons, slightly going over the previous row, overlapping;
  5. when you reach the bottom, lay three rows parallel to the bottom;
  6. decorate with bows, lace and beads and glue.

DIY bottle decor is an exciting hobby for girls with taste and love for needlework.

Your hobby can not only decorate the house, but also generate income, because there are more and more people wishing to purchase an unusual hand-made craft!

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