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How to deal with dizziness and congestion in the ears?

Don't worry if you feel dizzy, nauseous, or pinched your ears after riding a merry-go-round, on an airplane, or when traveling at high speed in a car, even if childhood the most risky rides brought only pleasure. With age, the vessels lose their elasticity, the vestibular apparatus is more sensitive to pressure changes.

If you often experience dizziness and ringing in your ears, you should think about your own health. Many diseases of the central nervous and cardiovascular systems begin with similar symptoms.

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Reasons dizziness

How to deal with dizziness and congestion in the ears?

The fact that the ears are periodically blocked and the head is spinning is a sign of disturbances in the functioning of the vestibular apparatus. Among the reasons provoking this condition, it is possible to highlight the surges in blood pressure.

Additional symptoms may include:

  • the patient is sick;
  • flies or darkness appear;
  • after the feeling that you are in complete silence, your ears begin to ring.

The condition is typical for cervical osteochondrosis of II and III degrees and for vegetative-vascular dystonia.

Lies or rings in the ears with otitis media, which may be accompanied by dizziness. Why it happens? It is not only the cerebellum that is responsible for balance, but the organ in the inner ear - the organ of Corti. Acute otitis media pathologically affects the general condition of the body, noise is constantly heard in a stuffy ear with purulent contents, the balance is disturbed.

Any trauma to the skull and inner ear, infectious diseases - all this can lead to imbalance.

The condition when the head is spinning and ringing in the ears is one of the main symptoms of Meniere's disease. With this condition, fluid pressure increases in the inner ear. The factors provoking this disease have not yet been clarified. These include: the introduction of pathogenic flora, vascular disorders, traumatic brain injury.

One of the symptoms of the onset of multiple sclerosis and epilepsy is also a characteristic state of lightheadedness.

It is impossible to diagnose the disease by the clinical picture, it is necessary to carry out special examinations, which include: radiography, general and specific analyzes, EEG and tomography.

You can't just go to the doctor and ask for a cure for dizziness. An unpleasant syndrome can be eliminated only after finding out the reasons.

Additional reasons unpleasantstate

The head is not always dizzy and tinnitus appears during illness.

All of these symptoms can occur with the following conditions:

How to deal with dizziness and congestion in the ears?
  • during pregnancy;
  • after a stressful condition or with severe fright, due to a sharp vasoconstriction;
  • for lack of sleep;
  • as a side effect after taking certain medications;
  • during a diet, especially for those who completely give up carbohydrates, cutting back on protein rations.

Unpleasant phenomena during pregnancy may indicate toxicosis, temporary vascular disorders. Be sure to tell your doctor about what is happening. There are special medications for pregnant women that help get rid of pressure drops. You need to be very careful not to injure yourself and harm the unborn baby.

The dizziness caused by stress will gradually subside. If the memories return an unpleasant symptom, it is necessary to consult with a psychotherapist or neurologist. Sedatives or even tranquilizers may be needed.

With chronic lack of sleep, you just need to normalize the daily routine. You should not excuse yourself with constant employment and bring yourself to exhaustion with work. Unpleasant symptoms that occur periodically at first, and then become more frequent, indicate the development of pathology in the body. In the future, in order to improve your health, you will have to sacrifice not only time, but also money.

Dizziness, darkening of the eyes, and ear congestion indicate the onset of hypoglycemic coma. No slim figure is worth such suffering. If you continue to mock yourself, irreversible changes may occur in the body.

Actions for dizziness

What to do if you suddenly feel dizzy and ringing in your ears?

You can lose consciousness, get injured. This is especially dangerous if you are pregnant:

  • We need to find support to restore balance. At home or indoors it can be a table, chair, sofa, on the street - a bench, post, tree, wall of the house.
  • Do not squat and close your eyes - it will be even worse.
  • Breathing should be normalized. Do not convulsively catch air with your mouth, but breathe through your nose and keep your head straight. It only seems that when your head is spinning, it is impossible to control yourself.
  • If you feel the approach of a fit of lightheadedness in advance, you should loosen the tight belt of your skirt or trousers.
  • If you notice that someone nearby is feeling bad, you need to try to provide him with fresh air.
  • If you are doing some work or are in motion, you need to interrupt. In 10-15 seconds, the tinnitus will disappear, breathing will return to normal.
  • It is advisable to drink water when you feel the onset of an attack. Dizziness can be caused by dehydration.
How to deal with dizziness and congestion in the ears?

It often happens that begin to float away in a stuffy room, at a meeting or lecture. In order not to lose consciousness, you need to shake yourself up - switch your attention. You will have time to catch up the speaker later.

Ears were blocked in transport, my head began to spin, I felt sick - a sure symptom that makes me sick. You need to come closer to the window, swallow, relax, if it is impossible to get out at the first stop.

Do not be afraid of a dizziness attack. Even sucking candy can help to remove it - sucking switches attention. But even if you learn to help yourself, it is imperative to find out why there are periodic attacks.

The body thus gives a signal that there are health problems. If the signal is decoded correctly, there will be no unpleasant consequences.

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