Coping With Depression

How to deal with depression at home

To understand how to deal with depression, you must first decide what it is. After all, this state in a complex and methodical way spoils a person's life: relations with relatives, friends and colleagues deteriorate sharply, work efficiency drops noticeably, and all the usual things simply fail in everyday life.

Any depression as a pathological condition in the human body consists of three components:

  1. negative mood swings;
  2. vegetative disorders;
  3. pathological fatigue.
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Mood swings

The first component is not just mood swings, a person becomes sad and depressed for no reason, and remains so for more than two weeks. His mood swings throughout the day, and not necessarily the same every day. In the life of such a person, all colors fade. Life becomes gray, dull and uninteresting.

How to deal with depression at home

Bad mood can be of very different shades: melancholy, anxiety, despair, irritability, or indifference.

Sometimes a person's mood can be more or less stable, but pains appear in the body, the cause of which cannot be objectively established. Quite often, anxiety depression occurs in response to a prolonged stressful situation.

A person in this state is afraid to fall asleep, expecting nightmares, is always in fear for family and friends.

In some cases, there are so-called obsessive states (fidgeting in a chair or walking from corner to corner). Very strong anxiety can transform into panic attacks (a person does not have enough air, his heart rate increases, tremors, chills or fever appear).

With other types of depression, except anxious, a person, on the contrary, is inhibited. It becomes more difficult for him to think, his memory and attention are seriously impaired, and, as a rule, concentration is absent.

I get tired of simple things like watching TV or reading books. It becomes extremely difficult to force yourself to carry out daily duties: clean up or vacuum, wash dishes or cook food, etc. Moreover, these processes seem to the victim inappropriate or completely overwhelming.

Inhibition processes cover the whole organism. It becomes difficult to concentrate, read, think and memorize. And even while resting for half a day, a person does not get enough sleep and feelsblows himself overwhelmed.

Vegetative disorders

The second component of depression is vegetative disorders . If a therapist, cardiologist and neuropathologist excluded objective diseases of the corresponding organs in a person, then dizziness or headaches, frequent urination or false urges, diarrhea and constipation, lack of appetite, pressure or temperature surges and the most common - pain in the heart - these are all vegetative signs depression.


The third component of depression is asthenic. It implies fatigue, weather dependence, irritability, and sometimes tearfulness.

How to deal with depression at home

Here is such a multifaceted and multifaceted depression, which, perhaps, spoils the life of you or someone from your loved ones. If you have identified the enemy by some signs, then, first of all, you need to understand what caused her appearance.

Anything can provoke the onset of this condition: prolonged stress at home or at work, sad events in the family, illness of a person or his loved ones, even just a change of seasons. Sometimes a joyful event can also cause depression.

Postpartum depression

This is often how postpartum depression occurs. This condition causes hormonal changes, the pain experienced, fears and apprehensions caused by the new role of the mother and, of course, the endless demands of the baby.

A particularly high risk of postpartum depression in women who are imposed a certain pattern of behavior. So, often, a young mother can be presented with a certain ideal before or after childbirth (mother, grandmother, mother-in-law), who raised three (five) children or raised them alone without her husband, or lived in a house without water and with stove heating.

Unable to cope with one child, the newly-made mother feels her inferiority in comparison with heroic role models and falls into a depressive state. I emphasize that hormones play an important role in such a situation, which greatly distort the normal perception of events.

Let's try to figure out how to deal with postpartum depression. This beast can be approached from different sides:

How to deal with depression at home
  1. Get some sleep first! It is clear that the baby will not stop waking up at night for you and asking for food, and sometimes just chatting. But who prevents you from taking a nap during the day, when your happiness turned off after another happy communication at night;
  2. You won't have time for everything and everywhere, and you shouldn't strive for this either. Who said that everything should sparkle with you? The ideal mom, mother-in-law or sister? Let them come and show you how careless it should be. Get them and your husband involved in homework;
  3. Take time for yourself every day. Pick one of your baby's dream periods and take a break. Make a face mask or lookTV, or flip through magazines - take a break from everyday life;
  4. Add bright light, colors and smells to your life. Take a walk during the day. In the evening, change something at home: buy a new lampshade for the chandelier, or put a floor lamp or just light a candle. Orange essential oil helps to cheer you up - experiment!
  5. Talk about problems with your husband. Do not be silent! Very often a woman torments herself with guesses how terrified she is for him, and on the contrary, he admires his wife as Madonna, but does not touch her in bed for her own sake, so that she sleeps;
  6. Learn to relax or release tension. You can do yoga or self-hypnosis - remember the movie The Most Charming and Attractive? Repeat it! You can wash your face with cold water or cloud your pillow. Or you can fight pillows with your husband or throw plates in the kitchen together. All problems are solvable, believe me;
  7. Find a helper. Indeed, very often all problems can be solved simply by hiring a nanny or housekeeper. Or even just invite a neighbor, Baba Dusya, who will gladly have sex with your little one while you wash the dishes, floors, or finish whatever else you need;
  8. If all else fails, run to a specialist, because your depression can affect your child's mental health.

Autumn Depression

There is another insidious type of depression that lies in wait for almost every person - the autumn blues. During the period when the whole nature slows down and falls asleep, man, as a part of it, quite naturally also begins to slow down.

Sometimes this is caused by objective reasons, such as vitamin deficiency, disagreements in the family or at work, and sometimes this condition occurs due to a sharp cold snap. But, most often, such a process is associated with a subconscious unwillingness to let go of a warm, bright and such an interesting summer.

So how to deal with the autumn depression or prevent it? In fact, in this case, everything is very simple.

Make your life brighter, give yourself the most pleasant:

How to deal with depression at home
  1. Lack of vitamins can be replenished with tablets from the pharmacy, or with fruits and vegetables. Yes, in autumn they cost a little more than in summer, but they are so bright, juicy, delicious - do not deny yourself;
  2. Add some brightness to your life. It could be anything, new curtains through which even the dimmest morning light will be bright. You can buy warm clothes for the winter in bright and rich colors, draw the sun on the window with a marker;
  3. Listen to pleasant music, preferably calm;
  4. Get busy or start painting;
  5. Give your body a job. Exercise is the best medicine. The tired body will have no time to think, and even more so about the bad.

To summarize, one thing can be said: before you understand how to deal with depression on your own, you need toDetermine the cause and find allies. After all, for sure, your mother or someone close (friend, husband, children) will help you get rid of negativity and return to normal life. Be cheerful, full of energy and happy!

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