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How to cure a person from alcoholism without his knowledge?

Alcoholism is a terrible disease, from which all internal organs, tissues and body systems of a sick person are gradually destroyed. Unfortunately, most people who cannot cope with alcohol dependence on their own do not admit that they are sick and require treatment.

How to cure a person from alcoholism without his knowledge?

At the same time, all relatives of this person suffer greatly from this disease.

They are the ones who want to help him cope with this serious illness and make him dislike alcoholic beverages.

Sick people are usually very sensitive, so the offer to undergo compulsory alcoholism treatment can greatly offend them and provoke an inappropriate reaction.

To prevent this from happening, it is best to treat a person from alcoholism without his knowledge, especially since there are really effective folk methods that turn the patient away from alcohol for a long time so that he does not even know what exactly happened.

Treatment of alcoholism without the knowledge of the patient with the help of folk remedies

The simplest and, at the same time, effective methods of treating alcoholism, which can be used without the knowledge of a sick person, is offered by traditional medicine, time-tested. Many years ago, women saved their husbands and sons from a terrible disease, using the healing properties of medicinal plants and other methods.

The fastest way to relieve a person from alcoholism without his knowledge is by such folk remedies:

How to cure a person from alcoholism without his knowledge?
  • type 15 to 30 green bugs that live on wild raspberry bushes. Usually, a huge number of such insects live on these plants, so finding a cure will not cause you any difficulty. Put the collected bugs in a 500 ml bottle of vodka and put it in a secluded place for 2-3 days. When this effective remedy is infused, offer a glass to the patient to drink. As a rule, after taking 50 ml of such a tincture, a person has a persistent aversion not only to this drink, but also to everything else alcohol;
  • For the next effective remedy for alcoholism that can be used without the patient's knowledge, you need oily salt. It can be difficult to obtain this substance, but if you succeed, you will definitely help your loved one cope with a serious illness. About 30 grams of this salt should be well dissolved in 100 ml of medical alcohol and put the container with this agent in a dark place for 3 days. After this time, the medicine must be added to the patient's drink or food 7 drops a day, however, this should be done carefully so that the taste of the dishes does not change, and the alcoholic does not guess anything;
  • if you can find a fresh, light and clean dung mushroomuk, you can also prepare an unusually effective remedy for alcoholism to be used without the patient's knowledge. Grind this product and place it in a skillet without adding oil. Put this skillet over low heat and dry the dung mushroom this way, stirring constantly. When it is completely dry and completely free of water, grind it in a coffee grinder. The powder prepared in this way can be safely added to the food and drink of the patient, because it practically does not change the taste and aroma of the products, however, given that the dung mushroom is quite toxic, the permissible dosage of 2.5-3 grams per day should not be exceeded. Even if an alcoholic suspects something, he will think that ordinary champignons or other mushrooms have been added to the dish.

This folk remedy, used without the knowledge of the patient, perfectly helps with alcoholism, but does not turn the patient away from alcoholic beverages. At the same time, if you drink at least a little alcohol after consuming powder made from dung mushroom, an incredibly violent reaction of the body occurs.

The whole body of the alcoholic and especially the face, with the exception of the tip of the nose and earlobes, takes on a reddish-purple hue. The patient begins to have an irresistible thirst, the body temperature rises, severe diarrhea occurs or, conversely, irresistible constipation, and other severe symptoms appear.

After a few hours, all these signs disappear without a trace, but if at the same time you drink at least a minimum portion of alcohol, everything returns to normal.

After some time, a person with alcoholism will understand that such a reaction occurs precisely after drinking alcoholic beverages, and will have to give up alcohol:

How to cure a person from alcoholism without his knowledge?
  • Pour 3 tablespoons of thyme into a glass and pour boiling water over it to the very top, and then cover with a lid. Leave for a few hours and wait until the product is infused and cooled. The prepared medicine must be added one teaspoon at a time directly to the alcohol. The drug does not change the taste, color and aroma of the drink, but after taking it, the patient will certainly experience vomiting and nausea, as well as not too intense pain in the stomach;
  • You can also take 500 ml of rubbing alcohol and add 1 tablespoon of red capsicum powder to it. Leave this folk remedy for about 2 weeks, and then add it a few drops to the alcohol that your close relative uses;
  • finally, we shouldn't forget about the medicinal properties of medicinal plants. For alcoholism, decoctions and tinctures of herbs such as willow tea, puppeteer grass, lovage, European hoof, St. John's wort and hellebore will be extremely effective. Moreover, to reduce the alcoholic's craving for alcohol, very few of all these funds are enough, so they can be given to him without any problems so that he does not guess anything./ li>

Of course, the treatment of alcoholism with folk remedies is extremely effective, however, it can help only at the initial stage of the disease.

If a person has already formed irreparable consequences of excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages, for example, cirrhosis of the liver, he needs urgent medical attention, and the use of any of the above techniques can only aggravate the situation and cause him even more harm .

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