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How to create a festive balloon arch with your own hands

The balloon arch looks elegant and sophisticated. This is the way to decorate the halls where weddings and other celebrations are celebrated. You can entrust its creation to the organizers, but then get ready for the fact that you will have to pay a tidy sum for this service. If you want to save money, you can make such beauty with your own hands. Then you will be confident in the reliability of the design and can play with the colors of helium balloons to your taste.

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The Easy Way

How to create a festive balloon arch with your own hands

If you do not want to spend a lot of effort creating a balloon arch for a wedding, you will need a ready-made base. It can be purchased at garden stores. As a rule, it is made from thick wire. Make sure its height and width match the room where the celebration will be held.

The base can be made from rigid hose and cinder block or similar materials. To make the structure more stable and reliable, fill the holes with sand or gravel. If you are not sure that the arch will stand firmly, you can tie it with ribbons to a tree or other elements.

Inflate the balloons with helium or regular air - all the same, the arch will hold them in a certain position. The balls should cover the base from all sides so that it does not show through. When they are all inflated, tie to the base in turn. Make sure there are no empty spaces. The balloons may swell slightly in the wind, but the overall structure will remain stationary.

The hard way

This is another method for making your own arch from balls. You will need the thinnest rope. Spread it out on the ground in an arch shape, controlling the height and width. Leave a few free centimeters to secure. Loop the ends to make it easier to fix.

Attach one end of the rope to the base - it must hold firmly so that it does not fly away with the balls. The other end remains free for now. Tie the balloons filled with helium to the rope one by one. For this, it is convenient to use wire for floristry or scotch tape - they do not stretch or deform. You need to tie it in several layers.

How to create a festive balloon arch with your own hands

It is necessary to start all manipulations from the free end - it will rise into the air, and the balls will not cling to grass or other objects on the floor. The balloon arch will be very light, so instead of ribbons, you can use corrugated paper for decoration. Wrap it around the entire rope, from the wound end to the floating one. It is better to select paper underthe color of the balls - then the design will look harmonious.

When you've wrapped the entire rope, hold the edge in your hand. Cut off excess paper and secure with transparent tape.

The end can now be fixed to the base. The arch will remain upright thanks to the helium in the balloons. The base can be adjusted slightly by making it lower or wider. Decorate the bottom with flowers if desired.

Helpful Hints

To make an arch, experts recommend listening to their advice:

  • Get a helium bottle to speed up the process;
  • If you want to use balloons of different colors, come up with a harmonious combination. Stripes or spirals look good;
  • Inflate just before the celebration, as in about 10 hours the balloons will begin to fall;
  • Be sure to check all fasteners - the knots must be strong and reliable so that the arches of helium balloons do not fall apart right during the event.

Balloon flower arch

It is perfect for a children's birthday.

How to create a festive balloon arch with your own hands

It is not difficult to figure out how to make an arch from balls with your own hands. The flowers will be attached to a metal frame from a pipe, which must be securely fixed. Balls filled with water can be used as weights. It is convenient to fasten them with tape. Make flowers out of the balls, and tie their tails into a single whole. Make the required number of such flowers and plant them in turn on the frame.

For a children's party, it is better to choose bright juicy colors, and if you are preparing an arch for a wedding, then gentle pastel colors, golden or silver are suitable.

You can decorate the room where the celebration will take place not only with balloons. Products covered with foil look great. These balls are very durable, but they look bulky. To add lightness, they are combined with airy ones.

You can decorate the hall with helium balloons by tying a long curled ribbon to them and letting them go to the ceiling. They can be used to decorate columns, ceilings or make small bouquets .

Let your holiday be bright and memorable!

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