4 Ways To Cook An Egg In A Microwave

How to cook an omelet in the microwave: simple and quick ways

This is a dish whose main component is an egg. It differs from scrambled eggs in that the yolk is mixed with protein or is completely absent in it. Can be cooked with or without milk, in a pan, in the oven, in the microwave on a plate, in a cup, mug, bag.

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Such dishes can be roughly divided into simple and multicomponent. The former include those that contain only eggs and salt, but no milk. The multicomponent can include flour, semolina, vegetables, fruits, poultry and animals, fish, some milk and spices.

Let's dwell on how to prepare dishes, which, for the most part, are designed for the use of milk. Such food is prepared even in a mug.

Frying pan or oven?

Unlike classic pan cooking, microwave cooking has several advantages:

  1. Does not burn.
  2. Does not contain carcinogens from frying (ideal food for a child).
  3. Cooking faster than on a gas, electric stove or in the oven (just over 2 minutes).
  4. The dish can even be made in a mug.

How to cook

How to cook an omelet in the microwave: simple and quick ways
  1. On a plate, no milk.
  2. In a glass.
  3. In a mug (cup).
  4. In package.

Why cook an omelet with microwaves?

First, decide for whom you are trying. This can be a microwave omelet for a child (in a mug or cup), a loved one, or a microwave-free diet omelet with which you decide to surprise your friends.

Some housewives cook only in the microwave, sometimes without milk. You don't have to be in the kitchen all the time.

We will focus on the simplest ways to save time (both with dairy ingredients and without milk at all), even in a mug.

Basic recipe on a plate (no milk)

For starters - a one-component formula without milk. On its basis, you can create dishes, the most complex of which are multilayer in a circle.

For preparing one portionand you will need:

  • Eggs - 2 pcs.
  • Salt to taste.
  • Vegetable or non-fatty butter (to grease the dishes).

Beat eggs in a bowl. Add salt.

Pour everything into a deep, oiled plate and cover with cling film. Leave a small hole at the edge. You can tighten the pan tightly, but pierce the plastic with a fork to release the steam.

Put the dishes in the microwave. Set the convection mode to 720 or 900 W. Bake for 40 seconds at 900 W or 50 seconds at 720 W. If your oven's maximum setting is 600 W, set 1 minute.

Use oven mitts to remove the plate, remove the film and mix the contents with a fork. Put the tape back in place. Bake at the same temperature for another 45 (50 seconds or 1 minute, according to the power).

If you look through the glass, you will see an omelet rise in the microwave.

So, the fluffy dish without milk is ready!

Transfer the food to a cold plate, garnish with herbs or grated cheese.


In order for the omelet in the microwave without milk to turn out fluffy and not stick to the walls of the dishes, it is better to use a glass pan with a capacity of up to 500 milliliters.

How to cook an omelet in the microwave: simple and quick ways

The advantage of this method without milk is that the steam under pressure will only slightly lift the lid, and the top of the dish will take the correct shape.

This omelet can also be made in a mug.

There is something to strive for!

After using the basic recipe several times, you will come to an understanding of how to make an omelet in the microwave. But very soon this classic without milk will bore you and those for whom you are cooking.

Then the time will come to master the multi-component method, baking food in a glass, mug and even in a bag!

Milk omelet

This option differs from the basic one only in that it contains milk. It makes the taste richer than not using milk. Such a dish for a child will be especially useful if you use homemade products.

Cook in a glass or mug! This omelet will spark interest in the child and be eaten quickly.

Milk omelette in a glass in the microwave

For a two-portion dish you will need:

  • Two chicken eggs
  • 25 milliliters of milk
  • Salt.
  • Dill, parsley.
  • Two grams of vegetable oil.

Don't use homemade butter!

It is very greasy and can stick to the sides and bottom of a glass or mug.

  • Whisk eggs, milk and salt to taste.
  • Lubricate the inside with oil.
  • Pour the mixture into glasses (just over half each).
  • Place the dishes in the oven.
  • Select 900 W mode and bake for 50 sec. Then pause to let the mixture settle. Remove the glasses, use a fork to mix the contents and place.put in the oven for one more minute.
  • Turn the glass over and dump the contents onto small plates. Sprinkle these cones with chopped herbs and put some mayonnaise on top.


Before mixing milk with eggs, it must be slightly heated.

If your oven does not support 900 W, increase the time for each operation by 10 seconds.

This recipe is also suitable for mug cooking. Since we will also use the word cup in what follows, let's define the concepts. A mug is a tall glass with a handle, and a cup is a low and wide container with two or one handles.

Omelet in a cup in the microwave

How to cook an omelet in the microwave: simple and quick ways

It is prepared, as in a glass, only it requires different proportions: four eggs, 50 milliliters of milk. Accordingly, you need to take a large cup.

The first baking time is 1 minute 30 seconds in 720 or 900 W mode. The time for the second time is 30 seconds.

In this case, it is advisable to be close and watch how the egg mass rises so that it does not fall out of the cup.

Serve by cutting into quarters and sprinkling with grated cheese.

Glass, mug or cup?

To get several servings for guests, surprising them with a fragrant mass in the form of tall cones, it is better to cook in standard faceted glasses. Only, it is not very convenient: they heat up and slip out of mittens or potholders.

It is more convenient to cook in a mug: there is something to grab onto, but the material of not every mug is suitable for the oven.

A glass cup is the most convenient.

Omelette in a bag in the microwave

Some housewives use a cellophane bag. The main argument is the splendor of the egg dish. But, if you decide on such an experiment, it is worth considering that ordinary bags are not designed for significant heating. They release carcinogens that are harmful to health.

Therefore, those who want to cook in this way should look for special materials or even refuse such options altogether. Also, according to some nutritionists, this method is unacceptable for a child.

Cooking in a bag with milk can also give the following result: after removing the bag, potholes form on the surface, which leave particles of curdled milk. To prevent this from happening, you should buy fresh homemade or pasteurized milk. In general, in the package it is worth cooking according to recommendations that do not involve the use of milk at all.

General secrets, subtleties and tips

  • The most delicious dishes come from fresh homemade eggs and milk!
  • The mass will acquire an appetizing yellow color after adding 2 to 5 grams of turmeric (a seasoning from the saffron family).
  • Cookware must be warmed up before use.

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