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How to communicate with a man correctly?

At the age of six, we think that boys differ from us only in faucets, and, quite possibly, the same ones will soon grow up with us. By the age of 10-11, it already seems to us that the briefcase thrown at us or pulling the braid is a manifestation of the unearthly love of Petya from the parallel class. At 15-16, everything turns upside down, and the first kiss, smelling of beer and cheap cigarettes, causes constant disgust.

How to communicate with a man correctly?

And only by the age of 20-22 do we realize a true male being, and it turns out that all representatives of the stronger sex are vulnerable and diverse creatures that require an individual approach.

And if you look for him, you can stay alone for a long time.

And if you do not waste time searching, but just talk to the object of your interest?

About what? How? Read below.

What is an interesting dialogue based on?

The correct answer to how to properly communicate with a man will depend on many factors: his age, position in society, appearance, status, style and even the style and cleanliness of clothes.

Taking into account the experience of many generations of women, we can give the following recommendations on how to communicate with the stronger sex:

How to communicate with a man correctly?
  • Finding the most interesting topic for conversation is already half the task. And let it not seem daunting to you, since it is enough to talk to the guys about politics, sports, cars, money, music and everything that is atypical for the representatives of the weaker half of humanity. Again, proceed with extreme caution and avoid accepting the side of a particular political party or football team. Act hypothetically, figure out the nuances and maneuver;
  • Relationships can start with the simplest compliment. Yes, men also love to hear them in their address, only these should not be florid and complex phrases, but simple and understandable words. Whatever you come up with, you need to look as sincere as possible;
  • Particularly noteworthy is how to communicate with a man about another guy. Here it is necessary to keep a fine line: not to over-praise, not to list all the shortcomings of the subject of conversation, and not to be biased or interested in it. Otherwise, your opponent may become jealous or bewildered with paranoid thoughts about whether you will say the same about him. Avoiding such topics is useless, because as the relationship continues, you will still have to discuss mutual acquaintances or exes. And the interlocutor may get tired of your outpourings. There are two ways out here: to laugh it off, but not to be ironic and not to impersonate an eminent satirist, or to give the partner the opportunity to build a dialogue about an opponent or a common acquaintance himself, to speak out about him and vomit all thoughts. It turns out that all the representatives of the stronger sex should be said either good or funny.

Major mistakes in pconversation

So, before talking with a married or divorced, business or athletic man, remember the most common missteps.

The feminine mind is built in such a way that it uses conversation as the main mode of expression.

How to communicate with a man correctly?

For example, if a girl is busy and she has to do 5-6 different things, she will start telling what exactly awaits her, how she does not want to do this, where each action will take place, etc.

To married men and to all other men, this seems like idle chatter, a call for help or sheer nonsense.

The brains of a representative of the stronger sex can only track one line of conversation, while ladies are able to discuss several things at the same time.

It turns out that if you are concerned about the question of how to learn to communicate with men, conduct a dialogue only on one main topic.

As you work on how to communicate with different men, unlearn interrupting your interlocutor. Guys only do this when they feel aggression, while for girls it is a manifestation of attention and interest. Have pity on the man, because it is difficult for him to listen and speak at the same time, let him speak and only then start a new line of conversation.

Stop using hints before interacting with a divorced or free man.

How to communicate with a man correctly?

Walking around the bush is a typical ladies' specialization, which perfectly helps to smooth out acute situations, and sooner come to a consensus. But all this is not to the liking of their companions, who require a logical and expedient conversation. If you want to shift problems onto strong shoulders, warn their owner about the place, time and topic of the upcoming conversation.

It seems to a woman that divorced and single guys just have to threaten with unwillingness to communicate so that they do everything that is required of them.

In reality, such statements do not frighten them at all, but, on the contrary, seem to be an excellent opportunity to take a break from boring chatter. And if you have already announced the boycott, then try to endure it to the end, otherwise it will not make any sense next time.

For those women who say something like I don't know how to talk to guys correctly , you can advise the following: initially, on the very first date, find out common interests, start discussing date, current events in the world, tell about yourself and ask about your interlocutor. The latter will be his favorite.

As you can see, a statement like I do not know how to communicate correctly and effectively with men , groundless, and is based on lack of experience.

Practice, because there is enough time, opportunity and candidates for this.

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