How to choose the right tonic herbs for health and vitality?

Nowadays, due to the hectic and stressful lifestyle, more and more people feel sluggish and apathetic even at a young age. Some people prefer to boost their alertness by using synthetic drinks like energy drinks.

Others consume huge amounts of coffee day and night in order to feel the rush of energy when they rush to work or school. And still others go the surest way, using tonic medicinal herbs.

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Nature is the best healer!

How to choose the right tonic herbs for health and vitality?

The doctrine of these plants belongs to Ayurveda. According to her philosophy, these components of decoctions and infusions have a beneficial effect on the chakras, which are responsible for the flow of vital energy and strength in the body. If you start using them (of course, subject to proper preparation and aging), you will feel an influx of strength and vigor, a general strengthening effect on the whole body, getting rid of various chronic diseases that can significantly reduce the quality of your life.

Herbal medicine, although it is an alternative method, not yet recognized by official medicine, is recommended even by doctors. In any case, many doctors recommend it to their patients when undergoing standard treatments.

Traditional medicine has long learned the art of healing the soul and body with the help of medicinal plant components. Some healers believe that it is with the help of herbs and flowers that you can save yourself even from the most terrible and insidious pathologies that are considered fatal. The healing properties of each component of phytotherapeutic preparations are unique and affect the body in their own way.

One thing is clear - herbal treatment almost always gives excellent results. In addition, you have nothing to lose, because this therapy is the mildest and most neutral of all the options available. If you are constantly experiencing psychological stress, become nervous, irritable and tired, try preparing a collection for toning herbal tea!

Why are herbs so good?

Mother Nature has endowed us with everything we need to treat various pathologies and discomfort conditions. Even synthetic drugs are made in the likeness of natural components that existed long before the active development of chemistry and biology. However, today we somehow prefer to look for easy ways.

Of course, why collect and brew herbs when you can run to the nearest pharmacy and buy synthetic vitamin and mineral complexes?

How to choose the right tonic herbs for health and vitality?

However, you should be aware that natural products, be it food or medicinal plants, act on our organs and systems much more delicately than their aggressive chemical derivatives.

You can buy ready-made tonic herbal preparations from herbalists. Although these remedies are increasingly seen on the windows of pharmaceutical stores. Making decoctions and other drinks from them is not difficult at all, and even an amateur in such things can cope with this. The collection, which does not involve sequential processing, can be brewed at all in the same way as you make regular loose leaf tea.

Experiencing constant stress and a feeling of fatigue due to hard work, you can turn to psychostimulants, or you can turn to herbs and roots that affect the body, albeit slowly, but really good. Yes, various pills and syrups give an almost instant effect, but if you stop taking them, the condition worsens. In addition, they can cause severe damage to your overall health.

With herbs, the situation is fundamentally the opposite. They cannot be called instant means, but they are designed to heal the body on a global level. In addition, they provide a cumulative effect, which means that it does not dissipate after the course is completed.

If you want to turn to herbal medicine traditions, but do not find tonic herbal preparations in the pharmacy, turn to knowledgeable people who devote most of their lives to healing with natural gifts. From them you can purchase all the components of the fees separately and make your own cocktail to suit your individual needs.

What herbs are good for toning the body, and what effect do they have?

There are many herbs and spices that effectively tone the body by influencing the production of specific hormones.

We have compiled for you a whole list of herbs that tone the body:

How to choose the right tonic herbs for health and vitality?
  • Licorice. Dried licorice roots are sold in pharmacies or by professional herbalists. They carry substances into the body that are similar in their action to synthetic steroids. These elements stimulate the glands responsible for the production of the hormone adrenaline. In addition to toning the body, licorice promotes the increased production of interferons - specific proteins that fight viruses and infections. These components have a strengthening effect on the immune system;
  • Ginseng. This herb is an excellent brain stimulant. But besides this, it has the property of toning the whole organism. Penetrating into it, its plant components stimulate the production of cytotoxic T cells of the immune system, which actively remove toxins, heavy metal ions and salts from the body. Ginseng is an excellent energy tonic foryour body. It also has a complex effect on the adrenal glands, awakening vitality, strength and vigor within you. Drinks based on it can be prepared independently, however, among the finished products you will find many preparations based on this plant;
  • Dandelion. We are accustomed to classifying this plant as a weed, and most of us think that it does not bring any benefits. However, this is not at all the case! Chopped dandelion stems and leaves are able to saturate the body with valuable and rare vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other nutrients. This herb contributes to the normalization of hematopoiesis, ensures the correct construction of blood cells, optimizes the processes of saturation of cells and tissues with fresh blood. Dandelion also stabilizes digestion, having a beneficial effect on the production of gastric juice. And he is able to carry out powerful detoxification in the body. It is especially useful in springtime;
  • Yerba. A native American shrub whose leaves and shoots have a stimulating effect on the nervous system. Its effect is similar to that of caffeine, however, unlike the second, it increases the flow of fresh blood to the heart and brain, while acting less aggressively. By taking it, you will be able to organize for yourself the ideal sleep and rest pattern, since the plant only increases energy during the daytime. On the other hand, if taken at night, it will provide you with relaxation and deep healthy sleep;
  • Alfalfa. Taking alfalfa as a flavoring for fresh salads can help you stay healthy and vigorous at any time of the year. This herb will contribute to the normalization of digestive processes in all organs of the gastrointestinal tract, regulate the work of the stomach, establish natural motility and intestinal peristalsis. Its natural composition includes phytoestrogens - plant analogues of hormones that can normalize their production in the body. Alfalfa contains easily digestible vitamins and minerals that give the will to live and contribute to the enlightenment of the intellect;
  • Gotu kola. This herb is used in Ayurveda as a brain stimulant and for effective blood purification. The herb protects a person from a variety of pathogenic microorganisms, has an antioxidant effectviem, instantly removes all impurities and poisonous products from the body. A drink based on it cannot be called pleasant to the taste, since it has a rather strong bitterness. But this little drawback can be tolerated given the health benefits of Gotu Kola.

The following plants can also be attributed to tonic herbs:

How to choose the right tonic herbs for health and vitality?
  1. Aloe;
  2. Kalanchoe;
  3. Manchu Aralia;
  4. Pink Rhodiola;
  5. Cinnamon rosehip;
  6. Borage medicinal;
  7. Birch;
  8. Birch mushroom;
  9. Common hops;
  10. Tarhun;
  11. Zamaniha;
  12. Dyeing gorse;
  13. Common burdock;
  14. Thyme;
  15. Orchis;
  16. Thorny tartar;
  17. Three-part succession;
  18. Stinging nettle;
  19. St. John's wort;
  20. Eleutherococcus spiny.

Taking tonic drinks made from spices and herbs, you will clear your thoughts of unnecessary fuss, fill your body with vital energy, strengthen all organs and systems of your own body.

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