How to choose the right makeup: practical advice

Sooner or later any girl starts to use cosmetics. After all, with its help, you can emphasize the advantages of your appearance and mask the flaws. But unfortunately, the very use of cosmetics is not capable of making you a beauty in one moment.

That is why it is so important to create an image correctly. And today we will tell you how to choose the right makeup by face type, eye shape and other parameters of your appearance.

At the same time, it is important to remember that the selection should take into account not only your appearance, but also clothes. You must admit that it will look rather strange if you combine green clothes and red shadows in one look. By the way, you also need to consider the time of day. Remember that for a daytime look, you need to choose light pastel colors, but for an evening look, brighter makeup is quite suitable.

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How to choose makeup: basic rules

How to choose the right makeup: practical advice

First of all, you need to remember that any option will look disgusting on unkempt skin. So do not forget about a variety of cleansing masks, washing with special lotions and using nourishing creams.

Now for skin imperfections. If you want to hide small pimples or age spots, then you need to use special concealers. However, pay attention to the fact that professional makeup artists do not recommend using foundation.

The fact is that after applying it, your face becomes like a mask and a natural look will no longer work.

For this reason, it is recommended to use lighter foundations, such as fluids. They can perfectly mask all imperfections without clogging pores or creating a mask effect.

There are some recommendations regarding the method of application. In order for the image to look as natural as possible, you should not rub the foundation into the skin, but slightly drive it in with your fingertips. At the same time, make sure that the product is applied evenly. If you don't want to apply the product with your fingers, you can use a special cosmetic sponge. But before using it, be sure to moisten it in water. This makes the base much easier to apply.

How to choose the right makeup by color typeappearance

When choosing an option, first of all, you should rely on the color type of appearance.

As you know, there are four color types:

How to choose the right makeup: practical advice
  1. winter;
  2. spring;
  3. summer;
  4. autumn.

If your appearance falls into the category of the color type Winter , then when choosing cosmetics you should pay attention to the cool porcelain tones. In this case, in no case should you use shades from a warm brown range. Because you will look awkward.

As for the eyeliner and mascara, here the black color will perfectly fit into the image. In general, owners of this color type should use cold tones in their make-up and avoid warm ones. And in this case, the image will look quite harmonious.

Owners of the color type of appearance Spring should pay more attention to delicate golden and peach tones.

In this case, you can safely use bronzing powder when creating an image, as it will only give your image a glamorous shine.

Warning! Bronzers should only be used to create an evening look. Otherwise, you will look rather strange.

Light shining tones are perfect for a summer color type. And using the usual transparent powder, you can perfectly even out the complexion. For the evening version, a transparent powder with a silvery shimmer is also suitable. It is strictly forbidden to use bronzers, as such a shade will make you look sickly. And you and I don't need it at all.

Now for the features of makeup for the owners of the autumn color type. In this case, we recommend using peach shades, as they will give your look amazing freshness.

By the way, it is much easier for girls with this type of appearance to disguise bruises under the eyes. To do this, you need to use a regular, golden-tinted concealer. It is not recommended in this case to use pink, gray and blue shades. Otherwise, you are guaranteed a sickly look.

So, we figured out how to choose the right makeup depending on your type of appearance ... Now let's pay attention to which option is optimal for different face shapes.

How to choose the right makeup for your face

As you and I know, face types can be oval, triangular, round and rectangular.

How to choose the right makeup: practical advice

Let's start studying the issue of choosing a make-up with a triangular type. In this case, we need to hide the wide upper part of the face with the help of cosmetics. To do this, you need to highlight your cheekbones with a darker shade of powder. You also need to powder a little na chin with a dark powder to make it look less pointed.

As for the features of creating makeup for an oval face, in this case you should not be too zealous with cosmetics, because this type is considered almost ideal.

All you can do in this case is to choose the right option depending on the color type of appearance and the shape of the eyes.

Those with a round face should pay attention to their cheeks. And to make them look less plump you can simply use a darker shade.

Attention! In order for the makeup to be successful in this case, you should use a wide brush.

And, of course, the rectangular type. In this case, to make the face look a little oval, you need to apply a darker powder or blush to the middle of the chin. In this case, the face will not appear so long. As for the cheeks, you can make them look slightly puffy with regular blush, blended horizontally.

How to choose the right makeup for your eyes

If you have wide-set eyes, then you should focus on the inner corners of the eyes with the help of shadows or pencil. At the same time, try to apply makeup in such a way that all lines are thoroughly shaded. Pay attention to the fact that you need to highlight the corners using light shades. In this case, your eyes will be brighter and more lively.

Now for the close-set eyes. In this case, the emphasis should be on the outer corners. You can also use light shadows for this.

Warning! Be sure to pay more attention to coloring the eyelashes in the outer corner. This will make your eyes appear larger.

How to choose the right makeup: practical advice

In order for bulging eyes to look more harmonious, we recommend that you paint over the eyelid more carefully. For this it is recommended to use dark shades. You can also draw a contour with an eyeliner, while the line should be made thicker as it approaches the outer corner.

In order to visually enlarge small eyes, you need to use shadows of gentle pastel colors.

Also in this case it is not recommended to use eyeliner or pencil. What if you have round eyes? Eye makeup in this case should be based on the use of eyeliner.

It is with its help that we can beautifully draw the inner and outer corners of the eye so that they begin to look almond-shaped.

As you can see, choosing makeup for the eyes and face is easy. Of course, at first, something may not work out for you. But believe me, the more you practice, the better you will get the image. Good luck!

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