How To Pick The Best Haircut For Your Face Shape

How to choose the right haircut

The first thought that comes to mind for a woman or a man who wants to diversify his image is to change his hairstyle. But which one to choose? The option to simply ask for a haircut like Madonna or Brad Pita may not give the desired effect. After all, each person is different and a haircut that suits movie stars does not necessarily become an ornament for you.

So how not to be mistaken in the choice and how to choose a haircut that will suit your face? In our article we will try to find universal answers to this question.

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Determine face shape

How to choose the right haircut

First, let's turn to the theory. It turns out that in order to successfully choose a hairstyle and get a good result, you must first of all determine what type your face belongs to. Having mastered the basics of this simple science, it will not be difficult for you to choose a new haircut according to the shape of your face.


The oval-type face is characterized by a wide forehead and a rounded tapering chin. Oval is considered a universal field for experimentation, so owners of this type can afford almost everything - choose options with and without bangs, short and elongated.

One of the great haircut options for women is graded square . It is worth adhering to only the main principle so that the hairstyle fits into the overall image.


Triangle is characterized by wide cheekbones and a pronounced narrowed chin. To achieve harmony in this case, it is necessary to create the effect of visual narrowing of the upper part of the face.

You can safely give preference to oblique bangs, which allow you to hide a wide forehead, and asymmetrical parting. In terms of length, keep the bottom of your face open and choose a short length with a light wave of curls.

For men, a creative mess on the head or a variant of creative asymmetry can be an excellent solution. A beard is also a good helper in this situation. Only you should avoid the pointed style, but opt ​​for an oval shape, which will help to visibly round the face.


A square is characterized by an angular chin and a pronounced jaw, which is close in width to the size of the cheekbones.

The square type primarily requires anti-aliasing of shapes. Multi-layered strands and coarsely curled curls will help to do this, which will give some airiness to the facial features.

Men should leave their hair long on the crown and choose short temples. A slight bang may also be present.


The circle is characterized by massive cheekbones of approximately the same width as the forehead and jaw. A haircut with a voluminous upper part is considered suitable, allowing you to create the visual effect of stretching the face. Also oblique bangs come to the rescue, and slouchy strands covering the cheeks. It is not recommended to leave the forehead open and avoid symmetry if possible.

As for men, the round shape of the face can be modified with the help of a layered haircut with a stepped nape and a ladder at the temples. We also recommend leaving bangs with a comb to one side and discarding attributes such as a beard and mustache.


A rectangle is characterized by a large face length, which is significantly greater than its width. The cheekbones, chin and jaw are approximately equal.

Women's haircuts in this case welcome symmetrical bangs, as well as free hairstyles with volume in the area chin. Avoid short haircuts that reveal the face and long hair with a straight part.

Hairstyles with volume at the top of the head are not recommended for men. More emphasis should be placed on the volume of the side portions to balance the shape. You can also add a small beard.

Hair structure

When choosing a hairstyle, you also need to remember about the structure of the hair.

As a rule, hairdressers distinguish three main types :

  • Thin;
  • Thick;
  • Curly.
How to choose the right haircut

Owners of thick hair can let their imagination run wild. And for thin hair, long hairstyles no longer pass the test control, which in this case completely lose their appearance. You should choose options for haircuts with a straight cut or graduation, which help to visually increase the volume.

If your hair is naturally curly, then give up short hairstyles that involve straightening. With them, you will simply torment yourself with styling and give your hair to the irons . Preference should be given to options that will teachfollow the direction of hair growth and choose the most comfortable length.


Of course, matching the shape of the face and the type of haircut plays a big role in choosing the right hairstyle. But do not forget about the general image in order to avoid incidents. After all, you can choose the perfect combination of facial proportions and hair contours, but the hairstyle will not be in harmony with the overall image, and in the end you will get an awkward look.

So, for example, fans of the classic style and seasoned tones are unlikely to find extravagant asymmetry with bright strands, and at the same time, lovers of bold ideas will not be delighted with the classic square in pastel colors.

Do not forget about character traits. It is important that the new order on the head is comfortable from a psychological point of view. Some bold hairstyles can be uncomfortable and uncomfortable for their owners, and all the joy of their newly acquired image will fade away.

You should also take into account the age, as a fashionable youth haircut for people older looks not only ridiculous, but also adds a couple of years. It also suggests that the person is running away from their age and specifically trying to look youthful. This should not be forgotten if you want to know how to choose the right haircut for a man.


When considering options, special attention should be paid to the issue of styling. Because, of course, after visiting the hairdresser you will look your best. But if in everyday life a hairstyle requires long styling or it needs special care, immediately decide whether it is right for you.

Since, in the absence of appropriate styling, a hairstyle can radically change its appearance, and the result will be quite disastrous. Especially this question concerns haircuts with strands of different lengths. So, for example, an unplaced graduated square will look more casual than spectacular.

Computer to help

How to choose the right haircut

If you do not know which option to choose, you can use computer programs to select hairstyles. It only takes a few minutes to figure out how to quickly choose a haircut on a computer. To work, you just need to scan your photo and load it into the program window. And forward - to search for new bold solutions.

Thus, you can experiment with hair length without fear, without fear of disappointment with the result. With the help of the online selection of hairstyles, you will not only be able to determine the options for haircuts, but also try on a new color scheme. In a couple of seconds you can turn from a brunette to a blonde or try yourself in the image of a red-haired prankster.

Such programs are designed not only for beautiful ladies, but also for fastThree will help you decide on a new look and answer the question of how to choose a men's haircut. There are many options for hairstyles on the network, so it will be quite simple to complete such a task. After choosing a haircut on a computer, you can print the option you like and go to the salon along with the photo.

Remember that a haircut is a magic tool that, in the hands of a master, can create wonderful transformations. We wish that the changes in your appearance will bring only pleasant emotions! Beauty and health to you!

Choose The Best Hairstyle For Your Face Shape: How To Pick A New Men's Hair Style

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