Steam Iron or Steam Generator -- which to choose?

How to choose steam generators for home

Have you noticed that the very concept of iron has long lost its primary meaning. Now this device does not work on hot coals, weighs little, and can not only iron, but also disinfect, and even clean clothes. And most often this technique is called steam generators, and differs in the principle of operation, set of possibilities and, of course, price.

This publication provides the main criteria for choosing advanced iron modifications, their functions and user parameters. So let's get started ...

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Steam generator for home clothes

How to choose steam generators for home

The household version of the steam generator is a device that, without any cleaning or detergent substances, cleans and iron wardrobe items from any fabric.

Key features:

  • Using a powerful stream of steam, a household steam generator ironing clothes to a state of impeccability, so the question of how to choose such a device is especially relevant for neat people, pedants, office workers and business people;
  • Literally any type of dirt is removed from the surface of fabrics;
  • Carpets are perfect for cleaning, instantly removing coffee, grass, juice and wine stains;
  • Plumbing fixtures and ceramic tiles can be cleaned.

The principle of operation of this technique is very simple: it emits dry steam, which can be heated from 140 to 160 ° C. It is through it that all imaginable types of dirt stains are removed from textiles, tiles, carpets and other surfaces.

Types of household steam generators:

  • With a separate boiler that produces steam;
  • With the possibility of instant steam production;
  • With the option of pumping water from one collector to the one that produces steam.

Now about how to choose a steam generator. In principle, this depends on the intended purpose of the device. So, as a guide, in order to cut the time spent on cleaning and smoothing, it is worth getting a model with the possibility of instant steam generation, which you can work with 2-3 minutes after powering up.

The highest quality steam generator you can choose for home use is the one with a separate boiler. Yes, you will have to wait until it is ready for operation, but the temperature of the generated steam will be the highest possible.

If this device is so perfect, why is it not getting massiveowl spread? Most likely, the problem is its high cost, size and high maintenance cost.


The steamer is another device that, using a jet of steam, smooths out even the most severe creases, irregularities and folds on the material. The temperature of the generated steam is about 98-99 ° C, and it is not able to stretch the fibers of the fabric.

On the contrary, they acquire tangible elasticity and bulk. In the case of a steamer, clothes are ironed in an upright position and without using an ironing board.

How to choose steam generators for home

The device itself is ready for use almost immediately after connecting to electricity, and the process of non-stop ironing itself can take a relatively long time.

And if you continue to be tormented by doubts about whether to use a steam generator or better to buy a steamer, the following arguments may influence the final decision on which to choose: the steamer is equipped with transport wheels, it is much lighter than its counterpart, compact and surprisingly efficient.

Main features:

  • You can get perfectly ironed clothes right at home and not be afraid to ruin even the most delicate fabric;
  • Clothes get rid of odors usually appearing after transportation, long-term storage in a closet or multiple fittings;
  • It is permissible to clean soft furnishings by disinfecting them and getting rid of dust mites.

Please note that all this is done with wet steam, the temperature of which reaches 98-99 ºС. Only distilled water is poured into the container, and after half a minute the unit is ready to clean, steam and iron.

Steam iron

Now it's time to figure out how to choose an iron with an integrated steam generator. These steam stations are really versatile because they are able to smooth any fabrics, clean furniture, remove lint and rid clothes of unpleasant amber.

In order to understand how to choose the right steam iron, you should familiarize yourself with its main features, which are as follows:

  • Smoothing all types of material;
  • Vertical steam eliminates the need for an ironing board;
  • The upholstery can be cleaned;
  • The included soft and hard bristled brushes clean delicate and rough fabrics respectively;
  • A special nozzle removes odor and dirt from the most difficult to reach spots and creases.

Before choosing a steam iron for clothes and furniture, you should familiarize yourself with the principle of its operation. Before connecting to the network, water is poured into the collector. The equipment is plugged into an outlet and heats up for 5-10 minutes. This is exactly how much time is needed for the necessary steam pressure to be created in the boiler, under the pressure of which even the most resistantno folds.

So where to stop?

If your main problem is how to choose steam generators for home use, opt for a steamer that has the following advantages:

  • A properly selected steamer is ready for use in 45 seconds, while other appliances take about 10 minutes;
  • Such a device has a very high operating speed and maximum efficiency;
  • Even the best iron with a built-in steam generator will not be able to cope with wrinkled finishes and hard-to-reach places the way a steamer does;
  • Non-stop operation time with the steamer is increased due to the comfortable handle and low weight;
  • This technique is much cheaper than its counterparts, which does not impair its functionality.

Basically, this is all you need to make the right choice, and in the next post we will talk about how to choose a thermal pot.

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